The Most Dangerous Enemy America Faces is the LEFT Within Our Country

I have known this for quite a while.  Most Conservatives have known this.

The LEFT make up the Shadow Government – Deep State.

They welcome terrorism. They revere Communist dictators.

The LEFT despise our Constitution and everything for which President Trump stands.  They hate our Flag. They are Globalists, and they will not rest until our borders are wide open and our government can no longer protect the American people.

They will not rest until our government is overtaken with Muslims whose goal is to see sharia law replace our Constitution.

MSNBC: The Worst of the Worst

After our president ordered the strike which took out Iranian General Qassem Soleimani – leader of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard – America’s Enemies within reared their traitorous heads for all to see.

Watch this short clip from MSNBC on the taking out of Soleimani:

Any person whose head is buried in the sand – does not follow the news, yet still loves our country,  would watch that clip from MSNBC  and think that the News Network works for Iran!


Whenever leftists are charged with not loving or even with hating America, they respond angrily, labeling the question absurd, mean-spirited, and an example of right-wing McCarthyism.

But there can be little doubt that the left has no love for America, just as there can be little doubt that liberals and conservatives love America. Love of America is one of the many dividing lines between liberalism and leftism. (For a description of six differences between liberalism and leftism, please see my PragerU video “Left or Liberal?”)

Here are six reasons to believe the left hates America:

  1. No one denies that the international left – the left in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and elsewhere – hates America. Therefore, in order to argue that American leftists do not hate America, one would have to argue that on one of the most fundamental principles of international leftism – hatred of America – American leftists differ with fellow leftists around the world: All the world’s left hates the U.S., but the American left loves it.

This, of course, makes no sense. Leftists around the world agree on every important issue. Why, then, would they differ with regard to America? Has any leftist at The New York Times, for example, written one column critical of the international left’s anti-Americanism?

2. Leftists want to “fundamentally transform” the United States. Five days before the 2008 presidential election, candidate Barack Obama told a huge audience in Columbia, Missouri, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

More recently, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced that she plans to “fundamentally transform our government,” that America needs “big, structural change” and that her proposed Accountable Capitalism Act would bring about “fundamental change.”

Likewise, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said earlier this year, “We’re going to try to transform the United States of America,” and last month he said, “This campaign is about fundamental change.”

Examples are legion.

So, here’s a question: How can one claim to love what one wishes to fundamentally transform? The answer is obvious: It isn’t possible.

If a man were to confide to you that he wants to fundamentally transform his wife, would you assume he loves his wife? If a woman were to tell you she wants to fundamentally transform her husband, would you assume she loves him? Of course not.

  1. Leftists have contempt for the American flag.

I am unaware of a single left-wing individual or organization that has condemned NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick for refusing to stand for the flag during the playing or singing of the national anthem that precedes NFL games. To the contrary, on the left, he is universally regarded as a hero. Indeed, Nike anointed him as one, making him its brand model.

Leftists might respond that Kaepernick’s public refusal to stand for the flag and national anthem says nothing about his love for America, as it is only a form of protest against racial injustice. But that is nonsense. Would leftists argue that anyone who publicly refuses to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day really loves Dr. King?

  1. Leftists routinely describe America as racist, sexist, xenophobic, imperialist, genocidal, homophobic, obsessed with money, and morally inferior to most Western European countries. No moral person could love such a place. As one person commenting on a Paul Krugman column wrote, “Does loving your country mean you love or ignore the fact that we destroyed Iraq, shot down an Iranian commercial airliner, and waged a brutal war in Asia for reasons that today make no sense?”
  2. America is the most successful country in world history – while being the most committed to capitalism and remaining the most religious of all the industrialized democracies. To the extent that America is great, that means two of the institutions the left most loathes – Christianity and capitalism – are also great.
  3. Love is, among other things, an emotion. So, here is a question about leftists’ emotions: Do any leftists get the chills when the national anthem is played or when they see the American flag waving as the anthem is played? Given their rhetoric, it is most unlikely. Yet, every person I know who loves America does get a chill at such moments. Do leftists, as opposed to some liberals and conservatives, display the flag on any national holiday? How many leftists even own a flag?  source

As Christian Conservatives, we hold a Christian World View.  We understand that what we are seeing is Prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes.

But as I have written numerous times, as Christians we should still be speaking out about the evils of our society.

There are many Christians who do not believe that we should be involved or give our opinions about the Left.  These same Christians were the “Never Trumpers” who refused to vote for him, even though that could have made a Hillary Clinton presidency possible.

I fervently disagree with the aforementioned Christians.  We have the responsibility to first of all “vote” and that vote should be for the person whose views and beliefs line up more closely to Scripture.

Now, am I saying that Donald Trump was my dream candidate in. 2016?  Of course not.  But he was against the killing of innocent babies and Hillary was and is a great friend to Planned Parenthood.  That was enough for me to vote for Trump.

If abortion does not really bother you, then I would suggest that you search your heart and ask God if you are truly saved.  A born again believer should be horrified by the mass slaughter of babies!

Brethren, we must pray for America and for our president without ceasing.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua