Khrushchev’s Communist Propaganda Lives on Through the Leftist Democratic Party of Today

My great grandparents came to America in 1903 from Ukraine. They came through Ellis Island, NY.  Needless to say, they came to America to escape persecution and slaughter because they were Jews. They were overjoyed to be coming to this great country; they were proud to say that they were Americans!

In the 1960’s

I still had relatives living in Ukraine and Russia.  Many of them wanted to come to America but were denied Visa’s because we had relatives high up in the Communist Party. But finally in the late 1960’s, my Aunt Manya and Uncle Micha came to visit us in Maryland.

The stories they told us (they had to speak to my parents in Yiddish) were so disturbing.  They were so amazed at how we lived here. I’ve told this story before, but when we set the table and napkins were placed on the table, Uncle Micha quickly snatched up each napkin and tore it into 3 pieces.  He said that in Russia, paper was like gold. He said that newspaper was used for toilet paper.

My Aunt Manya told my parents that from birth her life was mapped out by the government – where she would attend school – what job she would do and where she would live.  She said that her home was a tiny one room apartment and her job was caring for the children of the Communist government workers.

It shocked my family when our aunt and uncle did not know much at all about Judaism (although they did speak Yiddish) they only knew that they were called Jews, but beyond that they were ignorant of our history.

Many relatives got Visas and were coming to live in NYC

At first, my relatives were so excited to be coming to America at last to live. But their joy turned to terrible frustration.  You see, in Russia, everything was decided for them, just like Aunt Manya had told us.  My relatives were very confused in NYC because for the first time, they were in control of their own lives.

They were expected to make all decisions about every aspect of their lives.

They were frantic because this was the opposite of how they lived in Russia.

Socialism is the “Ideology” whereas Communism becomes the means by which Socialism is enforced.  All throughout history, this has been the story.

The Americans who are wishing for Socialism have NO idea of what Socialism/Communism truly is.

And the media keeps feeding the lies to the sheeple.  My sister believes that CNN is the most accurate news source, and that they would NEVER mislead the American people.  She is just one of millions who have been duped by the Leftist media.


There was a time, sixty years ago to be exact, when people recognized communism as a threat to world peace, stability, and freedom. Works were published in the west that revealed communism and its dark totalitarian philosophy. Today most publishers bring to light anything liberal and progressive, singing lofty praises of socialism and its tougher brother, communism.

Trident Press published in June 1961 a small pocketbook called ‘Conquest Without War’, “a mosaic of the words and ideas of the new force that threatens to change the way of life on this planet.” Compiled and edited by N.H. Mager and Jacques Katel, it used Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev’s own words and those of his ghost writers, words of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, and remarks and commentary made by the two editors in order to provide better understanding of the context in which Khrushchev made certain statements that outraged the world at the time but have been since forgotten in the dustbin of history.

Khrushchev was never shy about stating his desire to establish world communism with the Soviet Union at its helm.

It is crucial to unearth what was supposedly buried with the “death” of communism in 1989 as the American youth is utterly infatuated by socialism, communism, and the ideology which killed more people on the planet than many modern wars combined.

Khrushchev was never shy about stating his desire to establish world communism with the Soviet Union at its helm. Western countries did not take his rhetoric seriously at the time since the Soviet Union barely had enough resources to feed its own people adequately or pay his army well.

Soviet Bolsheviks had a vast network of spies and informers, a strong school of indoctrination, and a disarmed populace that was a very captive audience inside its vast borders, literally and figuratively, as the Communist Party made sure guns were confiscated for “the good of the people.”

The left in this country, represented by the Democrat Party, has accelerated its anti-gun rhetoric, determined to repeal our right to bear arms. Criminals would not exist, the left says, if only the benevolent government would be allowed to bear arms. Why would we need guns to protect ourselves when the government can do it for us?

Khrushchev’s speeches and unsolicited advice ranged from farming, how to milk cows properly, growing corn and wheat, to how to be a good Soviet, how to write novels, world affairs, harsh criticisms of world leaders, threats, communist slogans, and how communism will be victorious and rule the world under his power. He certainly passed away before he became ruler of the world, preventing more unnecessary human pain, suffering, and misery under his dictatorship of equality.

Socialism v. Capitalism

The central theme of his philosophy was “socialism v. capitalism.” How could he not be victorious over the “decadent, crumbling capitalism,” the very capitalism that has lifted the economic boats of millions of poor people in the U.S.

This theme, “socialism v. capitalism,” has been resurrected today by our domestic communists, new and old, declared communists among U.S. Congress members, socialist academics and public-school teachers, and their indoctrinated generations of students.

He believed that one man, with help from a small but trusted elite group, could control the entire life of humanity as long as the secret police, informers, and a strong army controlled everyone from cradle to grave with incentives for good behavior and harsh punishments for crimes of thought and of insubordination to his philosophy of total control of the human spirit.

Khrushchev died before his dream became reality—he never got to rule the world with an iron fist. But, his philosophical followers, have chosen the global communist leader to be the United Nations with its myriad of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) spread around the globe.

Rule by the Party of One and the Party State, ideas promoted by Khrushchev and the Bolshevik ideology have become the major political drive among the U.S. population, the electorate, politicians in power, and in other western nations which strangely mirror these developments.

How did the Soviets sell socialism to the masses?  Look at Bernie and AOC

How did the Soviets sell socialism to the masses? The method may seem eerily familiar to you today because it is exactly how the Democrat Socialists like Bernie Sanders and AOC are trying to sell socialism to their voting base.

  1. Socialism is presented as a good, progressive, enlightened, and effective system based on equality for all. Capitalism is bad, tired, and evil.
  2. Socialists/communists “cultivate falsehoods as a deliberate weapon of policy.”
  3. The young and useful idiots alike are mesmerized by socialism even if they don’t know exactly what it is, or understand the theory of “scientific socialism,” renamed “Democrat socialism” by Bernie Sanders; it just sounds great, everything is free and who can resist free?
  4. Socialists say that economic progress is not possible under capitalism because capitalists are greedy, and they exploit millions of “working people.” Never mind that socialism has been a disaster everywhere. The Scandinavian model of generous welfare Democrats desire is based on heavy capitalist taxation of corporations and of people, it is not socialism.
  5. Khrushchev said that after the liquidation of classes, the Soviets had a “monolithic society.” That was, of course, a blatant lie. Discrimination based on ancestry was rampant. There was the proletariat, the elites, and the farmers, all neatly stacked in their own little world.
  6. The capitalist system is based on workers who are “enslaved, living in capitalist bondage,” said Khrushchev. But he then admitted that the “slaves of capitalism” lived well. Compared to how we lived under socialism, I would choose capitalism over socialism every time.

Unemployment was described by socialists as the “great disaster of capitalism


  1. Capitalist workers are exploited, Khrushchev said. During Khrushchev’s time, Soviet workers received 27 cents of what they produced while Americans received 67 cents and they produced twice as much. I call that production efficiency not exploitation. And the distribution of the national product was more egalitarian in the U.S. “Egalitarianism was actually taboo in the Soviet Union.”
  2. Unemployment was described by socialists as the “great disaster of capitalism.” The truth was, during Khrushchev’s time, the “unemployed in the U.S. received in benefits almost twice as much as the Soviet worker was paid when he was employed.” Khrushchev said that in the USSR there was no unemployment. He called it surplus workers. If the Soviets did recognize that technological unemployment existed, they would have had to recognize that there were other categories of unemployment.
  3. Khrushchev warned those who did not work. “An able-bodied person who does not work steals from those who work, that is, lives at the expense of those who create material or spiritual values. An atmosphere must be created in which those who despise work are not tolerated. Every person who lives in a communist society must make a contribution by his or her labor toward the building and further development of that society.”
  4. Socialist women were emancipated, Khrushchev said. Yet they worked much harder than other women and at back-breaking work in factories, side by side with men.

Soviet Union, a super-welfare socialist state, with all its socialist satellites, had to be maintained by intense propaganda, an army of security police, regular police, economic police, informers, communist party apparatchiks, closed borders with mine fields

  1. Eventually socialism will turn into communism when people will receive “to each according to his needs.” Translation—everyone will work according to his abilities and be rewarded according to his needs. Who will get to decide? The communist party elites. One thing is sure, nobody will be idle, everyone will toil for collectivism. Will there be enough wealth to satisfy all needs in whatever distribution scheme the elites arrange? Probably not, rationing will have to take place. But they say, there will be no more “want” of anything under socialism/communism. Really?
  2. When no more “wants” exist, the population will be entirely happy and satisfied and the police state will have to disappear. Will it? And then “the citizens will manage the nation.” Will they manage the nation, or will chaos descend?

The reality was that the Soviet Union, a super-welfare socialist state, with all its socialist satellites, had to be maintained by intense propaganda, an army of security police, regular police, economic police, informers, communist party apparatchiks, closed borders with mine fields and barbed wire to keep people prisoners within, armed security guards told to shoot if anyone tried to escape, propagandists at work, in schools, in the mass media, and enforcers who followed “lucky” travelers abroad very closely. All these armed to their teeth guardians of socialism kept a tight reign on the disarmed, afraid, and barely fed population. A dog kept on a chain all the time and partially fed has no choice but to appear loyal to his master.

Socialism was just boastful and meaningless semantic propaganda, cleverly worded and designed to keep a tight totalitarian reign on a scared and demoralized populace that realized too late that the rose-colored lies they were promised were just too good to be true. source


So brethren, here you have a snapshot of Communism.  If you have Leftists in your family (I certainly do) please share this article with them.  It may not faze them one bit. But it you can open the eyes of just one of these Leftist zombies, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua




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