There Are VIRUSES In the Church Much Deadlier Than Covid-19

As the world focuses daily on the news about the Corona (Covid-19) Virus, There is a Spiritual Infection in the body of Christ, and its Casualties are many.

These viruses mutate as they make their way through our churches. The most vulnerable are leaders of mega-churches. Many of these misguided leaders were never truly Shepherds (under the Great Shepherd) of the flock; but were hirelings.”

Brethren, I will list many false movements in this article, but I will focus on one in particular at the end:

Hyper Charismatic:  

Trusts in emotions and gifts of the Spirit more than in God’s Word. Very little preached about Sin and Redemption


 Teaches that our God of the Bible and Allah are one and the same. 

Return to Rome churches:  

Have forgotten why the Great Reformation happened. This is why we are Evangelical Christians and not Catholics.  <And the pope is NOT my pope>

Prosperity Gospel:  

Teaches that to be blessed by God, you must give your money ( a good chunk of it) to your church. Guess who gets rich in the Ponzi scheme?

Emergent Churches:

Believe there is no hell. Like Rob Bell’s book “Love Wins” this movement stresses that everyone goes to heaven in the end.

Hebrew Roots:

Teaches that all who come to Christ MUST observe all feasts and even keep kosher.

Replacement Theology

This teaching has been instrumental in the mass slaughter of Jews through the ages. They teach that the church replaced Israel and that God is through with them.

And now the Granddaddy of them all

NAR (New Apostolic Reformation):

The NAR false gospel is very complex, so I have chosen


Fast Facts:

  • Also known as Dominionism, Third Wave, Latter Rain, Kingdom Now, Joel’s Army, Manifest Sons of God, Charismatic Renewal, Charismania.
  • Its founder was C. Peter Wagner who claims that the Church of the 21st Century will be ruled by Apostles and Prophets. Wagner has anointed himself NAR’s “Presiding Apostle.”
  • Linked with the Kansas City Prophets “who brought grandiose claims that a ‘new breed’ of super prophets were beginning to arrive on planet earth who would change the world forever”; likewise Word Faith and Pentecostal movements.
  • Not governed by an official denomination, it is led by alleged apostles and prophets.
  • Teaches that the new apostles and prophets are to be the government for the emerging “New Order” church.
  • Claims there will be a reformation greater in scale than the Protestant Reformation.
  • Claim direct revelation from God and many allege that Jesus and angels visit them in person. Some of them declare that they have visited heaven many times and had conversations with Jesus as well as the Prophets and Apostles.
  • NAR’s extensive mission outreach throughout the globe has caused the astonishing church growth that’s happening in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
  • Denigration of the Bible and Sola Scriptura.
  • Experience oriented theology and based in emotionalism.
  • Steeped in mysticism.

Common Traits

Here are 6 traits, beliefs, and some of the common lingo used by adherents:


We’re in a “Second Apostolic Age.” There are new Apostles are on the earth today, anointed by the laying of hands to represent and speak for God here on Earth. These “Super Apostles” are equal to the original Apostles – the ones who witnessed Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and were appointed by Christ Himself to the office. Since these new apostles are commissioned by God, their authority may not be questioned.


Rather than preach the Gospel of the cross, Apostolic leaders are working to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth.  They do this by taking dominion of earthly kingdoms or “mountains” of government, media, entertainment, education, business, family, and religion. Leaders often talk of city building and organize prayer walks to pray against demonic strongholds. They often speak of being mission-focused rather than being Christ-centered.


Though members are not always charismatic, they frequently emphasize a manifestation of “Glory” and “God’s presence,” and often have a special anointing to receive direct revelation from God, perform healings and other signs and wonders. They teach that our purpose is to achieve our dream destiny so that we can change the world.


Revival on a massive scale is key in this movement. There is a strong emphasis on an “end times harvest” through a great awakening that we can usher in.  Often these revivals are held in stadiums and reach millions around the world via live stream technology; they are marketed and produced like rock concerts. All scripture verses about an end times falling away are ignored, and get replaced with hyped-up claims about the Next Big Thing that’s always just around the corner.

5. “UNITY”

Unity (at the expense of biblical doctrine) is almost always used as both the how and the why in this movement.  Unity for the sake of bringing Heaven to Earth is leading to the blurring of doctrinal and denominational lines, often bringing together well-known leaders of charismatic, reformed, Word of Faith, seeker-emergent, progressive and Roman Catholics churches, all under one umbrella.

Finally, NAR churches almost always abandon a major tenets of Christian faith:


NAR adherents may believe in the inerrancy and authority of the Bible, but God’s breathed-out Word is just not enough for them. Jesus’ sacrificial death for our sins is not good enough; the promise of eternal life in Heaven is not good enough.


The founder of the New Apostolic Reformation is church growth specialist C. Peter Wagner. Wagner served as Professor of Church Growth at the Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of World Missions until his retirement. Until recently he was president of Global Harvest Ministries and is currently Chancellor emeritus of the Wagner Leadership Institute. Prominent member of the International Council of Apostles Chuck Pierce was his successor.

So, if that is not enough to bring you to understand that NAR is Evil and not for the Remnant Christian, here is a video which will blow your minds. If people start behaving like this in your church; RUN do not walk to the nearest exit and never return!


To those watching, please see Todd Bently kick a man in the stomach who had stage 4 stomach cancer. Also watch Bentley as he seems and acts completely insane.

Warning Against NAR in Israel  
<click to watch video. This video is narrated in Hebrew, so click “cc” to get closed caption.

Brothers and sisters in Yeshua – please ask the Lord to show you if your leadership is involved with NAR.  TIKKUN Israel came to Israel for one purpose – to recruit Messianic Jews to come away from the Word of God, to NAR and its doctrines of devils!   

I do pray that the video embedded about NAR has opened the readers eyes to this cult.  God does NOT need our help.

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TIKKUN and others involved in this cult act like God needs our help!


Pray for all those who are involved with this cult. Pray for the leaders – that God may open their eyes to the Truth of the Word!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua