As a Jew – a Christian and a Refuser of the Covid-19 Genetic Experiment: I Fully Expect to be Donning an Arm Band in the Future

With Antisemitism at an all time high worldwide; and all things Christian, especially the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ becoming taboo in public; it seems inevitable that arm bands will be issued.

Exactly what the band will look like is anyone’s guess.

I suspect that the primary “shunning” will be against those who refuse the jab. After all, the Globalists are counting on 70 – 80% of the population from each nation to be “Geneticized.” Yes, I did make up that word, but notice how closely it resembles the frightful term “Genocide.”

The government of the U.S. is calling for a “Shunning” of those who are not Jabbed.

The Shedding of those who are Geneticized

The irony is mind-blowing! For those who have gotten the jab, they are shedding the virus on those who are in close proximity to them. Haven’t you read that people who NEVER tested positive for Covid-19 do test positive after the jab?

It’s true.


Pfizer document confirms ‘Covid Vaccine Shedding’ leading to ‘Menstrual Cycle Disruption’ and ‘Miscarriage’ is possible via ‘skin-to-skin contact’ and ‘breathing the same air’

 MAY 4, 2021

Hundreds if not thousands of women have reported that they have suffered irregular bleeding/clotting after receiving one of the mRNA Covid vaccines. Sadly hundreds of others have reported the loss of their unborn child. However we are now also seeing hundreds of testimonies made by women who are saying that they have lost their unborn child or suffered irregular bleeding/clotting after being in the company of others who have received one of the mRNA Covid vaccines.

Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it? Well unfortunately a Pfizer document confirms that these farfetched reports are perfectly possible.

Dr Naomi Wolf, an American author and journalist has been extremely vocal on Twitter about the subject and back on April 19th 2021 she posted a link to a Facebook page, which can be found here. The page contains hundreds of accounts from women reporting irregular bleeding after either having the Covid vaccine or being in the company of those who’ve had the Covid vaccine.

ABC7 news reporter, Kate Larsen also questioned how the Covid jabs are affecting women’s menstrual cycles on social media which received thousands of responses from concerned women –

“I had my 1st COVID-19 vaccine in January followed by the 2nd in February, and since then I have had hemorrhagic bleeding with clots. This month of April was the heaviest.”

“I thought I was going crazy, and even went as far as making a doctor’s appt and switching out my BC because mine is so heavy now and its been a month straight”

“I received the Moderna vaccine in January and February I didn’t get my period for 3 months they did multiple blood test, pregnancy test and ultrasounds but everything came back normal. Then finally on April 4 I got my period and it’s been super heavy for the past 22 days non-stop.”

We also know from the UK Governments weekly reports on adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines reported to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme that women are losing their baby after having one of the Covid jabs. The 13th report which included data inputted up to the 21st April 2021 marked a sad milestone, as the number of women reporting the loss of their baby after having one of the Covid vaccines passed the 100 mark.

With reports like this being made it is extremely interesting and concerning to find that hidden within a Pfizer document titled ‘A PHASE 1/2/3, PLACEBO-CONTROLLED, RANDOMIZED, OBSERVER-BLIND, DOSE-FINDING STUDY TO EVALUATE THE SAFETY, TOLERABILITY, IMMUNOGENICITY, AND EFFICACY OF SARS-COV-2 RNA VACCINE CANDIDATES AGAINST COVID-19 IN HEALTHY INDIVIDUALS’ is a whole section covering the possibility of ‘mRNA vaccine shedding’ in which it is possible for those who have been in close proximity of someone who has had the Pfizer mRNA jab to suffer an adverse reaction.

In section 8.3.5 of the document it describes how exposure during pregnancy or breastfeeding to the Pfizer mRNA jab during the trials should be reported to Pfizer Safety within 24 hours of investigator awareness. This is strange because pregnant women / new mothers were and are not part of the safety trials. So how can they be exposed?

Well Pfizer confirms that exposure during pregnancy can occur if a female is found to be pregnant and is environmentally exposed to the vaccine during pregnancy. The document states that environmental exposure during pregnancy can occur if a female family member or healthcare provider reports that she is pregnant after having being exposed to the study intervention by inhalation or skin contact. Or if a male family member of healthcare provider who has been exposed to the study intervention by inhalation or skin contact then exposes his female partner prior to or around the time of conception.

In layman’s terms Pfizer are admitting in this document that it is possible to expose another human being to the mRNA Covid vaccine just by breathing the same air or touching the skin of the person who has been vaccinated.

Pfizer also confirm that it is possible to expose a baby to the mRNA vaccine via breastfeeding even if the mother has not received the Pfizer jab. They state this is again possible via environmental exposure, in which the mother is found to be breastfeeding an infant after having been exposed to the study intervention by inhalation or skin contact.

Pfizer also confirm in section of the document that adverse reactions may occur after ‘Occupational Exposure’. The document states occupational exposure occurs when a person receives unplanned direct contact with the study intervention and says this “may or may not lead to the occurrence of an Adverse Event”.

The authorities and Fact Checkers are of course doing their best to try and sweep the thousands of testimonies from women under the carpet with several fact checking articles now out in the mainstream trying to belittle those who discuss the issue as “anti-vaxxers”. This includes Full Fact who are almost completely fully funded by Facebook.

The one thing all these fact checking sites fail to cover in their reports is that Pfizer have stated in black and white in their document that mRNA vaccine shedding is a real possibility, and they have extreme concerns about it when it comes to women and pregnancy.

So Perhaps the Shunning Should be against the Geneticized?

Brethren, when I know that someone in my family has gotten the jab, I make sure to distance myself from them and I do wear a mask when I am in their presence. I’m not big on masks, but what I’m reading about the shedding process has me concerned. I think that it should have all of us concerned!

So, whatever they try – Shunning – Stoning or Mandatory Arm Bands, I will NOT be GENETICIZED……..not without a fight.


12 thoughts on “As a Jew – a Christian and a Refuser of the Covid-19 Genetic Experiment: I Fully Expect to be Donning an Arm Band in the Future

  1. Rex West

    Thank you for alerting us about this awful vaccine I only wish that people would listen to it.

    1. Tracey

      This whole issue is now beginning to creep in to one of our mainstream newspapers in the UK (The Daily Mail). Keep speaking up, perhaps they will hear.
      The ostracism also reminds me of during WW2 when some people in Britain refused to fight the Nazis because they were pacifists and just couldn’t enlist as soldiers because of their consciences (e.g. Quakers). People gave them white feathers and they were ostracised, spat on, attacked and ridiculed in public, and branded as cowards. Being of Jewish descent this is probably a tricky comparison for you, and obviously i mean no offense by it. But the strength of feeling against the pacifists is similar to that against anti-jabbers: the mass in both cases think everybody should join the fight and if we don’t, we are siding with “the enemy” [Hitler in one case, the virus in the other]. We’ll just have to “carry our white feather” and bear the indignation, as Jesus did for us. And then one day we will be in glory, with Christ, and surrounded by people who love us and have no evil thoughts towards us, and we will love them too.

  2. DIANE

    Dear Sister Gerri, you are doing a great job keeping us informed!! I was so happy to relax the mask wearing inside stores, but now have to wear them for fear of the “shedding”. The worse is when a trusted friend or family member gets the j a b….I can only picture the future and the eventual labeling of being an outcast. Thanks for being here for us during these dark times. I pray for all teachers like you, and Pastors who are on the front lines. Stay strong!! May you stay safe and occupy until He comes.!!! MARANATHA!!!!

    1. Your words are soothing – especially now when all of my children and grandchildren are getting the jab. I am looked upon as a trouble maker and a spreader of false stories about these jabs. But I know that the Holy Spirit has led me in my research, and all I can do now for my family is to pray for them. I am told by my family that I do not care about my fellow humans. It they could only understand that it IS the love I have that urges me on in my writing to warn others of the truth of these toxic injections.

  3. Mark V

    The drug manufacturers are immune from liability but not anybody who tries to coerce you. It is illegal under the Nurenburg laws. If an employer or any business tries to enforce a jab they can be sued and should be. Stop World Control has a list of lawyers. LifeSite News has advice on how overcome pressure of getting shot. Do not grow weary. You have been and will continue to be a blessing.

  4. readernan52

    I’ve been wondering what it will take to wake people up to the dangers of these experimental gene therapy jabs. Now I’ve heard of people who have taken the jabs who have had their female dogs bleed out. Maybe now it will get some attention.

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