If anyone would like to call me bigoted for my stand on China – go right ahead. But I must say that bigoted is the wrong word. I am a realist, and I see the leader of China, Xi Jinping, as a brutal dictator who cares not for the people of China and even less for the people of the world. 

And I will call Covid-19 Virus the “Chinese Flu” whenever I want to do so. It started in China.  Should we rewrite history and. call the “Spanish Flu” by a more PC name?  


Jinping will not tolerate true Christianity in China. All of our brothers and sisters in Christ in China, have to hide out and worship from underground churches. Do you remember Chairman Mao Zedong?  Jinping is a clone of that tyrant.

Pharmaceuticals from China

Did you know that our country depends on China for between 80 – 97% of our Antibiotics, and components to produce many antibiotics? That shocked me on so many levels.

China could stop selling us these drugs which are critically needed; or have you thought about a scenario where this Communist Beast of a country could poison these same drugs?  After watching how China responded to their own people of Wuhan in the beginning of this nightmare, why would they even hesitate to do something so nefarious to the U.S.?

China Wants to Lead The NWO

Watch how China deals with Muslims; Leftwing liberals should watch this

Let’s not forget the bloodbath in Tiananmen Square in 1989:

If you are a Christian in China – this is what you will experience:

China’s Social Credit System is Worse Than you Think

Brethren, PRAY for the people of China and especially for our brethren. When I watched the video about the Tiananmen Square slaughter, it made me weep. The people wanted freedom of speech and they were crushed by the Communist powers that be.

Pray for the families of the world who have been impacted by the Chinese Flu. Protect them Lord, and most importantly, draw them to Yourself. In the midst of the fear and anxiety, bring believers into their lives to point the way to You.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua