How Islam is Holding the World Hostage: Rapes of Women and Children all Across Europe Not Reported by MSM

Not a day goes by that we do not read how Muslims are raping children and women in foreign countries.  You will not see this on CNN or any of the other uber Liberal new source AKA fake news.

Nope – There is nothing which is abominable in the eyes of these Leftists concerning Islam.  They will defend these people to the end.

It makes NO sense to a rational mind.

I’ve written articles about the kinship of Islam and the Left. I have posed the question “Have the Leftist media outlets not seen Muslims tossing gays from the roof of high rises?  Have they never seen the news coming out of London and may other places where so-called migrants are raping foreign women?

If these Liberal outlets have this information and are purposely not publishing these stories;  that is criminal.  It doesn’t fit their narrative of the “Religion of Peace.”  So they continue with their fairytales and denounce stories emerging from Conservative news outlets as “Islamaphobic.”


The West Can No Longer Ignore the Long History of Islamic Rape Culture

The West Can No Longer Ignore the Long History of Islamic Rape Culture

Where are all the feminists? Gangs of immigrant Muslim men are literally raping women and children in Europe. And one of the main people talking about it is a white male who, when he dares to report about it, gets sent to prison.

The Muslim grooming gangs that are going around Europe, stalking, drugging, and raping young women and even female children are merely the latest incarnation of Islam’s long and sordid history of dehumanization and sexual abuse of women — fair-skinned women of European descent in particular. That’s not to say that Islamic women are well-off. Throughout the Islamic world, women are treated as property, denied human rights, and forced to hide their appearance from the world. Depending on the sect, some women are forced to wear a full, body-covering burqa. It’s barbaric, but to many Islamic men, these are seen as the good women; the kind of women you take home to mother and marry. But throughout the history of Islam, the fair-skinned women of European origin were seen as something else — something less than human. A fascinating piece by Raymond Ibrahim in PJ Media lays out the phenomenon quite well.

One rape gang, or grooming gang as they are sometimes called, can be dismissed as a vile criminal activity. But repeated, ongoing reports of such gangs, all made up of immigrant men from the Middle East and all from one religion? That speaks to culture. A culture of sexual abuse that dates back to the Prophet Muhammed himself.

As Ibrahim points out, “In order to entice his men to war against the Byzantines — who, as the Arab’s nearest European neighbors came to represent ‘white people.’ — Muhammad told them they would be able to sexually enslave the ‘yellow’ women (an apparent reference to their hair color).” Throughout history, the promise of fair-skinned sexual slaves was used by Muslim leaders to encourage young men to jihad, or holy war. According to author M.A. Khan, a former Muslim, it is, “impossible to disconnect Islam from the Viking slave-trade, because the supply was absolutely meant for meeting [the] Islamic world’s unceasing demand for the prized white slaves,” and also for “white sex-slaves.”

Is that what’s going on today? Are many of these Middle-eastern “refugees” merely the first troops in a coming jihad against the West? Are these European grooming gangs merely getting a head start on their new harems full of sex-slaves?

It’s not only in Europe either. These Muslim rape gangs have been reported all over the world. In 2005, in Australia, four young Pakistani men, members of the Islamic faith, raped at least 18 young women and female children as young as 13. Despite the DNA evidence against them, the rapists claimed they were victims of an anti-Muslim conspiracy. In the United States, a gang of Somali men — guess what religion they belonged to? — was guilty of enticing dozens of girls into a sex-trafficking ring that ran from Minneapolis to Nashville to Columbus, Ohio. The youngest victim of the sex ring was 12.

And then, of course, there’s current-day Europe, with grooming gangs reported all over the continent from Germany to Sweden to Great Britain. It’s a literal rape epidemic. It’s coming from so-called migrants from one part of the world who share the same religion. By closing their eyes to this obvious fact, European authorities are not being tolerant and politically correct. They’re being stupid.

Rape might be the worst crime of all. Not only is it a sexual assault, it’s a theft of innocence, particularly when it happens to a female child. A murder victim is dead, but a rape victim must carry what happened to her for the rest of her life.

So, really, where are all the feminists? The same bunch who “bravely” decries the fake campus rape culture in America and drones on about the mythical wage gap between men and women are silent about fellow females are being exploited in the world. There’s nary a peep from Beyonce, Meryl Streep, Oprah, or any of the #MeToo movement about it. Hypocrite is the best thing you can call these so-called feminists. In the media, these women are put on a pedestal — women with power. But what they really are, are cowards, afraid to raise their voices against Islamic Rape Culture for fear of being labeled racist or Islamaphobic. And that may be as anti-woman as you can get. – source

As was asked in the “New American” article – where are all of the feminists? Have they drawn back their forces in fear of Muslims?  Are their minds so depraved and confused that they are void of compassion for the women and children being raped by these so-called refugees all over Europe?

In this case as in others……NOT to speak IS to speak!

Tommy Robinson

After spending a couple of month in a jail in London, Robinson is out on bail. If you are not following this incredible story – Robinson was merely speaking on the street about Muslim gangs who groom young girls in London to be raped over and over.  The authorities arrested Tommy Robinson and without a trial, placed him in jail.  Then these authorities decided to place Tommy in a maximum security prison which houses over 70% of Muslims who have been involved with terrorist activities.

Tommy Robinson is the face of the world who are in disbelief that this practice of raping young girls is socially acceptable by Islam.

Michelle Malkin warns America that we are not immune to this criminal behavior by Muslim migrants.  These men say that it is there right to rape these “infidels.”

When Sharia law takes effect, the host country is simply a sitting duck and the rapes and murder of children and women will be non-newsworthy events.

Are we ready to accept this barbaric behavior in the U.S.?

Don’t be deluded – it IS coming.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


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  2. I recall the case in either WI or MN of the Islamic cop who shot a doctor who was engaged to a local man – I think either she was a fairly new citizen emigre or was going thru the process of becoming one – I believe also she was Australian by birth. No real repercussions to the cop (a Somali muslim). On another note did you know a top QAnon backer had a meeting with POTUS in Oval Office last week? That one result so far is a sealed indictment for the arrest of Joe Biden? As I blogged about it today, I noted that maybe this means the 40 000 plus sealed indictments “ball” has started to roll.

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  4. Sad they can report on Catholicism and Romanist faithful looking the other way but European authorities and the media do the same thing.

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