Pastor John MacArthur With a STERN WARNING to Joe Biden

Brethren, through the years I have not agreed with everything Pastor John MacArthur preaches, but I think that over all he is a sound teacher and preacher of God’s Word.

What he does here is Courageous, True and all brethren hearing him will immediately know that he speaks Truth from God’s Word.


“Let me say something – you better be careful when you put your hand on God. I thought of that in that inauguration you can say whatever you want to say but when you touch the Ark -when you place your hand on the throne of God because God is enthroned in his word, and you place your hand on the Word of God and pledge to do the very things that blaspheme His name you talk about a high-risk action. All Azza did was what he thought was showing some respect. God doesn’t want your respect he wants your obedience. Don’t tell me that you advocate the slaughter of babies in the womb don’t tell me you want to destroy masculinity femininity marriage don’t tell me you want to fill the world with LGBT people in leadership you want to justify transgender activity don’t tell me you you want to invite more muslims in who represent a religion from hell and then put your hand on the Throne of God” [Applause]

Entire Sermon:

Let’s pray for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and their administration. They have no clue Whom they are mocking when they place their hands on the Holy Bible and yet mandate laws straight from the pit of hell. Again – pray for them.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


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