28 thoughts on “Are YOU Getting the JAB?

  1. The Greatest of these is Love

    It’s a satanic exercise in depopulation.
    I won’t comply now or in 6 months or 6 years and I don’t take flu shots, hepatitis shots or tetanus shots and tho I’m VERY healthy. This is evil on a biblical scale.

    1. Joy D'Andrea

      Absolutely not. My sister had an adverse reaction when she took it because she wants to travel. She won’t be taking 2nd jab. This means she won’t be able to travel because Justin Trudeau will guaranteen you for 14 days in a hotel jail and if you refuse, they will fine you $5,000. We live in Natzi Germany called Canada.

    1. Bill Leutbecher

      The vaccine is not the mark of the beast, the coming RFID Microchip implant in your right hand with be the mark. Because with out the chip you will not be able to buy or sell anything as outlined in revelation.


    Vaccines are pure poison for health.

    Sister Geri I cannot understand how there are Christians and pastors who know God’s Word who express being against abortion but I hear them justify getting vaccinated.

    For me it is a contradiction since flu vaccines, covid 19 contain cells of murdered babies which science calls abortion plus other contaminants and animal cells etc.

    Personally my wife and I are in the cross of these garbages called vaccines, God from the womb of our mothers gives us and gives us the immune system.

    If there is any deficiency there are as many as effective natural remedies and medications that do not cause major or no consequences.

    We don’t tell people not to get vaccinated but we talk to them and share with real information, each person is personally responsible for their decisions

    God bless you very much and the video is super interesting, Thank you!!!

    With much appreciation of his brethren in Jesus Christ,

    Moses and Brenda.

    Our lives and our health do not depend on vaccines to live, but depends on God.

    1. Yes, I hear and see these well known Christians too – telling others that they got the jab and that Christians should not be afraid to do so. I heard them talking about Christians who are warning others NOT to get the jab, and how they are “Sensationalizing.” I guess that included me!

  3. Mark V

    If the blood of Able cried out does not the blood these innocent children still cry out ! Don’t be deceived because they call them cell lines! Truly, this is an abomination in the eyes of our Creator who made us in His image. Our bodies are the temple of the Lord, do not destroy this temple with blood sacrificed to Satan!

  4. LV McGraw

    No, I will not get the vax. I knew right away that I woudn’t get it. The more the govt urges, bribes and threatenes the more suspicious I become that there is something nefarious involved. The globalists think the earth is over populated. The Georgia Guidstones tell how many people should be on the earth. According to their figures, the earth is way over populted right now and needs to get rid of over half!!!! This “vaccine” is an answer to their prayers. I thank God for the brave doctors and scientists who have come forth to tell the truth about these “vaccines” and how harmful they are.

    1. You are so right about the Georgia Guidestones and depopulation. Bill Gates and Dr,Fauci are true believers in depopulation.Gates has made public speeches about this.He says there are seven billion people in the world and there should be only 500 million..Gates has killed thousands in India and Africa with his vaccines and says the only way to depopulate the earth is with vaccinations,.Fauci has the patent on this vaccine as he has over 100 others,which also have killed people. I’ve heard people who get this vaccine have about two years to live.

      1. Yes. I have been writing for over 6 years about Gates and his eugenics. Now I realize why the Lord impressed on me the need to educate others about this man so long ago.

  5. Hi Geri, very informative cartoon. Could you please provide the original link for this presentation. I’d like to send it around. I have some people on my email list that will immediately dismiss anything that may hint true Christianity. May the Spirit of Truth continue to reign. Thanks.

  6. Good morning Geri. Could you please provide the source of this video. At the end he says to go to their website for more information but I didn’t see a link. Thank you!

  7. Do you know of any college or university employees, students, or parents of students who are suing their schools for illegally requiring the COVID death jab as a requirement for employment or enrollment? This is something that needs to happen sooner rather than later!

  8. adaughteroftheKing

    Thank you! I am sending this to family members and friends. Unfortunately some of them have already taken the vaccine but they need to know what these pharmaceutical companies have done to them.. and yes, they’ve had bad reactions to these “vaccines”. I won’t be taking it and neither will any of my immediate family members. I do have a brother and his wife who aren’t taking the jab. They are informed, praise God!

    Geri, you are doing humanity a service for helping us understand what has been perpetrated on the world by these mad scientists and greedy globalists.

    Praying for your safety and good health.

    Blessings to you.


      Thank You! Geri

      God Bless You In Jesus Name.

      The Persecution against us Christians grows more and more every day in the world and here in the United States, and the persecution against anyone who does not become vaccinated.

      My hope is not any political party, my hope is Jesus Christ and the Rapture and His Coming are near.

      Soon The Trumpet Of GOD will sound.

      Let us remain steadfast in the faith of Jesus Christ and continue to carry the Precious and Mighty Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  9. Ruthie

    Excellent video. And NO I am a senior citizen, living in south Alabama….never wore a mask, worked outside in the yard and shopped refusing to wear a mask when I walked in, worked from home (bookkeeper), WILL NOT TAKE THE JAB and believe in our Lord and Savior and that He will soon be coming. Thank you for your work.

  10. Joanne Haywood

    Absolutely NOT. This is evil and it is being used to depopulate the world. It is satanic.

  11. Bill Leutbecher

    Keep up the good work Geri you are god’s messenger and savior. I Enjoy all of your articles. Fauci and Gates are two of the most evil men on earth. The vaccine is nothing more than a depopulation weapon of mass destruction. I fear even being close to any of my vaccinated friends who are shedding the virus and other diseases. Many of my so called friends of 20 years are shunning us and never invite us over to their homes. They make sure they stay 8-10 feet away from us and that is just fine. In addition, most other folks in my gated community treat us like lepers’ and like we have the black plague.

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