8 thoughts on “Dr. Byram W. Bridle, PHD Speaks About the Spikes of Covid Being Toxic and Traveling to Every Cell in the Body: the JAB is Creating these Spikes

  1. Mark V

    So now anybody requiring blood transfusion may inadvertently become infected. Talk about a real Pandora’s box. I’ve reflected on all the lonely souls in the hospitals who have been denied the comfort of hearing the gospel as they passed on. How many preemies have been left to cry without volunteers to hold and rock them all because of this man made tragedy. From the beginning of this global power grab they have limited the presence of the physical church. But they cannot silence the spiritual church for our prayers and praise are lifted up to our Sovereign God who is in control.

  2. Patti

    I can’t get the video to play at all, it just says, ‘no video with supported format and MIME type found. Yet I watched other ones from Briteon before? Weird.

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