Hard Core SATANISTS: What the Church Needs to Know About BLM

I originally intended to write an article exposing the Dark Spiritual side of Black Lives Matter. Most of us realize that this group is rabidly Anti-Christian, but I do not believe that many of us understand the pure Satanism which permeates the lives of these people. 

BLM is in our schools now with propaganda and New Age practices like Necromancy. Oh, you didn’t know that your children will be taught how to summon what BLM teaches are departed spirits?

We as Christians understand that these s0-called spirits are actually demons.

But then I saw this video from a friend and brother in Christ, Alex Newman. Alex is a journalist, author and educator.  He has been writing and reporting for thenewamerican.com for several years. He also co-wrote “Crimes of the Educators” now available in Kindle version.

So, instead of me writing a long article about the blatant Satanic side of BLM, I chose to place Alex’s video here.  

If you attend a church which has fallen for “Black Lives Matter” and leadership is telling their congregants to kneel down before them to repent for being white; PLEASE send this video to you pastor!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua



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