60 thoughts on “I am Tired of Writing Just to See My Articles About Israel Fall to the Bottom – Do Christians Care about Israel?

  1. Beth

    Hold the line, Christian. God brings you exactly where He needs you to be. You, and also your words.

    1. I Love Israel the Apple of Gods Eye. Like you I know alot of haters of Jews and of Israel. My own Dad was a staunch hater of Jews and Blacks / African Americans. He blamed the World’s problems on them. Even though Jesus in his Humanity was Jewish somehow these antisemites profess Love for the Savior but justify their hatred for His earthly brethren. Bro. Dave Hunt whom is now in the presence of The Savior used to say that it is impossible to explain Antisemitism rationally because Israel and the Jew are always first on the scene of calamaties to help, Dave said this hatred of the Jew and Israel is Satanic. AND I WHOLE HEARTEDLY AGREE. This is just another sign of our SOON to be COME UP HITHER TO FOREVER BE IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD.

  2. Rita Peck

    Please do not stop submitting your articles…as a Christian I pray for Israel everyday….accurate news is hard to find these days…you are greatly appreciated…

    1. Patricia Harden

      I have been posting support banners on FB that Amir Tsarfati has sent. I follow his updates by the hour! Please do not be discouraged. Many from my church speak up in support of Israel.

    1. Nita Downum

      Those that bless Israel will be blessed, those that curse Israel will be cursed. I believe America is going to be hit really hard because of this administration. God is still with the individual but for the overall USA we are in deep deep trouble. We need to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We have such a weak administration and all his cabinet is anti Israel. It sorrows me to see the fighting in Israel and Hamas is firing more rockets into Israel as we speak and they still have not formed a gov’t. Now is not the time to form a gov’t. Hamas, the Palestinians had better watch out because God is in control and they don’t realize that they will be destroyed. God will not let Israel be destroyed. Baruch haba B’Shem Adonai, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.

    2. Rae Lynn Merritt

      Been praying for the peace of Jerusalem, and for all the lost to be saved by turning their hearts to Jesus alone, in faith alone. Enjoy your articles. Maranatha

    3. Vickie Jacobs

      Isaiah 43:15; “I am the LORD, your creator of Israel, your King.” Jesus Christ is the LORD and he is the King of Israel. If you are born again you are also called by that name “Israel.” You are Spiritual Israel” if you are in Christ. Galatians 6:15 (16); “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a a new creature (a peculiar people-Deuteronomy 14:2/1 Peter 2:9). (16) And as many as walk according to this rule, peace be on them, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God.” What is this telling us is that a born again person is Spiritual Israel. Jesus Christ is the King of the Jews. He is King of Israel and that makes us part of that heritage called Israel. Born again christian’s are the apple of God’s eye…Zechariah 2:8. Romans 2:28, 29.

    4. Vickie Jacobs

      Isaiah 43:15
      “I am the LORD, your creator of Israel, your King.”
      Jesus Christ is the LORD and he is the King of Israel. If you are born again you are also called by that name “Israel.” You are “Spiritual Israel” if you are in Christ.
      Galatians 6:15, (16); “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature (a peculiar people-Deuteronomy 14:2/1 Peter 2:9). (16) And as many as walk according to this rule, peace be on them, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God.”
      WHAT IS THIS TELLING YOU? That a born again person is Spiritual Israel. Jesus Christ is the King of the Jews. He is King of Israel and that makes you part of that heritage called Israel.
      You are the apple of God’s eye…Zechariah 2:8

  3. Min. Jimmy West

    I do my sister and I know a whole lot of other Christians that do. So be encouraged.

  4. David Chapman

    Christian support for Israel is waning. Many, especially, younger Christians, do not define Christianity by the Word of God. They define it by Social Justice. The generation that supports Israel is getting older and many are passing away. Gone are the 80s and 90s when support for Israel in Christian circles was massive.

    1. Angie

      Yes, unfortunately the gospel of Christ has been thrown out in much of the world’s church system, and replaced with the gospel of critical race theory and social justice. People hear from the pulpit that it’s the color of your skin that’s the root of all the world’s problems, rather than the truth of God’s word, that it’s the spiritual condition of mankind being fallen in sin that’s the problem. Caucasians are made to feel like it’s because of their “white privilege” that the world is in a mess, but God formed us in our mother’s womb, and God doesn’t make mistakes. I have always had to work for everything in life, so someone stole my “white privilege”. But with the gospel of CRT & social justice, man saves himself, and doesn’t need God, nor does he need to acknowledge his sin. Whereas with the gospel of Christ, Jesus Christ is the only Savior, and He’s the cure for our sin problem. We need a spiritual rebirth, a new heart, and a renewed mind, and the only way to receive these things is through Jesus Christ and being born again of His Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is the only one who can fix the world, and there won’t be peace until the Prince of Peace, our Lord Jesus Christ, returns to establish His kingdom of peace and righteousness on the earth. We must remember that just because someone professes belief in Jesus Christ, doesn’t mean they’re born again of the Holy Spirit of Christ, because even the demons believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, and tremble at His name, but their belief doesn’t transform them from being demons and doing evil as demons do. It takes being born again of the Holy Spirit to understand the scriptures and the plan of redemption for Israel as a nation. Many professing believers are not born again, and they hate Israel and the Jews. They have believed the lies of replacement theology, that God has cast away Israel as a nation, has forsaken His people He foreknew, and replaced them with the Church. It’s the same lie that led the Christians to sit by and do nothing as Hitler slaughtered 6 million Jewish men, women, and children. They sang louder in the churches when they heard the sound of the train cars carrying Jews to be brutally tortured and murdered. They wouldn’t have stood by and allowed animals to be tortured and murdered, but they had no concern for people who are created in the image of God. A person’s actions, or inaction, reveals the condition of their heart. Martin Luther preached in a church that had a painting on the side depicting Jews as pigs. I stand with Israel, because the God of Israel is a Jew, my Lord Jesus Christ, and His covenant with Abraham is an everlasting covenant that will never be broken, just like the new blood covenant I am under will never be broken. Our God is not a liar, Jesus Christ is Faithful and True, and He is not a covenant breaker, because what Jesus has spoken in the scriptures, He will do. I pray for Israel and the Jewish people, and I know Jesus will fight for Israel, and the people of Israel will never cease to be a nation before Him. God bless you.

  5. rlinaz

    I’m a Christian and I love Israel, I got to visit in August of 2019. Thank you God for that tremendous blessing!

  6. Mike & Sandra McDonagh

    Be encouraged Geri. There will always be a remnant that care about Israel, and the Lord God of Israel. We are in contact with many.

  7. Dale Vernon

    Jeremiah experienced the same attitude from his own countrymen. I run into so called Christians all the time that are dummies about end times of which Israel is a huge part. End times education is not on the “church growth agenda” & people dont spend time in the Word. My personal agenda is in Christ growth which includes prayer for Israel & others blinded by the devil cuz HE (the Boss) says to pray for the lost & Israel. My take on ur work is that u are doing what God wants & it will produce fruit. Many of us are praying becuz of the info you post. So no matter how we may feel about the results we see the Lord is still running the show & rewards for obedience & souls saved will come later. So you go girl!

  8. I do. I think all Bible believing Christians care about Israel. They have always been God’s chosen people. Through out history the countries that came against Israel or the Jews have always fallen. It may not be as fast as we would like but in God’s time it happens

    Genesis 12:3And I will bless those who bless you,
    And the one who [a]curses you I will [b]curse.
    And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

  9. Donna Johnson

    Everyone may desert Isreal, but God will not, and He will perform what He has spoken, and all the nations will come up to Jerusalem to worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Our hope is in the Lord and His great mercies toward us. Fellow Christians, pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  10. readernan52

    I appreciate you posting news about Israel because the msm will not post anything that is not sympathetic to the “palestinians.” I love Israel, my ancestors came from there. I was blessed to visit there in 2007, pretty sure part of my heart stayed there.

  11. Lucille Romano

    I care about Israel very much…we are called to pray and my prayers include Israel. This should be done everyday.✝️🙏❤️

  12. Deborah Thornton

    There will be no peace in Israel until Christ returns. They have rejected him and their eyes are blind. Prophecy is being fulfilled in Israel.

    1. Vickie Jacobs

      Isaiah 43:15
      “I am the LORD, your creator of Israel, your King.”
      Jesus Christ is the LORD and he is the King of Israel. If you are born again you are also called by that name “Israel.” You are “Spiritual Israel” if you are in Christ.
      Galatians 6:15, (16); “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature (a peculiar people-Deuteronomy 14:2/1 Peter 2:9). (16) And as many as walk according to this rule, peace be on them, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God.”
      WHAT IS THIS TELLING YOU? That a born again person is Spiritual Israel. Jesus Christ is the King of the Jews. He is King of Israel and that makes you part of that heritage called Israel.
      You are the apple of God’s eye…Zechariah 2:8
      Romans 2:28, 29

  13. ghagge@gvtc.com

    I certainly care about Israel. But Scripture prophesies say that in the End Times, Israel will incur the breaking of a peace treaty (could it be those recent ones that Trump was successful in getting). I believe that all prophesies have already been fulfilled, except for this peace treaty with Israel, don’t know which one, but that one will trigger the coming of our Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ. There is worldwide deception, lies, corruption, famine, pestilence (COVID and other viruses, etc.). We are here, this is the End Times and I am excited. KEEP YOUR EYES FOCUSED ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, NOT ON WHAT’S GOING ON. GOD IS IN CONTROL.

  14. Mark V

    The woman is in travail. There will be more violence and suffering. Yet we are called to not lose heart. Our Sovereign Lord God is still in control. These things must take place. We can see the wheat being separated from the chaff. We know the tares grow by our side. His Word will accomplish what He desires. One day all of Israel will mourn, for in that day they will come to know Jesus Messiah, our blessed hope.

  15. Kathleen(kc) Anderson

    It does seem like Christians don’t care, but I do believe there are many who do. I am one who is so heartbroken over what is happening. I will stand with Israel.

    1. I appreciate that but you are one of the few people who care to even read articles about Israel. I shouldn’t be surprised that my husband and I had to leave 4 Baptist churches because of anti Semitism.

      1. I read all of them and pray as I read. I’m sorry you feel … abandoned. I EAGERLY WATCH FOR YOUR NEWSLETTER EMAILS AND, PARTICULARLY, YOUR WRITINGS ABOUT ISRAEL!

      2. Ron Simpson

        That’s terrible that there is anti Semitism in Baptist churches. I’m a Baptist and it was there that I learned my love for Israel and the Jewish people. I hope these anti-Semitic churches are a minority.

      3. Donna

        You know our church just went to the Baptist association and my church love Israel and I always have. It breaks my heart to see the hate in this current administration is horrible. God help them and those who hate Israel and the people. 🙏♥️

  16. diane

    I know how you must feel Dear Sister! We in this house read your articles daily, plus a lot of other sisters I know do. Anti Semitism is growing fast, and one place is within the “church” Very sad, but predicted in the scriptures. There are very few true churches out there. I find that Calvary Chapel churches in general are in total support of Israel and teach about the end tImes and prophecy. There are Pastors, and teachers which we listen to online speak about Israel and support Israel proudly, These churches also teach Bible prophecy and end times updates, and point to Israel as God’s timepiece! Some names are J.D.Farag in Hawaii, Amir Tsarfati in Israel ( he is on telegram right now reporting constantly on the current war there) He is a true brother in Christ who travels the world to teach people about Jesus as Messiah!! He partners a lot with Pastor Barry Stagner in Ca. and Jan Markell from Olive tree ministries! There are more. We don’t go to a building anymore because the truth is not spoken in a good percent of the churches anymore. We are online to hear the truth!! I hope you don’t get discouraged and give up now when we really need your articles. Thank you for being so faithful and keeping us so informed. May God Bless you and your family and ministry. MARANATHA!!!

  17. adaughteroftheKing

    I, Susan Hounshell, stand with Israel, dear sister in the Lord. I love you dearly, although we have never met. Don’t be discouraged, there are many of us who are supporting and praying for Israel. We care about the Jewish people. But you are right, we need to SPEAK OUT for Israel.

    Our Savior, Jesus Christ, Jeshua Ha Mashiach, was a Jewish! If you love Him, you love Israel!

  18. IeRodriguez

    Yes Geri! I do care deeply! I am a christian praying for Israel day and night.

  19. Sharon Tastet Holdren

    Baruch haba B’Shem Adonai, Hasatan does not want you to be encouraged. I may not read all your posts but I try! I’ve read all these comments and agree…God is in control and pray his will be done. I pray for Israel and her people and leaders. It all makes sense in hindsight but we have Revelations for foresight! Come Lord Jesus!

  20. James 2:5 – Hearken, my beloved brethren, Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him?
    Stay strong dear friend Geri! I’m praying for you. God bless you. hugs, Debbie in S.C.

    1. You don’t realize how important your contribution is to the online remnant, Geri, and that is a testament to your humble spirit. No need to apologize for getting weary. The enemy is threatened by the impact you have, and he doesn’t like you. He knows who you are. He had to ask permission to discourage you, and God knew that like Job, you remain faithful even when you are bewildered by the apathy of others. You don’t write for us, or even for Israel. You write because you love and serve the Lord. That’s not meant to be a reminder, nor reprimand, but simply a statement of self-evident fact. As an end-time blogger, I understand and can relate to the feeling, but you are an example of faithfulness that I see as an example to follow. We love you and we need you,. Your Abba is glorified in you. Press in and press on. There remaineth a rest for the people of God. As a Jewess and Christian you are doubly chosen!

      1. You have no idea how you encouraged me with your words. I want to thank you for being a fellow watchman! Shalom B’Yeshua and much love to you in Him.

  21. Hang in there!! We appreciate your posts. And we pray for Israel, watching the news with hearts outpouring hope and love for God’s people. (I just ‘unfollowed’ a conservative news outlet on MeWe after seeing several posts/articles that were anti-Israel…realized after one or two that it wasn’t just a fluke, so had to let them go. It’s one thing to point out errors or troublesome things Israel might do…God Himself takes their godless leaders to task many times in the scriptures. But discerning Christians will recognize that Israel as a nation has not yet repented (but WILL one day!), and still continue to support and pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for the salvation of the elect ones.

    1. Vickie Jacobs

      Jeremiah 3:8 says God divorced physical Israel and Jesus Christ brought in a Spiritual Israel. We war not with flesh and blood but with spiritual. Satan wants back physical.

    2. Vickie Jacobs

      My God!! After 2,000- years all these people who hated, rejected and killed the messiah are not in heaven but are now in hell.

  22. Curtis Gladen

    Yes, please!

    You may sometimes feel like a voice crying in an empty wilderness.


    You provide the visions so we the people do not perish in ignorance.

    Thank you for your faithfulness.

  23. Jim V.

    Geri, there are some idiot Christians are against Israel. They are not a true Christians with the spirit of fruits. I do care and praying for the Israel. I’m sorry to hear about you and your husband left the church.

    Keep in mind, Satan hate the Jewish people because God loves the Israel and Jesus is/was the Jewish.

    Please don’t feel depressed. I understand how you feel. This world is so dark.

    Hang in there sister Geri. Like I’ve said many times, Time is short. Jesus is at the door.

    God bless.

  24. Misty

    Geri, Your wonderful and informative articles are a much needed and greatly appreciated spiritual window to this evil world! They give us readers a clear and truthful insight that blesses us with hope to cope in these end times. When a disciple of Christ is doing the work that God Almighty has intended him/her to do, it is to be done with all fervor as unto the Lord, and you are certainly doing God’s intended work! Don’t allow Satan to discourage you to the point that it interferes with God’s mission and purpose for your gift of writing. There is a good reason we believers in Christ and God’s chosen Jewish people are called the remnant in these last days–we may be relatively few in number but we are mighty in Christ Jesus! Be encouraged, fellow sister in Christ, knowing that many were apathetic to Jesus (John 6:66) and Paul (Acts 14:11-17). Even if your articles only were to touch one soul, and they have most certainly touched mine, your work is not in vain. Lord, please bless Geri with the needed strength and courage, hope and peace to carry on until you call us to meet you in the air. Assure her that her voice matters to you and to her dedicated readers. Geri, start singing those blessed Christian hymns as Satan hates it when we Christians sing joy-filled praises unto the Lord. Always remember that a song in the heart adds joy to the spirit and keeps the soul in harmony! “When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be. When we all see Jesus, we’ll sing and shout the victory! Amen and call us home quickly Lord Jesus!!

  25. Ron Simpson

    I recently found your site and it blesses me. Please keep up the fantastic work. Here in NZ we have a de facto communist government now, and it hates Israel, but there is a remnant of believers who love God’s chosen people and their land. God bless and encourage you.

  26. I am crying for their plight…having seen a lady in terror crouching down by a sidewalk, not having made it to a bomb shelter..with nowhere to hide. PRAYING SHE WILL and all the others will CALL UPON THE LORD. As so for all, but I know the anguish and shame they will feel when they see Him, and then realize that they killed their messiah. They will mourn like never before, like I did when I saw Jesus on the cross, and cried harder than I ever have in my entire life. So…pray hard for all who will soon see…because they were blinded so that we could be grafted in. And He will pour out the spirit of grace and supplications. Our enemies seek to wear out the saints…we are all feeling that way, with the angry replies we get from trying to share the Lord. But Jesus said, “Tell them, whether they will hear or whether they will forbear.” Even the tiredness we’re feeling and seeming hopelessness at times for people to believe or respond positively to our witnessing is in the Bible, being tempted to just go silent. But if held in, the very rocks would cry out (not right, but would have to find the scriptures). So we hold each other up in prayers for perseverance, courage, and strength to continue on…ONE DAY AT A TIME. Thank you Geri, for all your hard work and perseverance…I think you will be surprised at how many lives you have touched and encouraged, and how many were saved, when we finally get home. WE LOVE YOU WITH THE LOVE OF THE LORD, and prayers abounding to all.

  27. Joy D'Andrea

    I care too Geri. I stand for Israel and am praying. I also am praying for you too Geri.

    Much love,

    Your sis, Joy

  28. Connie Graham

    Geri – I have been following your posts for a couple of years now but this is the second time I have felt so compelled to post. You posted about a year ago about your heart for your unsaved children that touched me so much and I private messaged you on your Facebook page because I didn’t know how to sign in here. (It was surprisingly easy!) My life changed when I read The Diary of Anne Frank in the 60’s and have been a student of Bible prophecy since the 70’s. Have read Winds of War and War and Remembrance and lately, The Exodus – 1947. I have had a heart and an affinity for the Jewish people and the land my whole life. They are God’s lynchpin and His covenant with the land and the people is eternal. Not a day goes by that I am not praying for Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Jewish people. I follow Hanaya Naftali and Amir Tsarfati on Facebook and repost many of their updates about what is happening now, trying desperately to open the eyes of all the leftist family and friends in my circle of influence. I want you to know what an inspiration your writings have had in my life. I am constantly amazed at the time and research and determination to educate your followers to what is going on in our world. You are amazing and I just wanted you to know how much of an impact your writings have had on my life. My life has changed dramatically over the last few years – I am the one conservative and Christian left in my family. A very close family bond has been replaced by tension, ill feelings and division. Your posts help to make me feel that I am not alone in the world! God bless you, Geri, and know how much you mean to all of your followers on this blog!

      1. Scott, a bond servant of Christ.

        My dear sister in Yeshua, Christ Jesus.
        It’s hard and troubling at times to understand why people don’t care or seem to have the same heart and mind as you, and the truth is its because you are different from the church of man, you have been “set aside” as our Lord would say.
        When you weary and down try to remember what our Lord and Mater told us ” Thank Him in ALL things, in All things” He said this for a very good reason. For when we are weak, then He is strong, and if we thank our Lord and God when we are being spirituality attacked, hated and persecuted or just worn a little thin by this world around us, on account of His word, and His Name and for the love of His people, then He, our Lord God gets all of the glory instead of the devil. When we praise the Lord for the sad times, the devil will flee because it causes us to praise our God. I know this because this is how the Lord showed me to overcome the enemy, He said praise me in All things, Not just the good, as it is written.
        To understand the hearts and minds of those who say they follow Him we must first seek the Lords wisdom, and our Lord said,
        “They honour Me with Thier lips, But Thier hearts are no where near Me”
        How can we say we love the Lord and are filled with His Spirit,, yet hate what He loves so much.?
        I weep for them and pray for them always, they are so close to Him, yet so far away because they are following men instead of His word.

        I had a dream 5 years ago. Just after calling on the Lord. I hadn’t been evangelized and no one gave me the gospel. I was in a desperate place and I cried to God, I didn’t know what repentance was, but I repented in my living room, alone with God and pleaded to be saved. I said I would surrender my life to Him, I would be obedient to Him always and never go back to the world and my old ways and what ever He said was sin, if He would only save me. And He did, He saved me, he healed me and restored me with a love like I have never know and I’ve never taken my hands off the plough nor my eyes from Him since.

        So the dream I had, I was walking with urgency up a mountain in the desert with lots of others that I didn’t recognise, but the mountain was a city with many layers of houses.
        I reached the entrance of this huge city and there was a guard by the entrance, but he was big, like goliath big with sword, I looked at him as we all hurried past, but his focus stayed forward as he was on guard. As all of the people and myself walked higher and higher up through the levels of this great city, a man stopped me and said “take this sword and go back out there because there are so many people out there and there is a battle is great. I turned around and looked down from high up on this mountain city, and I saw the peoples outside of the city. They were millions of millions. The desert was blackened by thier bodies in every direction, it was like and ants nest they were so small, but they stretched out as far as the eye could see, with trail’s going off in every direction as they were coming towards the mountain. This upset me greatly as I didn’t want to go outside to fight with a sword and I didn’t want to kill anyone, I wanted to stay inside the city with all of the others.
        Then I woke up, still upset at the thought of taking a life.
        I told my dream to the bible study group that I had started going to and the man who led it said, can I call someone to come and give an interpretation, so an elder knocked the door, came in and sat down in the group of 7. He said tell me your dream, so I did, he said do you know about the Kingdom of God, I said no, he said that was the city on the mountain you were on. He then said do you know what the sword represents, I replied no I don’t, he said the sword is the word of God and the battle outside is for the souls of the unsaved. Then I understood that I had seen the kingdom of God and been told to take my weapon, the double edged word of God and to go out into the world and fight for the lives of the many who were lost outside of God kingdom.
        I also started attended men’s meetings at other buildings as this is where I felt guided to learn about my Lord and His ways from His men of God. I listened and questioned but told no one of my dream. Then on three different occasions 3 different people came up to me said, I have a word for you, “you are a Watchman of God’s word and His flock”.
        He always give confirmation when we ask Him, is this what You want me to do Lord.

        As times gone on there is less and less of my old self and more of God and my love for Him.
        Sadly it seems that the majority of those around me are going in the opposite direction, loving the world and hating what is good.
        I as Lord how can it be this happening if they know what is bad in Your eyes and Your Word, and they confess to love You as I do?
        And He took me straight to Matthew 13:15-17

        It is because the hearts of this people has grown dull, thier ears are heard of hearing, and thier eyes have been closed, lest they should see with thier eyes and hear with thier ears, lest they should understand with thier hearts and turn, So that I should heal them.
        But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear, for assuredly I say to you that many prophets and righteous men desired to see what you see and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it.

        Sadly the children of God have long since fallen asleep, deceived by a magic prayer and the doctrine of demons who are preaching trust them, not the Word of God, and no need to repent.
        The Lord gave a title to His own, “Disciple” and “Bond Servant” and said that He is the “Teacher” the “Master” and “Lord”
        1 Corinthians 7:22-23 that His disciples Follow and obey thier loving Master without questioning Him.
        But the Servant has made himself the Master in his own heart.

        Sorry for the long message Geri, it’s taken me for ever to write because of my Dyslexia so please excuse any bad grama.
        How I got to your site? Ok the Lord has led me to show you something you need to see.
        Friday I was going through some things with the Lord about why the church of man, who say they are His, hate the apple of His eye Israel as Cain hated Abel ?
        They have been and are now being attacked from all sides, and with lies and hate from the media and the churches of man are expected but distressing.
        He guided me to the “World Council of Churches” for the answer I needed, to an organisation that I didn’t even know existed.

        In 1948 Israel once again became a Nation, praise the Lord as it is written, God’s children going back to the Holy place, God’s Holy land from every corner of the world as it is written.
        Now it just so happens that 3 months later the “World Council of Churches” was born? Coincidence, I think not. All of the churches of man from Baptist to Methodist are all payed members of this evil organisation.
        Google it and Wikipedia will have one page for its members and another on the organisation.
        If you go to the bottom of the information contained herein you will find there all of the churches of man’s, “hate agenda” in black and white against the nation of Israel and anyone from the true church, the disciples of God who love Israel. They have statements how they are All members of a united church, working together to punish them (Israel) how they plan to crush them by turning everyone against them. They have a statement declaration that they are behind and supporting Palestine. Who they say are the rightful inheritors, owner’s of Jerusalem and Israel?.
        They the united churches of man have been working together since 1948 to destroy the children of Abraham, the children of David, the children of God. These same organisations united as one church proclaim to the world that they are the children of God, the followers of Yeshua Christ Jesus who came through the line of David. They reject His word, they refuse to bless them and pray for thier salvation, and instead Hate them, Persecute them and campaign to every nation for the boycotting of thier products and produce, and are working together with all the Islamic states, “the UN” and all of the other satanic organisations around the world to blot them out, and pray for thier destruction.
        The have stated “we don’t hate them (Israel) just what they have done and crimes they have and are committing against the Palestinians. That the Israelis have, and are still stealing the Palestinians land from them and in so doing they have sinned against God ?
        God has kept that land for thier return, the land of Israel for His chosen nation, His covenant with the children of Abraham who He brought up out of Egypt.

        1 Corinthians 10:26
        For the earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains.
        Psalm 24:1
        A Psalm of David. The earth is the lord’s, all it contains, the world, and those who dwell in it.
        Psalm 89:11
        The heavens are Yours, the earth is also Yours; The world and all that it contains, You have founded them.

        Where is the confusion among God’s so called children about His word, about who owns that land, let alone who He has given it to?
        The Holy city of Jerusalem and the land of Israel belongs to the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings and He is coming soon to take His throne there. He proclaimed, this is a land for My people to dwell in, not the Persians.

        We are to love them and pray for them even though they hate the Jews and His true church who also loves the Jews, even though they love evil and are corrupted. So once we’re we.
        The the Lord is calling to His chosen, His elect, His true follows to “Come out of her My children least you suffer her punishment when my wrath is poured out” and His sheep are hearing thier shepherd’s voice.
        The wheat and the chaff is being separated, the lambs and the goats, the harvest and the weeds, and those who Follow Him the Good Shepherd and obey His commands are His sheep at His right, but to His left are the goats who follow the mother of all harlots, the Queen of Babylon that gets drunk on the blood of the saints, who hates the true children God the saints and this beast gets its power from the devil.

        There a scripter in Acts that the Lord gave me when I was going through a battle.
        Acts 5:29-34
        But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men. The God of our fathers raised Jesus, who you killed by hanging Him on a Tree. God exalted Him at His right hand as Leader and Saviour, to give repentance to Israel and for forgiveness of sins. And we are witness to these things, and so is the Holy Spirit, who God has given to those who obey Him.
        When they heard this, they were enraged and wanted to kill them.

        But God gave wisdom to just one man in the temple, who said in Acts 5:39-41
        But if it’s God’s will you will not be able to overthrow them, you might even be found apposing God! So they took his advice, and when they had called in the apostles, they beat them and charged them not to speak in the name of Jesus and let them go. Then they left the presence of the council, REJOICING that they were counted worthy to Suffer dishonour for the name.

        I left out Acts 5:35-38 as it’s tiring, typing and we’ll be hear all day.
        Can you imagine the look on the enemies face as the Apostles happily skipped down the steps of the Temple and through the streets, Praising and Thanking the Lord our God for thier beating and persecution for not following and obeying the church of man.

        This again is why we must give thanks to Him in All things, especially when we are being attacked on account of “His Word, and His Name”. As it is written.
        Remember our Lord said that the world loves its own, But hates the true children of God who will not follow them, because Christs true flock know His voice and follow the Good Shepherd, who lay down His life for them, without question.
        So when you are hated, broken, tired or weary. Pray for the strength in the Lord to Raise your hands up to God and say.Thank You Lord, thank You that I have been found worthy of suffering pain on account of Your word and on account of Your name, This Lord is how I Know that I truly am one of Yours and not of this world. Hallelujah…

        Please keep doing what our Lord God is asking of you and do not loose heart in these dark days.
        You see and hear the Blasphemous words coming from the Vatican/Francis, as the Lord said they would in revelations. It speaks all kinds of blasphemy.
        The truth you share is very, very important for the remnants of the True church, the body of Christ who are few, but waking up and get in number, actively searching, seeking for His truth, and for this information that’s being hidden from them by the system.
        Our Father God has give you the skills and the abilities, not only run this site, but to research as you do. I know He guides you to what you need to see and report about, even though the devil’s children are fighting hard for him to conceal it and cover it up with lies and misleading reports.
        The Spirit of God always asks us “Do you see what they did? Do you hear what they said?
        Expose thier agenda to you brothers and sisters, show them the truth and who the enemy really is. Bring this darkness into the light for all to see and I will continually pray for you, your husband and your family, to be strengthened, emboldened in Christs name and protected.
        He will never leave you or forsake you. You are doing His will reporting these things, and He will bless you.

        When He called out “Who will go for Me” our answer was “I will go for You my Lord” and even though the path can be perilous and the enemy has set many traps, the Lord will always be with us, in us and will always go before us.

        Please don’t think I hold any grudges against those who have been deceived by men to follow men instead of God, by the words that come from me, I cry and pray for them all the time, I want none to be lost, no matter who they are, I want none left outside the city, that all should repented and be saved, but the Lord commands we expose the lies from demons who preach against God’s word and hate towards Israel and God’s true children. They are full of pride and deceit. They want numbers in seats and cash in the pocket and preach, stay as you are, no need to repent, trust me, is that what God really said, shorty you will not die if you disobey God’s commandments.
        God says we are to reveal the Truth to the deaf and the blind, even though they don’t want to hear it or see it because it goes against thier flesh. So that those who are truly seeking Him with all of thier heart, body, soul and mind, that have eyes will see, and have ears will hear. They will soften thier hearts and turn thier stiff necks from man and towards the Lord God, and He will heal them, He will open His arms to them and He will save them, both Jew and Gentile

        We must never forget that the Christian church, Protestants and Catholic alike, were the ones responsible for the Holocaust of all those Jews. Thier hate for the Jews is still alive all over thier Protestant churches in Germany. (Google Pig Jew)
        Then finally after the remnants of the Holocaust went back to Israel in1948 the Christian churches, all united in the “World Council of Churches” all went after them again to finish what they had started. The beast of revelation, the Holy Roman empire and all of the harlot’s that are fractions of the Mother church, are still hunting down the chosen of God.
        It is painful but to see the truth, but please search this organisation and see all the denominations of churches who are not just paid members, but boldly and openly confessed the church of man’s agenda against Israel for all to see, who want to know the truth.

        Peace be with you my sister and my brother in Christ as you walk His narrow path.
        As a royal priest in the body of Yeshua Christ Jesus, I bless you, your husband, your family and all that you do in the Mighty name and love of Saviour and Lord Amen.

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