The Weaponization of FEAR: Part of the GLOBALIST Agenda

FEAR is the driving force which is contolling  most of America.  It has been packaged so well and has been fed to the American people from the mainstream media. The deception is working. The leftwing audiences hang onto every word they hear from CNN and the rest of the Fake News sites.

Two excellent videos from Jamie Glazov:


Fauci, Gates et al are bad actors in this world turned upside down with FEAR. As much as the so-called Covid-19 virus was manipulated in Wuhan, Fear is now being manipulated and cast into the hearts of the people of the world. Global

Warming was a dud. The Russian Collusion was a lie and a dud. This is the big gun – the one that says with such authority “Are YOU going to contribute to the next pandemic (which by the way is inevitable) Are YOU going to be known as an instigator of more pandemics because you would not follow our rules??”

This folks, is Satanic manipulation. Pure EVIL.

Some would ask “Why would Globalists go to such extremes as this?” What is their end game?

It has been said that the only thing standing in the way of Global Governance is a STRONG AMERICA.

Can the reader see this clearly? Do you understand that America’s economy is being pummeled and crushed each day that we are still “Closed for business?”

Can you see that families have been separated and are suffering from depression and a feeling of helplessness?

Do you understand that the powers that be have inflated the number of cases of Covid-19 and definitely the numbers of deaths? 

Is the truth of what is happening, finally coming into clear focus?

If I could sum up in one sentence why we find ourselves in this nightmarish predicament, it would be this with globalists speaking:

“We could not allow Trump to have another term because our decades of furiously working toward the NWO will be disrupted.”

Andrew Cuomo

This man who celebrates NY’s law that babies may be murdered on the day of their birth; has now been implicated in 5000 deaths of the elderly in nursing homes who were sent back to these facilities for one reason:  to die.  And they did. 

Cuomo is the face of Globalism and Evil.  He bragged about a piece of legislation which he brought about – named after his mother. The law was to make sure that the elderly receive the care they needed during this “pandemic.”  


 This man cares not for the lives of babies nor the elderly. He cares only for himself and his globalist cohorts!  


As Christians, we know that God is in control. He could have stopped this Covid-19 pandemic, but He did not.  He could have stopped Bill Gates and his quest for depopulating the world – but He has not.

We know from the Word of God that in the end days there will be much tribulation and deception.  These things must take place to further fulfill Bible prophecy.  

But no matter what happens next (and this will not be easy) we must trust our Lord. We are battling this wretched flesh against our spirits. It is only when we read the Word of God and understand what He has allowed us to know about these times – that we feel the peace that comes not from the world, but only from Him. It is called the Peace that passes all understanding.

This is what I pray for the brethren.  I also have been praying that these uncertain and scary times will cause many to turn to the Lord and be saved. After all, this is the reason that Christians are still here. We are to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost.  

God will give you boldness like you have never had before.

Keep looking up for our Blessed Hope. I believe that we are so close!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua




One thought on “The Weaponization of FEAR: Part of the GLOBALIST Agenda

  1. Here in New Zealand we’ve entered day one of level 2, which is supported by hastily passed legislation that clearly discriminates against believers. Shops are reopening, up to 100 patrons can go to bars and pubs, contact sport is allowed to resume, schools are reopening, BUT churches are not permitted to have more than 10 people attending services.

  2. It is tyranny…in Canada there was only one pastor in Alymer Ontario…the church met in the church parking lot…with windows up and listening to the FM radio…he had approval from the local police….all the rules….they operated like this for 2-3 weeks then someone on Facebook c/o…they did not feel safe looking at the pictures of people meeting in a church parking lot….so then the same police went and video taped all people coming and going in the church parking lot….now the prosecutor has to decide if they will…prosecute…. sometimes it is not just the fear but get it over with and make a decision and then follow through…but they do not….True North and Amazing Polly and Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson…Laura was at the protest in Vancouver BC…video taped and spoke of all the issues….we also have a leadership race for the Conservative party in Canada as well….Maranatha! In Christ Mellany

  3. Paul Drexel

    There are lots of Cuomo’s. Leftist Governors are glorifying abortion and all the abominations listed by God. Governors of Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and every leftist you can name or know of are following Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Nader, and a host of others including lots of RINO’s. Fear and panic are everywhere being aided by the media and Fauci who never cured anything in his time. Vaccinations do not work for any corona virus, and he knows it. He is not a god like the left thinks.

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