GOD’S AMAZING WORD with Hubble Telescope Photos

*****Attention:  This video will be moving to TImandgeri YouTube channel. (the I is capitalized) We accidentally put it on a new channel but it belongs on our large channel.  Thank you and God bless all of you!


My husband and I worked on a video which we pray will bring comfort and peace to many of the Brethren.  These are such troubled times. 

The music we found for the video, after much prayer, is so exquisite. We both wept as we listened. We give attribution to the musicians. What an incredible thing to mesh “Canon in D” with “Give Thanks”. Just heavenly!

We also pray that those who do not believe, who watch this video, will be touched by the Holy Spirit and drawn to our Lord Jesus.

How Can I Be Saved?



11 thoughts on “GOD’S AMAZING WORD with Hubble Telescope Photos

  1. How insignificant I feel when compared to our Father’s incredible universe. And how humbled I am to know He takes an interest in me. . . loves me. . . cares for me. . .

    Thank you and your husband for the work you put into preparing this video.

    L-RD Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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  2. Tom Delieta Guy

    How very humbling to think that The Lord God Almighty who created all loves me and made it possible for me to stand in His presence eternally and see Him face to face. Thank you so much for this video. All that you write and share I read and am thankful for.

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