THIS is One Way To Save Innocent Lives Before Evil and Mentally Sick People Shoot Them!

A sister in Christ sent me a very short and VERY disturbing video today.  The video was of a White young man who speaks of his hatred of blacks – he used the N word which I NEVER use.

I asked the sister why she sent this to me.  She said that people were trying to find out who this guy was to locate him before he committed a mass shooting of blacks.

The young man is holding a rifle which he loads as he spews venom about his hatred of blacks.  In the distance he calls attention to a box which has Air Jordan sneakers in it.  He begins to shoot at the box and then expresses his hatred again for black people (calling them the N word)  and then used the F word against them.

I could hear him say his first name, so I went to youtube to search for him. I described the scene and what he was saying.

Do you know that other people had done this and he has ALREADY been arrested??!!

But here is the sickening part, and please listen to the man on this video – I agree with his every word.

Here is what really happened.  Parker was not arrested for making these videos. He was arrested after he was expelled from his school and then threatened them.  The videos had already been online.

Now brethren, this is WRONG.  This racist young man should have been picked up by law enforcement or even the FBI because of these videos. There is NO excuse for turning a blind eye to this kind of potential violence and blatant hatred of blacks – not in the world in which we live.

I believe that this man should be tried as an adult and serve time in jail for this. And I believe that he should NEVER be able to purchase any gun – EVER.

PRAISE GOD AND HALLELUJAH that no one was hurt or killed.





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