Intruder Fires Shots as He Enters Residence, Kicks His Way Into Bedroom and Shoots Again. But Man in Bedroom Also Has a Gun — and a Much Better AIM



An intruder fired shots as he entered an Alabama residence earlier this week — and fired more shots as he kicked in a bedroom door, law enforcement officials told the NorthWest Alabamian.

But a man inside the bedroom also had a gun and shot the intruder dead, authorities added to the paper.

What are the details?

The Sheriff’s Office of Winston County said the home invasion took place Tuesday off County Road 21 in the Poplar Springs area, which is about an hour northwest of Birmingham, and two men were part of it.

Jason Wayne Smith, 40, of Jasper was the first to approach the residence, and he used a gun to hit a male on the porch in the eye, sheriff’s officials told the paper, after which Smith entered the home while firing the gun.

Another male was inside a bedroom with his girlfriend, and he armed himself, authorities told the paper.

When Smith kicked his way into the bedroom door and began shooting again, the male inside the bedroom fired five shots, three of which struck Smith, who fell backward into the hallway area, authorities added to the paper.

A second intruder — Donald Webb Jr., 27, of Jasper — approached the residence behind Smith, picked up the male Smith hit with the gun, and forced him into the house, authorities told the paper.

When Webb — who was not believed to be armed — saw Smith lying on the floor, Webb fled the residence and left the scene in a vehicle, authorities told the paper.

What happened next?

Authorities found Smith dead, the paper said.

The Sheriff’s Office of Winston County noted that with the help of the Walker County Sheriff’s Office, leads were followed, and they were able to find the second suspect.

Webb was charged with first-degree robbery taken to the Winston County Jail, the paper said, adding that other charges may be brought against him. After posting a $30,000 bond, Webb was released, authorities told the paper.

The Sheriff’s Office of Winston County said the resident who shot and killed the intruder has not been charged. SOURCE

So the resident was not charged – very surprising but just as it should be.


Hitler Also Used Children to Promote Gun Confiscation in Germany

Remember when Barack Obama surrounded himself with ‘hand picked’ children as he signed a bill for stronger gun control measures after the Sandy Hook massacre? He took that directly out of Hitler’s playbook from 1939 when he was promoting gun confiscation for the so-called  protection of the children.

Please always remember that it is of paramount importance to dictators, tyrants and now to the NWO proponents, to disarm an entire country in order to take full control.

I have said this before in many of my articles:

“The only thing standing in the way of a One World Government is a Strong America.”


FLASHBACK: Hitler Also Used Children to Promote Gun Control

Today’s gun control and confiscation rally was nothing new. Nazis and leftists have been using children for decades in their attempts to take guns away from law abiding citizens.

Here’s a history lesson for young adults in America – Hitler’s regime took away guns from people in Germany and then herded those they did not like into boxcars and shipped them to concentration camps where they were enslaved, beaten, raped and murdered. The victims didn’t fire a shot in self-defense because their guns were taken away.

Hitler said

“These boys and girls enter our organizations [at] ten years of age, and often for the first time get a little fresh air; after four years of the Young Folk they go on to the Hitler Youth, where we have them for another four years . . . And even if they are still not complete National Socialists, they go to Labor Service and are smoothed out there for another six, seven months . . . And whatever class consciousness or social status might still be left . . . the Wehrmacht [German armed forces] will take care of that.”
Adolf Hitler (1938)

Hitler knew how important it was to indoctrinate the young to the Nazi cause early in their lives. Today’s liberals are no different.

Hitler’s Nazis also knew that the registry, confiscation and outlawing of guns was necessary to control the masses and to prevent individuals from standing up against the state. According to the National Review


How the Nazis Used Gun Control

The Weimar Republic’s well-intentioned gun registry became a tool for evil.

The perennial gun-control debate in America did not begin here. The same arguments for and against were made in the 1920s in the chaos of Germany’s Weimar Republic, which opted for gun registration. Law-abiding persons complied with the law, but the Communists and Nazis committing acts of political violence did not.

In 1931, Weimar authorities discovered plans for a Nazi takeover in which Jews would be denied food and persons refusing to surrender their guns within 24 hours would be executed. They were written by Werner Best, a future Gestapo official. In reaction to such threats, the government authorized the registration of all firearms and the confiscation thereof, if required for “public safety.” The interior minister warned that the records must not fall into the hands of any extremist group.

In 1933, the ultimate extremist group, led by Adolf Hitler, seized power and used the records to identify, disarm, and attack political opponents and Jews. Constitutional rights were suspended, and mass searches for and seizures of guns and dissident publications ensued. Police revoked gun licenses of Social Democrats and others who were not “politically reliable.”

During the five years of repression that followed, society was “cleansed” by the National Socialist regime. Undesirables were placed in camps where labor made them “free,” and normal rights of citizenship were taken from Jews. The Gestapo banned independent gun clubs and arrested their leaders. Gestapo counsel Werner Best issued a directive to the police forbidding issuance of firearm permits to Jews.

In 1938, Hitler signed a new Gun Control Act. Now that many “enemies of the state” had been removed from society, some restrictions could be slightly liberalized, especially for Nazi Party members. But Jews were prohibited from working in the firearms industry, and .22 caliber hollow-point ammunition was banned.

The time had come to launch a decisive blow to the Jewish community, to render it defenseless so that its “ill-gotten” property could be redistributed as an entitlement to the German “Volk.” The German Jews were ordered to surrender all their weapons, and the police had the records on all who had registered them. Even those who gave up their weapons voluntarily were turned over to the Gestapo.

This took place in the weeks before what became known as the Night of the Broken Glass, or Kristallnacht, occurred in November 1938. That the Jews were disarmed before it, minimizing any risk of resistance, is the strongest evidence that the pogrom was planned in advance. An incident was needed to justify unleashing the attack.

That incident would be the shooting of a German diplomat in Paris by a teenage Polish Jew. Hitler directed propaganda minister Josef Goebbels to orchestrate the Night of the Broken Glass. This massive operation, allegedly conducted as a search for weapons, entailed the ransacking of homes and businesses, and the arson of synagogues.

SS chief Heinrich Himmler decreed that 20 years be served in a concentration camp by any Jew possessing a firearm. Rusty revolvers and bayonets from the Great War were confiscated from Jewish veterans who had served with distinction. Twenty thousand Jewish men were thrown into concentration camps, and had to pay ransoms to get released.

No wonder that in 1941, just days before the Pearl Harbor attack, Congress reaffirmed Second Amendment rights and prohibited gun registration. In 1968, bills to register guns were debated, with opponents recalling the Nazi experience and supporters denying that the Nazis ever used registration records to confiscate guns. The bills were defeated, as every such proposal has been ever since, including recent “universal background check” bills.

As in Weimar Germany, some well-meaning people today advocate severe restrictions, including bans and registration, on gun ownership by law-abiding persons. Such proponents are in no sense “Nazis,” any more than were the Weimar officials who promoted similar restrictions. And it would be a travesty to compare today’s situation to the horrors of Nazi Germany.

 Still, as history teaches, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. source

As the writer from The National Review states in the end of their article, we are not comparing the people who organized the March for our Lives to “Nazis”, but I will say that those who are funding these nationwide protests, and are busing in children from every state, do NOT have the best interests of our Nation at heart.

The children who are taking part in the protest are but “useful idiots” in the grand scheme of things.  They do not see this – they feel that they are doing a great service for their nation.

George Soros and his Bilderberg Group cronies have one thing on their minds about a disarmament of America; and that is the final takeover of the U.S. by U.N. forces and their dream of the NWO may finally be realized.

Pray for the lost!  Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  It is better to be rejected, yet plant seeds in the hearts of those who do not believe.  God only knows whom He will send into that person’s life next to water those seeds.

God is the Lord of the harvest!