A Continuation of Yesterday’s Piece on Obama’s Army: Obama and Eric Holder are Deeply Involved in Weaponizing Antifa and the Cartels That Will Assist With the CHICOM Red Dawn Invasion

Yesterday, I wrote an article based on this same website – thecommonsenseshow.com. This article was written by Dave Hodges today, and the information in his article is more than a bit disconcerting – it is downright scary.

I really don’t know how I would be going through all of this (and writing about it) if I didn’t belong to the Lord. Whenever I am tense or nervous, I immediate think about Jesus and I read His Word. He calms me and I know that He calms the readers who are my brethren.

Sometimes, I just say His name over and over.

Before you read the article, I want you to watch the video once again of Obama and his determination to build a Domestic Army which would rival our Military:

From thecommensenseshow.com

This is a follow-up from yesterday’s article which implicated several prominent Democrats who are actively involved in treasonous acts against Trump and the United States. 

One might think given all the knee-jerk reaction to the New York Post’s publishing the tale of Hunter Biden’s salacious and criminally (ie Joe Biden’s influence peddling, malfeasance of office, and treason) convicting laptop contents that this was by far and away the most controversial story ever published by the New York Post. Well, that would an incorrect assumption. 

Back in February of 2017, only one month after the inauguration, the New York Post published about Obama’s secret army we call the OFA, “The little-known but well-funded protesting arm had beefed up staff and ramped up recruitment of young, liberal activists. Determined to salvage Obama’s legacy, it’s drawing battle lines on immigration, Obamacare, race relations and climate change.”

What is amazingly obvious as one digs deeper into Obama’s OFA, is how powerful they are and scarcely anyone has ever heard about them or their radical and nefarious agendas. One interesting example of the far-reach of the OFA is that Hillary Clinton’s closest subordinates support the radical agenda of “defunding the police.” Clinton and Obama aren’t exactly the best of pals, but when it comes to the radical agenda of the treasonous act of ridding America of its first line of defense, the police, they are united on this point. Hillary’s former spokesperson for her campaign, Brian Fallon, recently tweeted out “defund the police”. 

If one seeks to find the nexus behind fomenting race riots, planning and activating uncontrolled rioting that their allies in the mainstream and Big Tech media label, “Peaceful protests”, the Obama group that was exposed in yesterday’s article on the CSS, Organizing for Action (OFA), is proving to be that nexus point. The OFA is proving to be both diabolical, disgraceful, treasonous and the group that is sitting at the Captain’s chair in terms of overthrowing the Trump administration and the United States of America.

Also in February of 2017, Obama’s secret group of warriors, the OFA, The Hill published the fact that there was a major merger brewing between the OFA and the former disgraced Attorney General, Eric Holder and his group the National Redistricting Action Fund, giving the group access to a cadre of very wealthy donors and volunteers. In effect, the OFA will marry and integrate with the Holder-run group (NDRC). The newly formed merger is telling. Holder has reunited with his former boss. What caused Eric Holder to exit his position as Attorney General under Obama. Simple, he was found guilty for lying to Congress and refusing to answer questions posed in the formal congressional hearing looking into the matter, “Fast and Furious”. 

Fast and Furious is best described in the following statement of findings in a series of Reuters reports

During the operation from 2009-2010, thousands of AK-47s, .50 caliber rifles and other weapons were purposely allowed by ATF and Department of Justice officials to be purchased illegally by straw buyers at gun stores in the United States and trafficked over the border into Mexico. ATF officials sat by as thousands of guns “walked.” They argued this was done to trace weapons to the upper echelons of Mexican cartels, but out of thousands of firearms, only two were rigged with GPS devices that died within hours of crossing the border. 

On December 14, 2010, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, a former police officer and U.S. Marine, was shot and killed while on a BORTAC mission near Rio Rico, Arizona. The weapons left at the scene were obtained through Operation Fast and Furious. 

Terry’s family has been repeatedly lied to about the circumstances of his death. ATF and DOJ officials moved quickly to cover up the scandal behind how his murderers got their guns. 

It wasn’t until Terry was killed that knowledge of the program came into public view. ATF agent John Dodson, who opposed the operation internally, became the first whistleblower to speak out.’

It is obvious to state that merging the OFA with Holder’s group potentially provides OFA with unlimited funding and unlimited access to obtain needed weapons which can be passed on to radicalized leftist groups such as Antifa. However, there is a problem in this cash and weapons transfer. The process had to change because Holder got caught and it cost him his Attorney General position. It should have cost him his freedom. As one may recall, Holder’s cartel-supplying weapons program was exclusively using domestic gun shops and manufacturers to provide the Fast and Furious weapons to the cartels. Holder was busted and the strategy had to change. 

I have a deep undercover DEA source that told me in 2015, that Holder had employed his Communist Chinese contacts to continue Fast and Furious for the cartels. And who did Holder turn to? He turned to the CHICOMS. Today, it is a well-established fact that the CHICOMS basically control the cartels and their drug trade. Mexican President AMLO is no longer on board with this arrangement and a civil war is brewing in Mexico as AMLO has pivoted towards Trump with a secret pledge to not allow Mexico to become a staging area for a Red Dawn invasion. The CSS has published reports and conducted interviews with people south of the border on these points. Today, the cartels are mechanized courtesy of the CHICOMS.  (emphasis mine)

Please allow me to connect the dots:

  1. Holder is and for 12 years has been in bed with the cartels and has repeatedly found ways to arm them. Holder, on behalf of Obama, is part of a plot to bring down the United States and Obama’s OFA has been brought under the umbrella of subversive terrorist activities of Holder. 
  2. Obama and Holder’s blended organization, according to federal LEO, was the group that was shipping 10,000 weapons to Antifa when it was busted by the ATF and the FBI. Obviously, as the election grows near and violence is expected to ramp up exponentially, one would expect that this blended group will be at the forefront for training and the supply of weapons to the domestic terrorists (ie Antifa). 
  3. Holder does not just lead a “let’s start a civil war group”, he is also the spokesperson for CALEXIT which is the subversive group of international players, including the CHICOMs who are trying to remove California from the USA and place it under the control of the United Nations. In the course of the President of the New California 51st State Movement, Paul Preston, came across eyewitnesses that revealed in a closed door meeting, that the cartels offered to kill as many white people as possible, if CALEXIT was not successful.  (emphasis mine)

On point #3 one has to ask, who would supply the weapons to the cartels assisting the California Congressional delegation (ie Pelosi, Harris, and Feinstein) in supporting this obvious treason against the United States? The answer is simple, Holder and Obama’s blended group will be the ones to undertake that mission. And isn’t interesting that Obama is buying residences in California. In a departed California, the United States government would have no extradition options when it comes to Obama and Holder.  (emphasis mine)

Before closing, one may wonder why I have married the two issues, Calexit and Fast and Furious support, via the CHICOMS, for weaponizing groups like Antifa? This is the bombshell of this report. My DEA source says that his group was following a drug transfer of cocaine emanating from China. The investigation landed in the lap of Hunter Biden. My source suspects that Hunter Biden brokered the Holder-CHICOM-Cartel weaponizing with the support of both Bidens and Air Force Two was used as the vehicle that led to the negotiations. This is treason of the highest levels and this is why I believe the MSM and Big Tech will stop at nothing to stop the exposure because a public analysis of Hunter Biden’s activities, as described in the laptop incident would reveal all. (emphasis mine)

There is another interesting anecdote. There was a DOJ investigation of Eric Holder’s fast and furious activities and it was headed by then AG Loretta Lynch. What is lynch doing today? She is helping Holder with Calexit activities. It’s just raining coincidences.

Subsequently, we can conclude that both Holder and Obama are the primary forces behind the subversion occurring in this country at the present moment. Holder is the nexus as his Fast and Furious activities support the cartel and ultimately the CHICOM invasion of America. Also, Holder’s role in Calexit opens the door to a CHICOM invasion. If one thinks that these events are nothing but coincidences, one must wipe the cognitive dissonance from their eyes and do some simple research. The fact is that the global elite are bringing this country down with treasonous assistance from Obama and Holder and the Democratic Party is being used as accomplices to this fact. 

We have finally discovered who runs the Deep State and for what purpose. And make no mistake about it, Hillary and Kamala are deeply involved. SOURCE

PROOF OF OBAMA’S California Mansion:

From dailywire.com

Obama Purchases California Mansion To Go Along With His Two Other Homes (November 22, 2016) Read rest of article HERE

Brethren, THIS is the most important thing I will post in this article:


Everything that is happening and will happen is bringing us that much closer to the Rapture!

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee” (Isaiah 26:3).

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


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  1. They have planned a take over from day one, the day they swore the President in, the Lord showed me a vision Obama in front of the American flag, them putting a red flag with white stars and stripes on it, and a slash mark about half way, and he said he is running a coup, to over throw the President, I posted it on fb the next day a high profile preacher screamed you fool, they will kill you, I had already had a couple visions where he was mad wanting to get a hold of me, but the next night I saw another vision and he was trying to have me killed, and the Lord said don’t post nothing else for awhile on him, but later what I had posted disappeared some way. but they have been trying all this all along, and the I saw the vision not long ago, it was a map lit up like election day, with the news covering it, backing the blue, and a lot of states were lighting up blue, [and I new it meant communism] but then I looked out to sea, and there was a ship and a sub and planes in the air, thinking that looks like a take over attempt, on election day, So I believe they have more planned election day than just the election, but they tried to do some things to me, over exposing the coup, it caused me some headache but didn’t complete what they were trying to do, thanks to a President on our side, but these are evil people, keep your self covered Geri, I will be praying, because it sounds right down there alley. good article. May God richly bless and protect you. For they are evil/

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