This Video from Israel Shows Clearly How Governments are Evading TRUE Numbers of Deaths from the Jab

The Israeli People’s Report

This is unconscionable. We must NOT allow the leaders of the nations to lie about these dangerous so-called vaccines and to keep from the masses the REAL numbers of maimed people and those who have died from the Jab.

Please share this video with friends and families. We MUST get this information out to the public so that they can make informed decisions about this so-called ‘vaccine’; which is simply a nefarious genetic experiment on the masses with one goal: DEPOPULATION


13 thoughts on “This Video from Israel Shows Clearly How Governments are Evading TRUE Numbers of Deaths from the Jab

      1. Brian Lazewski

        WONDER DATA? Hmmmm……Yeah, it’s a WONDER that they have the nerve to post erroneous information!!!

        Fake news…. “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. (Exodus 20:16)

        So, you are trusting the data from the CDC?

        I would have to be on LSD to trust the CDC that would make me OCD and endure another year of PPE, because POTUS (who doesn’t know his ABC’s) says WHO said so?????

  1. Vivian

    Thanks for posting this! I am sorry to hear they are clamping down on freedom of speech!

  2. Mark V

    A healthy 18 year old male from Kenmore, Wa. just developed myocarditas less than 48 hours after taking second shot. Last week I read of a Canadian man having had removed 5 feet of intestine after a blood clot. Of course the media wants to interject their unfound opinion as to oppose any possibility of being connected to “The Shot” herd ’round the world. Rescue those being led to slaughter.

  3. Mark V

    Dr. Simone Gold, American Frontline Doctors-“…this is not a vaccine…This is an experimental biological agent whose harms are well documented ( although suprressed and censored)…”

      1. Jim V.

        Let me ask you this question, are Israel government allowing of their own people get the jab? Are/were the Israel government aware of many Jews have died and injured by the jab?

        Very scary. Here in American, you and I both know that mainstream media don’t talk the real truth about it. God help us.

        Time is short.

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