Biden Rescinds Trump Order Keeping China Out of American Power Grid

The day after the inauguration, Biden was filmed signing empty papers. I suppose the he was giving his handlers Carte Blanch to do as they wished. After all, he is not really running the country. He is simply obeying Deep State.

Shocked? You shouldn’t be.


Amid President Joe Biden’s wholesale efforts to use executive authority to wipe away the impacts of former President Donald Trump came one swipe of the pen that impacts China’s ability to gain a foothold in America’s power grid.

A Biden executive order issued on the day he took the oath of office included, without comment, a change to an order Trump signed in May, according to the White House.

“Executive Order 13920 of May 1, 2020 (Securing the United States Bulk-Power System), is hereby suspended for 90 days.  The Secretary of Energy and the Director of OMB shall jointly consider whether to recommend that a replacement order be issued,” Biden’s order stated.

On the face of it, that does not sound like much.

But the archived White House website from the Trump administration reveals the importance of the order, in which Trump declared “a national emergency with respect to the threat to the United States bulk-power system.”

In that order, Trump made the stakes clear:

“[F]oreign adversaries are increasingly creating and exploiting vulnerabilities in the United States bulk-power system, which provides the electricity that supports our national defense, vital emergency services, critical infrastructure, economy, and way of life.  The bulk-power system is a target of those seeking to commit malicious acts against the United States and its people, including malicious cyber activities, because a successful attack on our bulk-power system would present significant risks to our economy, human health and safety, and would render the United States less capable of acting in defense of itself and its allies,” Trump said in explaining why he wanted to keep foreign equipment out of the nation’s power grid.

“[U]nrestricted acquisition or use in the United States of bulk-power system electric equipment designed, developed, manufactured, or supplied by persons owned by, controlled by, or subject to the jurisdiction or direction of foreign adversaries augments the ability of foreign adversaries to create and exploit vulnerabilities in bulk-power system electric equipment, with potentially catastrophic effects,” Trump wrote.

“I therefore determine that the unrestricted foreign supply of bulk-power system electric equipment constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States,” Trump wrote.

The order banned “bulk-power system electric equipment designed, developed, manufactured, or supplied, by persons owned by, controlled by, or subject to the jurisdiction or direction of a foreign adversary” where purchasing such equipment “poses an undue risk of sabotage to or subversion of the design, integrity, manufacturing, production, distribution, installation, operation, or maintenance of the bulk-power system in the United States.”

Although the order never mentioned any nation by name as a national security threat, the National Law Review said the target was clear.

“[B]ecause Chinese companies are key suppliers of equipment to the US power sector, and the Trump administration has consistently targeted China as a trade adversary and threat to US national security, many observers believe the EO intends primarily to curtail Chinese access to, and Chinese industrial equipment sales serving, the US bulk power system,” the piece stated.

The authority contained in Trump’s executive order was used in December by then-Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette in an order he issued specifically targeting China, according to a release on the Department of Energy website.

The order prohibits utilities that supply critical defense facilities from buying equipment from China “that poses an undue risk to the [bulk-power system], the security or resilience of critical infrastructure, the economy, national security, or safety and security of Americans,” the release said. The order took effect Jan. 16.

“The bulk-power system is the backbone of our Nation’s energy infrastructure and is fundamental to our national security, the American economy, and our way of life,” Brouillette said in the release.

“It is imperative we secure the BPS against attacks and exploitation by foreign adversaries. This order is one of several steps this Administration is taking to greatly diminish the ability of our foreign adversaries to target our critical electric infrastructure,” he said.

With the executive order Brouillette based his order on being paused for 90 days, and the Trump administration having left office, it is unclear what will happen to the order banning Chinese equipment from being used by utilities that supply power to America’s military installations. source

Brethren, unless Biden is impeached for placing the U.S. in such a vulnerable position in the world, we will see more and more of these treasonous acts.

This man earned the nickname of ‘China Joe.’ His wish is to weaken our economy, military and our standing among the nations. And of course, to prop up the CCP at every opportunity.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


4 thoughts on “Biden Rescinds Trump Order Keeping China Out of American Power Grid

  1. watching68

    I urge you to watch this video on Rumble, just search Catherine Austin Fitts Planet Lockdown in google and it will show up and you may watch or get a transcript elsewhere too.
    Catherine Austin Fitts gives an interview describing what the plans are for the NWO ( the Great Reset) she does give honour to the divine creator and talks of the mark of the beast too so I don’t think she is totally doing so from a secular standpoint but it is mind blowing information
    and is not going to be found on usual social media platforms because of cen soring.
    It needs to be shared as wide as possible, many more people around the world need waking up to what is really going on whilst we are all nicely contained and restrained from freedom of speech.

    God bless

    1. I watched that interview but quite honestly, she is so brilliant that I felt lost many times. I just could not absorb the things that she said. Maybe I was too tired, but I don’t think so. I felt like an idiot and I felt like I was listening to another language! LOL

  2. Election can still be corrected even “after” inauguration by using the “WRIT OF QUO WARRANTO”, if Pres. Trump’ will PURSUE this within 20 days after inauguration!
    Seems “Quo warranto is the legal term for a writ (order) used to challenge another’s right to either public or corporate office or challenge the legality of a corporation’s charter. When the authority of an offical or corporation to take action is challenged, a quo warranto action may be used to demand that the right upon which they base the action be stated.” Source, “”
    I am sure his attorneys know this!
    No matter what happens, he has not abandoned us, as he opened an “Office of the Former President” on Monday that seeks to “advance the interests of the United States and carry on the agenda of his administration.” Source; “Epoch Times”.
    The Lord has not, nor ever will, abandon his Church, as we maybe “Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed.”
    2 Corinthians 4:9.

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