With so much unadulterated EVIL permeating America, it is sometimes quite hard for me to prioritize my writings.

I get numerous emails from readers, asking me if I would research myriad of topics. I want you all to know that I have not forgotten your requests. But I do seek the Lord on what it is that He wants me to write about first.

Bernie Sanders is now being reported as the most likely Democratic candidate to win the primary. This is disconcerting and downright frightening to me.

The Millennials are duped and totally clueless as to what this man is about. Bernie’s demeanor and his promise of “free stuff” is enough for these young people to not only support him, but there is a violent streak that is rearing its ugly head in Bernie’s camp.  Can you say ANTIFA?

Remember in 2017 when Steve Scalise was shot during a softball game with other Republicans?  The shooter was a supporter of guess who?  Yep – he was a Bernie Sanders supporter!

Under that grandfatherly image he projects most often to his people, lies a dangerous Communist – a Totalitarian dictator (potentially). And you will notice that I am not using the word “Socialist” or “Democratic Socialism” for a very good reason.

Bernie’s goal is COMMUNISM.

Watch Sanders as a younger man in these video clips.  Some will say “Oh, Bernie has changed or softened.”  NOT SO.  If anything, he has fomented his ideologies, especially now that he is reaching for the grand prize: becoming president of the United States of America.

He must be salivating at the thought.

This compilation of videos of Bernie as a younger man should open the eyes of those who are wondering about this man and his political platforms:

Bernie loves to talk about beautiful chandeliers and wonderful youth programs in countries where totalitarian dictators have taken over:


Some readers will remember that during the reign of Obama, I went into the CDSA (Chicago Democratic Socialists of America) acting like I just wanted more information.  I became friends with Bob Roman, a man who was a leader of this movement. Before he realized that I was a Republican just nosing around, he told me this:  “We are disappointed in Barack Obama because he is NOT Socialist enough.”

Brethren, it all come down to one major fact: Bernie Sanders LOVES Communism and is bound and determined to take our Constitutional Republic and transform it into another Venezuela. Tell me ……….WHY in the world would Americans want such a thing?

President trump has improved our economy; has the jobless rate the lowest in decades;  is calling on the carpet our so-called allies of America to pay their fair share in NATO and other international groups. He is against America always footing the bill.

Trump is looking out for America.

Bernie is looking out for Communism in hopes that it will be implemented in our country.

Insanity reigns!!

From iowastatedaily.com

Letter: Bernie Sanders has communist ideology

Senator Bernie Sanders spoke about student loan debt, climate, women’s issues and more at his rally on Jan. 25 at the Ames City Auditorium.

Bernie Sanders is on the record, but even more importantly, ON VIDEOTAPE (from Aug. 8, 1985, and June 13, 1988,) uncritically publicly praising the so-called virtues of communist dictatorships in Cuba under Fidel Castro, in Nicaragua under Daniel Ortega and in the Soviet Union under totalitarian tyranny.

Sanders and his second wife Jane spent their 1988 marital honeymoon in the Soviet Union. Why would Bernie Sanders, of all places on this planet, actually voluntarily pick the Soviet Union as the destination for their honeymoon? (Were all of the available hotel rooms in Cuba, Nicaragua, and North Korea already booked in 1988?)

From the numerous communal kibbutzim in Israel that Bernie Sanders could have chosen from in 1963, why would Sanders have voluntarily joined Kibbutz Sha’ar Ha’amakim, whose founder Aharon Cohen was convicted of spying for the Soviet Union?

According to the Feb. 9, 2016, edition of The Times of Israel, “The kibbutz belonged to the Israeli political party Mapam, which in the 1950s had been a communist, Soviet-affiliated faction.  Kibbutz members had admired Joseph Stalin until his death, and they would celebrate May Day with red flags.”

If Sanders were to ever publicly disclose the truth about his prior political activities, that’s the day those much-heralded tens-of-millions of dollars in donations will cease.

These days, your favorite so-called democratic socialist Senator Sanders prefers flying on his personal private jet plane to sitting with us commoners in coach. Joe Biden still rides Amtrak, from what I’ve heard. And I thought Biden was supposed to be the elitist, Bernie?

This might explain why Sanders vehemently refused to disclose any of his tax returns until April of 2019, when Senator Sanders finally had to admit that he has been a member of the top 1 percent of Americans economically all along, while publicly, dishonestly pretending to be otherwise. source

I am pleading with the readers of this article to share it with family and friends who have been duped by this Commie!!  We MUST wake them up!

As Christians, we know that God is in control.  The Lord tells us to come to Him with our prayers.  Scripture also says that we will get what we ask for as long as it is His will.

Please don’t think that I am deceived in thinking that things bode well for America in the future.  With the evil in our country; abortion, gay marriage…..I could go on and on – the judgment of God is near and rightly so.

I am praying for another reprieve as we had in 2016.  If the Left take the White House, we may well find ourselves having to go underground to worship and pray – just as our brethren in China are doing now.

God help us!

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