President of Egypt Calls for Islamic Reform – Obama Defends Muslim Brotherhood!

I cannot say this enough: Barack Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood member, whose goal is to destroy America and make it a Muslim Nation under sharia law.

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

obama el-sisi

This article is written as a warning. We have a Muslim Brotherhood member living in our White House.  He refuses to call jihad terrorism “Islamic Terrorism.” He continues to release dangerous terrorists from Gitmo.  He has infiltrated his White House and major agencies with radical Muslims. The history of Egypt, Israel and America given in this piece, will hopefully wake people up. We are under siege!

Remember the Arab Spring? In particularly, the one in Egypt?  In 2011, Obama, ordinarily stoic and lacking emotion, told the President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, “Step down – it’s time to leave!” Do you recall the rioting in the streets? Did you feel, as I did, that this was well orchestrated and planned out by some organization — but who?

Before the so-called Arab Spring in Egypt, I had been reading about BHO’s affiliation with leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. He had been meeting…

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