ANTIFA Masqueraded as TRUMP Supporters and the Capitol Police LET THEM IN!!

From stillnessinthestorm,cim

From stillnessinthestorm:

REPORT: Facial Recognition CONFIRMS Antifa Infiltrated Jan 6 Washington DC Trump Protest That Put Capitol in Lockdown

(Will JusticeA report released to the Washington Times alleges Antifa members infiltrated the Washington DC Trump protest where protestors stormed the Capitol Building that led to the city being locked down.

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by Will Justice, January 6th, 2021

According to the Washington Times “A retired military officer told The Washington Times that the firm XRVision used its software to do facial recognition of protesters and matched two Philadelphia antifa members to two men inside the Senate.”

Trump supporters reported that Antifa members infiltrated the event.

One has a tattoo that indicates he is a Stalinist sympathizer. antifa promotes anarchy through violence and wants the end of America in favor of a Stalinist-state. “No more USA at all” is a protest chant.

XRVision also has identified another man who, while not known to have antics links, is someone who shows up at climate and Black Lives Matter protests in the West.

Born in Portland, Ore., antifa has mounted a year of violence in that city. The mayor said this week that antifa is trying to destroy the town and called for tougher police measures.

Antifa, which is loosely organized nationwide, exports warriors to other towns.

Here are two images reportly from Antifa posting boards with instructions for members during the protest today.

Here’s another possible confirmation.https:

 – Will Justice

PANIC: Patriots Are Now In Control

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5 thoughts on “ANTIFA Masqueraded as TRUMP Supporters and the Capitol Police LET THEM IN!!

  1. Those saying Trump helped create the environment are wrong, as he was merely reacting to an environment already created by over the top fraud that had been observed, documented, and was about to be challenged in the chamber. There was a concerted effort to stop this and it was totally out of the hands of both Trump or the good folks there to peacefully protest, which is their right!
    This info is game changer, and shows that these people, with their mode of operation (their foot print, Romans 3:15), was definitely there!

  2. On Twitter (which I have just left in protest of @Jack’s censorship), I saw several enlightening cell phone videos. The first showed Capitol Police moving the barricades aside and literally inviting the protestors to enter the Capitol Bldg. The second showed a Capitol Policeman obviously pretending to fend off this group of protestors, though he was actually leading them up to the House Chamber, apparently so they wouldn’t get lost. The third showed what happened when the protestors (obviously a mix of Trump supporters and Antifa) reached the top of the stairs. There was a set of double doors with windows through which an assassin (his arms and pistol) was clearly visible, just waiting for the moment one of the protestors would manage to get through the lightly barricaded door. Oddly enough, there was also a whole lineup of more Capitol Police officers RIGHT THERE, off to the side; waiting, but for what? Hm, I wonder! Why weren’t they stopping the protestors from storming through the door, especially since the first one to succeed was clearly going to be shot and killed by that assassin-in-waiting? Why didn’t anyone (police or Antifa) warn that naive Trump supporter not to enter the hallway, not to do anything that would get her killed? NOBODY DID. In the heat of the moment, she made it through the door and was shot in the throat! (She later died.) VIDEO SHOWED THE FIRST CAPITOL POLICEMAN IN THE LINE GIVING A THUMBS-UP TO THE ASSASSIN!!! Then the line the policemen in the lineup sprang into action to “defend” the Capitol. SEEMS VERY MUCH LIKE ASHLI BABBITT WAS A SACRIFICIAL LAMB..😡

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