Until the Swamp In the Intelligence Community is Drained – Trump And the Administration Are In Great Peril


Recently, I was snooping (for research purposes) in the Organizing for Action (OFA) website.  This is a Soros NGO and is also overseen by Obama.  OFA is responsible for recruiting and training protestors and organizing the protests. We have clearly seen the fruit of their labors at all Town Hall meetings. They have been instructed to spread out among the people at the meetings, and make noises and shout protests to whatever is being discussed.  The objective is to make each Town Hall event appear disorganized and unprofessional.

Here is an example of well trained leftist protestors doing their thing:

The Swamp people

As I dug deeper into the OFA website, I found the name of a woman who lives in D.C. and her home is a meeting place for training protestors. I then went to Facebook and found this woman.  In the description of what she does for a living was this:

Analyst at U.S. Department of State
Social Science Analyst at United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

Could we call her a double agent?

Indeed, I feel that would be an appropriate title for this woman. She is clearly working for Barack Obama, and our tax money is paying her salary.

Prioritizing the draining of the swamp is of vital importance. I’m sure that this will be a tedious and time consuming task – but is this not a roadblock at every turn to Trump’s administration?


The leaks are undoubtably coming from people like this State Department Analyst; and of equal importance is the fact that she is still working for a president who no longer holds that title, and tax payers are paying the salary of this woman.  I’m sure that she is doing well financially; after all – she is drawing another salary from the deep pockets of George Soros. Remember- she is jus ONE – how many traitors are there?

There needs to be a task force to find these traitors

The American people clearly chose Donald Trump to be their president. We expect that all hindrances to his effective governing of our nation should be weeded out quickly.  Whatever it takes, this is priority number one.

From teaparty.org

ALERT: US Spy Admits MASSIVE Conspiracy Against Trump, Then Issues SICK Threat

(Angry Movement Patriot) – There is now a definitive effort within our own government to take out Trump. These threats are real, and we better take them seriously before it is too late.

I stumbled onto a tweet this morning from a very reliable source threatening that President Trump will die in jail…

From the Twitter account of John Schindler:

Now we go nuclear. IC war going to new levels. Just got an EM fm senior IC friend, it began: “He will die in jail.”https://twitter.com/JWal077/status/831871381570781184
9:27 AM – 15 Feb 2017

I have stated before that I believe many of the current people in our intelligence community are Obama believers.

There is good reason for Trump not to believe everything they tell him because they have proven time and again to be Obama loyalists and will do anything to cover up for him.

This is not conspiracy theory — it is fact, and anyone looking at our history of the last eight years with an ounce of intelligence can figure that out.

When General Flynn was forced to retire, it lent further credence to my theory, as some of the orders could have ONLY been given by Obama to spy on Flynn. The fact these agents carried out what many believe to be an illegal order proves they do not have loyalty to We the People, but rather one man, Obama, whom many believe is now running a shadow government to overtake the presidency.

President Trump has been adamant he wants peace with Russia and to work together with the country to fight ISIS. This does not serve the warmongers of the left very well, and peace with Russia puts them all at risk.

Instead, they are creating a scandal where there is none and, in the process, creating a most hostile environment with Russia in the hopes of starting a conflict with them, which they will, of course, blame on Trump.

This is not a coup with the likes of tanks rolling up on the capital city to take charge but a silent and covert coup that is being controlled by Obama and carried out by his loyalists in the intelligence community.

All of these people want to take Trump out for one simple reason — he is doing what he said he would do during his campaign and asserting his power as the commander-in-chief. Since Trump’s direction does not serve their cause, they want him out and are now proving they will do anything to make that happen.

The left can scream conspiracy theory all it wants, but this is a real threat that we need to make sure every true patriot in this country understands. It is time for the REAL patriots in this country to step forward and spread the word because our president’s future is at risk and so is the future of this country. source 

Brethren, we need to pray for the Trump administration.  Please pray that his advisors will see that dismissing anyone in the intelligence community who is a double agent for Barack Obama, is crucial for this administration to govern and to undo the injustices done to the American people during the BHO regime.

Not only is this a great hindrance to this administration, but if they do not take this seriously – it could result in their undoing!


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4 thoughts on “Until the Swamp In the Intelligence Community is Drained – Trump And the Administration Are In Great Peril

  1. I don’t know if you heard but gang members killed a girl in a satanic ritual it’s been in the nes it’s grevious but it shows the sinful state of man and those gang members need Jesus Christ we should pray for them.

  2. Unfortunately, Pres. Trump sounds like he is trying to placate the Dems. It was very evident during Sean Spider’s comment to the press,…I believe on Fri.
    It was a great mistake for Pres. T to fire the General Flynn. In doing so, he basically sent the OFA a message…”I’m weak, attack my people enough, and I’ll fire them.” AG Sessions is the next one to go. Sessions is a lawyer…he answered every question Congress asked him, and nothing else. The Dems knew he would do so,…they questioned him, but did not ask a question about any actions taken in the case that they are now using against him. For Sessions to recuse himself (perhaps by internal pressure), just gave OFA more fuel. They will destroy Sessions and his honorable career, and then go on to the next victim. This is truly a spiritual battle that can only be won by prayer in the Spiritual realm. Another thought…Pres. T is a corporate businessman. Why does he Not recognize this as Corporate Takeover of the Government??!!
    Good commentary, as always, Geri. Thank you

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