10 thoughts on “The Scientific-Medical Dictatorship Prophecy Update

  1. Joy D'Andrea

    Love Pastor Brandon. Have shared to Facebook. They have been taking down a lot of my shared postings so hope for the best. Thanks Geri for posting. Hope you are well.

      1. Joy D'Andrea

        Will pray Geri.
        Are you eating anything different
        Also with all these spraying protocols I wouldn’t be surprised if you are allergic to some of these chemicals. I am sensitive to certain sprays. Try using less

      2. I may have sleep apnea like my daughter. She had hives for almost 4 years and then went into a sleep lab and they found severe sleep apnea. Low oxygen to the brain can cause hives. I have a consultation with the head of the lab on July 22.

      3. Joy D'Andrea

        I hope you get help. This is all you need. Will be praying for you. Let me know how you make out.

  2. I am amazed , ( well not really) how absolutely blinded the medical profession is. Because we have home care coming to the house for my husbands battle with cancer, we are bombarded and pushed to take the V. They just accept that both science and medical are the be all and end all. Today, so many were driving with masks on. I saw people leaving their homes fully masked. The scripture, “:we are only passing through” Is43:2 God has not given us the spirit of fear! The world is just being manipulated and controlled at every
    possible level. Thank you for sharing this!

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