6 thoughts on “The Covid -19 Drug which is Even More Powerful in Curing Covid Than HCQ: IVERMECTIN

  1. I contacted America’s Frontline Doctors, they have, speakwithanmd.com and I had an appt. and I am waiting on both the hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin now. People should get on the meds as a prophylactic.

  2. Diane Wood

    How do you get on these medications? I am in Michigan. My whole family has been quarantine because of testing positive but no doctors will treat. I have been working all day and no luck?

  3. Michael

    Your email came through while I was on the phone making arrangements to obtain a prescription for Ivermectin. Very simple process and I can pick it up locally.

    Thanks for the information, and for EVERYTHING you do! You’re an angel. We love you!

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