You Will NEVER Forget This Story

With all of the bad news, I thought that this story might uplift the readers.  It is not a Christian story, although I don’t know if this couple is Christian or not. In the English caption, they do use the word “blessed.”  Not many people use this term who are not Christian.

I do know that as I watched this video, my eyes filled with tears. I was so inspired by this man’s courage and his wife’s love for him. I could not stop looking at the babies and how happy they are.  Their smiles are just precious and shows that they are surrounded by so much love.

If this couple does not know our Lord Jesus, pray for them that a friend will share the Glorious Gospel with them, and that they would be saved.

Please share this if you feel so led.  We all need to see a story like this in the midst of the horrific evil happening in our world.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua