Albert Mohler and the Gay Revolution: New Documentary Exposes Sell-Out


This is shocking, but for those who read my article in which I embedded “Betrayed: An Open Letter To the Church” by Thomas Littleton; this simply confirms the evidence uncovered by the author.  Here is my article:

“Betrayed: An Open Letter To the Church” by Thomas Littleton


‘Albert Mohler and the Gay Revolution’ — New Documentary Exposes Sell-Out

SEATTLE, Feb. 4, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ — Dr. ES Williams, a member of Charles Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, in collaboration with respected researcher, Reverend Thomas Littleton, has produced a new video titled Albert Mohler and the Gay Revolution. Drawing heavily from Mohler’s own words, a strong case is made that the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has strayed from historical, biblical teachings on one of the most important cultural issues of the day.

The facts uncover that Mohler is playing into the hands of a pro-homosexual ideology that has contributed to the undermining of the family and the culture at large. Mohler’s comments reveal his view that the Church must appropriate sexual orientation, a psychological concept that is without biblical warrant.

Dr. Williams states, “As we shall see in this video, Mohler’s position today is similar to that of the gay agenda, which seeks to normalize homosexuality.” Williams also points out that in spite of a 2005 position held by Mohler declaring that the modern concept of sexual orientation opens the door for the homosexual lobby to reinterpret the meaning of Scripture, a decade later Mohler has changed his mind; we see a compromised man who radically changed his position. Similarly, the video shows that Mohler uses the language and tactics of the progressive left to accuse those who disagree by calling them “homophobic.”

Albert Mohler has made repeated public statements exposing his theological drift from sound, biblical doctrine. He makes a very strong defense of his 2011 article from The Christian Science Monitor where he accuses evangelicals of having “lied about the nature of homosexuality.” He also belittles those who adhere to a conservative viewpoint on homosexuality, claiming it “can only be described as a form of homophobia…” In other venues, he has indicated that the traditional, conservative Christian viewpoint on homosexuality is “rooted in ignorance and fear.”

Mohler’s full support of the same-sex attracted narrative is also shown in his promotion of the book “Is God anti-gay?” written by Sam Allberry, a same-sex attracted priest in the Church of England. Allberry has publicly described himself as having “sexual, romantic and deep emotional attractions to people of the same sex,” and his book claims to offer a positive and liberating way forward for the same-sex attracted. Mohler applauds the ministry of Allberry and stresses that his book is full of “biblical wisdom.”

In contrast to the secular worldview espoused by Mohler, Dr. Williams affirms the biblical response stating, “Same-sex attraction, which Mohler wants the Church to embrace, is a sterile, unnatural perversion that denies the creation of God.”

The evidence outlined in this video makes a compelling argument that Albert Mohler’s accommodation to progressive ideologies and worldviews will not only destroy the Southern Baptist Convention, but indicates that Mohler’s theological error is a direct attack on what the Word of God declares regarding the sin of homosexuality.

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10 thoughts on “Albert Mohler and the Gay Revolution: New Documentary Exposes Sell-Out

  1. Just as Scripture foretold of doctrine to tickle the ear. They will be judged harshly for their lies and distortion of God’s word.

  2. I could only stomach half the video, but right, it is the key objective of the homosexual’s agenda, to get the church to talk about this. and thus normalize such perversion.
    But here is the truth about speaking of such a wicked agenda;
    “For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.” Ephesians 5:12.
    Also, if homosexuality is not a choice, as this false teacher espouse’, then why did such make “choice” for change, as “such were some of you: but you are washed, but you are sanctified, but you are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.” 1 Corinthians 6:11

    No, the reason for this conundrum today, in many churches, is that these folks did not obey Paul’s clear teaching, 1 Corinthians 5:9-13, concerning those who call themselves after that blessed name of our Lord, yet live like the world, and that was to put them out of the church.
    No, we, the church, are not only not speak of such things, we are to remove such “so called” believers. If failing these admonitions, normalization will occur.

    1. If you get a chance, please read Thomas Littleton’s “Betrayal- An Open Letter to the Church” to see the documentation of how the church has been all but obliterated – except for the Remnant believers.

  3. Homosexuality is first idolatry(Rom.1:22-27). That’s why a person involved in it goes to hell. Not because they are bad. But, because they do not know God and in fact serve a false god. So their homosexuality is only a manifestation of their Idolatry after God gives them over to a reprobate mind.

    “…turn to God from idols to serve the living and true God”1Thes.1:9.

    Even so… Maranatha!!

  4. Agh! “From the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks…” criminal behaviorists say theres always leakage to abhorrent motives…no one can fully hide their heart.
    Press on sister…

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