The Russians Are Coming: But They Are Hobnobbing With Democrats!

The “Russian” card has been played by Democrats ad nauseam, and I for one am sick to death of hearing this nonsense.   But wait…….the plot thickens!

From the

Russian Ambassador Kislyak Attended Trump Congressional Speech Tuesday – Sat with Democrats

With all the fake news uproar over Attorney General Sessions meeting with the Russian ambassador, perhaps this photograph provides some ‘nothingburger’ perspective:


Just last Tuesday night Ambassador Kislyak attended President Trump’s speech to a Joint Session of congress. The Russian ambassador was noted in numerous conversations with Senate Democrats and was seated on the Democrat side of the venue.

Apparently, Kislyak is a regular visitor to the Capitol as noted in this tweet reply from Brit Hume:


Worth noting that Senator Dianne Feinstein is the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee and one of the key CIA and intelligence community oversight members on the exclusive Gang of Eight:


Russian FM SPOX tells CNN to stop spreading lies:

I wonder how long the Democrats will be playing the “Russian” card.  It seems to be wearing thin.  Also, these progressives need to vet themselves to help jog their memories as to the last time they wined and dined the Russians!


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