9 DEAD in S. Korea After Taking Covid-19 Vaccine

So much for “Fast-Tracking” a Vaccine. Or is this the planned outcome?

This I know: People all over the world are watching and are fearful of this vaccine. NOT good for Bill Gates or Tony Fauci.

From Reuters.com

Deaths after flu shots in South Korea fan fears, but authorities find no link. (NO LINK? Are you kidding me?)

SEOUL (Reuters) – Nine people have died after getting flu shots in South Korea in the past week, raising concerns over the vaccine’s safety just as the seasonal inoculation programme is expanded to head off potential COVID-19 complications.

Five new deaths were reported on Wednesday alone, but authorities had no plans to suspend the vaccination programme, unless investigations, including post mortems, revealed a link, which preliminary findings had not.

“We have reviewed whether it is appropriate to continue the vaccination or better to suspend and wait for the results,” health official Kim Joong-gon told a briefing.

“We came to the conclusion that the deaths had no direct relations with the vaccination given the limited data we have now and without detailed post mortem reports.”

Kim said a preliminary investigation into six victims revealed five had underlying conditions.

Health officials also said no toxic substances had been found in the same vaccine administered to other people.

Coming just weeks after the roll out of the national vaccine programme was temporarily suspended over safety worries, the deaths, which include a 17-year-old boy and a man in his 70s, have dominated news headlines in South Korea.

With winter approaching, the country is planning to inoculate 30 million people in a bid to prevent the health system being overloaded by patients with flu and COVID-19 exposure.

However, the start of a free jab programme for around 19 million eligible people was suspended for three weeks after it was discovered that some 5 million doses, which need to be refrigerated, had been exposed to room temperature while being transported to a medical facility.

Officials said 8.36 million people have been given the free flu vaccine since inoculations resumed on Oct. 13. source

Our son has lived and worked in Korea for almost a decade. He has told me numerous times that the government holds back information from the public – kind of like what we are seeing in the U.S.

This makes me wonder if the deaths from the Vaccine are a much greater number than nine.

Brethren – please DO NOT get the Covid Vaccine!! It has been fast tracked (most vaccines take 5-10 years to develop) and also it is a type of vaccine which has NEVER been given to humans in the past!

Pray for the lost. Pray for America. Pray for the upcoming elections and for the safety of President Trump and his family and administration.

And pray for those who will be getting this vaccine!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


4 thoughts on “9 DEAD in S. Korea After Taking Covid-19 Vaccine

  1. amen The Lord told me in early 2000’s stop taking Flu shot, made me real sick for one thing, and he told me no C. Virus vaccine, and I saw the vision where they had three shot’s, and a big one for Radical Christians and people who don’t agree with them, to kill or alter their minds, and The Lord said no mandatory Vaccines for America. and last year they came up with a super Flu shot for the elderly and the Lord said tell them not to take it, the Flu shot already killed many elderly, and now they have a super one. and the left had just talked about getting rid of the elderly. go figure that one out,. Dummies. May God richly bless you Geri

  2. Joy D'Andrea

    Thanks Geri. Now I can tell unbelieving family members not to take the vaccine. I shared this to Facebook. Unfortunately many people seem to want to believe the false narrative.

    Your sister in Christ,


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