Aren’t All Puppets Wired? Creepy Joe Sure Was During the First Debate

My husband and I watched as Biden slipped his hand into his jacket and then adjusted it. I asked my husband “Didn’t that look suspicious? He thought so too.

This morning I received this piece in my email. I attempted to post it on my Facebook, but FB said I was not “allowed” to post it. So, that is why it has become an article on my WordPress.

Don’t you think that Facebook has a lot of nerve?!


CONFIRMED: Biden wore a wire with an earpiece at the first debate, so Trump must ask at the beginning of the next, “Are you wired right now?”

(Natural News) Have you wondered why Biden kept looking down most of the debate, even though he had no notes? He was concentrating on what his advisors were telling him, over the wire. Make no mistake, while Trump was talking and arguing with Wallace, Biden was being told exactly what to say next, word for word. This must be called out at the very beginning of the next debate, and Trump may even demand jackets be opened, sleeves rolled up, and ear holes examined. This is how Biden prevented most off his own gaffs, even though he told lie after lie, knowing fake news would back him up on all of it, but then this happened.

There is video and photographic proof Joe Biden wore a special communication device with an inductive loop (hidden wire) during the entire first Presidential debate. In fact, you can see the inductive loop protruding from his sport jacket near the lapel on his right side, and you can see the communication device extend at his inner wrist of his left hand, when he was told to turn and “fake one cough if you can hear us okay.” The Biden debate cheat team was out in full force, and they’ll do it again next debate, unless they get called out by Trump, live.

Biden’s debate cheat team tells him the secret device wire is showing so he tucks it back in casually

The swamp monsters are sinking fast in their own quicksand. They are living in ultimate desperation, knowing so many at the top are going to federal prison for some long stints if Trump is reelected next month. Here’s the moment of revelation, when Biden screws up for just a split second, live in front of the world, and reveals the wire to his cheating team’s advice. Watch closely.

Yes, a photo is worth a thousand words, but a live video feed that’s recorded is the tell-tale proof of all. For all the lies the Democrats tell and scrub from the internet later, so their base will never know, this one got busted, got out and got out fast.

Knowing Biden cannot debate, think straight or speak without tossing word salads, racist gaffs and statistical lies around, there is a 100 percent chance he will be wired to cheat again at the next debate.

That is why Trump needs to open the debate like this: “Sleepy Joe, I would like to thank you and your whole team, who’s speaking into your ear and out of your mouth, for being so slick at the last debate. Tonight, I ask that you open your jacket, roll up your sleeves, and show the camera your ears, to prove that you’re not wearing a special communication device kit, like you did last time. We know, because we have you on video.”

And just as Sleezy Joe, Chris Wallace and the insane Left demanded Trump denounce white supremacy, now it’s time for Alzheimer Joe to show the world he’s a cheater.

The gig is up — force Sleepy, Sleazy, Sneaky Joe to open his jacket before the debate begins to reveal his debate cheat device

Biden has already been busted wearing earpieces so his team can feed him lines during town hall meetings, virtual meetings, basically everywhere he goes. He often asks his cheat team to turn up the volume, while he fiddles with his ears waiting for words that actually make sense to Americans.

Don’t forget, the Biden camp REFUSED any type of third-party inspection for communication devices just days before the debate. Remember? This is why. If it’s just a “baseless conspiracy theory,” then it can be easily debunked live at the beginning of the next debate. Simple as that. It will only take 10 seconds for Biden and Trump to open their jackets, roll up their sleeves, and let the cameras zoom in on their ears from the side. Just as people are checked by metal detectors and pat downs for weapons at the door, let’s check for ‘weapons of mass destruction’ (Biden cheating his way into the White House) at the debates. The Left is dying to install Communism in America, and destroy the middle class, gun rights, freedom of press, freedom of religion and freedom to criticize the government, just like in China right now.

This is a covert operation to steal the election. The Left needs covert spying, listening and communication devices. Here’s one brand of the device the Biden team used if you’d like to know more about the Democrat’s cheating schemes. Using a clarity, interference-free microphone system, complete with neck loop and discrete wireless earpieces, Biden’s advisors (who aren’t senile like him) were able to review every statement with him before he spoke, tell him what NOT to say, tell him when to smile and laugh things off, and prepare him so he sounded, at the least, functional.

The cheat kit includes a wireless receiver module and a disguised wireless car key fob for use with the wireless earpieces. This high tech innovation provides interference-free communication that’s encrypted. It comes with volume control and is compatible with all the top PTT applications. Here’s how the whole debate cheat kit is set up for Biden backstage:

  • Place the loop around your neck.
  • Attach the loop to your covert carrying solution or tape the loop to your body to avoid shifting during operation.
  • Insert the connector into your mobile communication device.
  • Place the communication device into your pocket or covert carrying solution.
  • Place the earpiece into your ear.

Tune your internet dial to for updates on the Biden’s sneaky, sleezy camp, cheating while they all sink in quicksand in their own swamp.

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9 thoughts on “Aren’t All Puppets Wired? Creepy Joe Sure Was During the First Debate

  1. a friend sent me that video the other day, which I was trying figure out where that other person was that was talking during the debate, I said to my self he is wired, and remember wallace says Joes we are talking in your ear, there at one point, plain as day listen Joe we are talking in your ear, plus any fool could see that man talking wasn’t the man we seen all these months who didn’t know who he was, he is Joe Bidens husband, uk,uk,uk, the man talking dearing the debate was not the same man, unless they have a drug to cause Dementia to back off for a while, any body with any sense at all knows it was rigged to the max some way, at one point I even wandered how far have they come with these puppets, like Disney has of Lincoln and the Presidents, who come out and speak, but ruled that out, but still knew they had done something and the earpiece where he had no ear canal, they just can’t do anything without cheating big time, I am surprised they pulled it off as well as they did considering how bad he is, they are big conartist is all there is to it. Mr Trump shook him bad at one point and if Wallace had not interfered he would have messed him up big time, what can we expect from them any more but cheating. and destruction.

      1. And the video fb wouldn’t show, I say is probably the one I just tried to watch on Twitter and they removed it, something about a shadow and light, they took it down could read anything but what I just put, fb has been shadow banning me for quite a while now, and fact checking everything, if we don’t do something now we will be silenced, there removing all the prove we had on youtube, of pizza-gate, the dead zone movie in 2003 that told all about covid right now, how did they know then, but it was exactly what we just went through, and now Gates is trying to stop us, he says we are not qualified to speak on what we speak on, like he is, where his his degree in science and Dr, degrees, and Pharm. they are just going to push there agenda until we stand up and say enough is enough, bullies only understand one language, we have a horrible mess on our hands.

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