This speaks for itself. Don’t hide your head in the sand!! Share this information!

I have been researching this for months and I am convinced that Covid is merely a 5G cover-up.

I’m sorry that this video is so large. I could not compress it. But what this young man will show you is compelling evidence that the sickness we see is coming from the roll-out of 5G towers. What he will show you cannot be coincidence!

Do not be afraid that people will ridicule you over this truth.

I would never have published this article and the previous one if I was not 100% convinced that 5G is the culprit of the sickness and death. And my readers know that this is truth.


Hypoxia caused by 5G

Hypoxia and blood clots

Article about hypoxia and the suicide mission of 5G

The most important decision in your life:

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua



5 thoughts on “KILLING ME SOFTLY WITH 5G

  1. Dale

    Hi; Geri do u have an ID of this Vodophone boss guy. Do we have any background available as to who he is etc. BTW you’re doing a great job. Thanks so much for your efforts to aid my insight as to what is really happening. God is loosening the devil’s leash in these last days.

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    1. Dale, I don’t know about the credentials of the Vodophone guy. Sorry. At first I was scared to publish what I have found. But I cannot convey to you how strongly I felt that it was time for people to begin to connect the dots.

  2. LWolfe

    This is the #1 issue we face right now. The riots and lockdowns are distractions from installing the 5G kill grid everywhere. Fortunately or unfortunately I have a strong physical reaction to these frequencies, so I’m able to tell if an area has been “updated.”

    Read The Invisible Rainbow, about the effects of EMF radiation on our bodies.

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