How SOROS MONEY Could Swing the Trump Trial; Investigations Begin into Biden Involvement (VIDEO)

“Whoever digs a pit will fall into it,
And he who rolls a stone will have it roll back on him” (Proverbs 26:27)

I believe that the man who most resembles Satan upon this earth has to be George Soros. I have written more about him than any other person, calling him the ‘Most Dangerous Man on Earth’ and I stand by that statement.

The world to Soros is a geopolitical Monopoly Board, on which he purchases radical leftist individuals; forming them into his own personal NGO’s. They exist to do the bidding of this demon possessed man.


Let us always pray for the perfect will of God to be done. We can trust our God implicitly. He is in full control. So mo matter what happens in the next few days, weeks or months – we know that God allowed it.

Keep looking up and keep reading His Holy Word!



STILL THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN THE WORLD: SOROS-BACKED GROUPS Conspired to Silence, Defund Conservative News Outlets With Government Help

I have written many articles on Soros, whom I call the world’s ‘Geopolitical Bogeyman.’


Lavishly funded groups purporting to track “disinformation” worked behind the scenes to silence conservative media by sapping advertising revenue, according to a series of investigative reports by the Washington Examiner.

“The radical left knows better than anyone that the best way to upend America and destroy freedom is to muzzle the voices of their opposition,” Vice President of Media Research Center’s Free Speech America Dan Schneider said Friday.

“They masquerade as defenders of information, but we all know that they’re just authoritarian thugs.”

“It’s devastating,” Mike Benz, the State Department’s ex-deputy assistant for internal communications and information policy, told the Washington Examiner.

“The implementation of ad revenue crushing sentinels like News[G]uard, Global Disinformation Index, and the like has completely crippled the potential of alternative news sources to compete on an even economic playing field with approved media outlets like CNN and the New York Times.”

Global Disinformation Index, a British organization, feeds blacklists to ad companies. Ad companies like Xandr, in turn, use GDI’s “dynamic exclusion list” to avoid placing ads on websites GDI flags as a disinformation risk, the Washington Times explained in the second installment of its Disinformation, Inc. series.

Microsoft-owned Xandr, notably, has now reversed course by removing the negative flags on conservative outlets, the outlet reported Monday. Those negative flags blocked the right-leaning outlets from receiving advertising revenue, on which some heavily rely for continued operation.

Leftist mega-donor George Soros is among the funders of Global Disinformation Index, as are two State Department-backed entities, the Washington Times reported Monday. In addition, GDI’s advisory panel includes a trio of Soros-tied members, according to research conducted by Newsbusters.

A pair of Texas-based nonprofits are affiliated with Global Disinformation Index, the British group with an ostensible mission to “remove the financial incentive” to create “disinformation,” the Examiner’s report explains. In practical terms, that translates to silencing news outlets the organization disagrees with by starving them of crucial advertising revenue.

TheBlaze is among the ten “riskiest” outlets for “disinformation” the self-described “nonpartisan” GDI identified in a 2022 report. The New York Post, Reason Magazine, RealClearPolitics, the Daily Wire, One America News Network, the American Conservative, the Federalist, Newsmax, and the American Spectator rounded out the organization’s target list.

The same list identified BuzzFeed News, HuffPost, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and other left-leaning outlets as “least risky.” Source

Here is one of the most exhaustive pieces I have posted concerning Soros:



Soros-backed Dark Money Group Dumped Millions into Democrat-linked Organizations:

Should any of this Surprise Us? That’s just how he rolls………


This story originally was published by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

A nonprofit backed by left-wing billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundations network, doled out $77.53 million in 2021 to organizations with ties to the Democratic Party and groups that seek to expand voter participation, according to a copy of its tax filing.

Soros, who is the founding chair of the Open Society Foundations network, funds the Open Society Policy Center (OSPC), which gave at least $43.13 million to organizations that want to reform the electoral system to increase voter turnout, the 2021 filing shows. Soros’ nonprofit, which does not disclose its donors and purports to be “non-partisan,” spent at least $29.4 million funding groups that support Democratic Party policies and candidates.

OSPC awarded $23.9 million to the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a “dark money” group that seeks to combat the “radical threats” posed by right-leaning nonprofits, according to Sixteen Thirty Fund President Amy Kurtz. The Sixteen Thirty Fund “helped fund the development of several climate provisions” in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and also gave more than $18.9 million to the League of Conservation Voters, an environmental advocacy group that spent millions backing Democratic candidates in the 2022 midterm elections.

Soros’ Open Society Foundations network includes several politically active 501(c)(4) groups that are not required to disclose their donors as well as more conventional 501(c)(3) charities. Soros’ son and daughter sit on OPSC’s board of directors and the nonprofit’s budget was provided by a single $196 million donation from the Open Society Foundation network, according to CNBC.

Fair Fight Action, which was founded in 2018 by former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams to fight alleged voter suppression and make it easier for people to vote, received $2 million from OSPC in 2021, according to the filing. OSPC donated $2.75 million to the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, a politically engaging nonprofit that tries to mobilize voter turnout by deploying progressive ballot initiatives, according to the group’s website.

Future Forward USA Action, a 501(c)(4) organization that does not disclose its donors, received $5.5 million from OSPC “to support policy advocacy on the Build Back Together legislative package and a global vaccine campaign,” the filing shows. Many of the package’s provisions were ultimately included in the IRA, a bill that did not receive a single Republican vote in the House and Senate.

The 501(c)(4) nonprofit donated more than $60 million during the 2020 election to its affiliated PAC, Future Forward USA, which shelled out over $75 million to back President Joe Biden’s campaign, Federal Election Commission records show.

OSPC gave a $15 million grant to help the nonprofit Tides Advocacy support the Electoral Justice Project, a group that is spearheaded by The Movement for Black Lives, a coalition of more than 50 Black Lives Matter-aligned associations that supports defunding the police and reshaping the criminal justice system. Soros’ “dark money” group also donated $500,000 to the Equity PAC, a left-wing political advocacy nonprofit, to prevent the city of Austin, Texas, from “unnecessarily” hiring more police officers, according to OPSC’s website and the filing.

OSPC sent $16.9 million to America Votes, a nonprofit that seeks to increase voter participation and teaches people how to vote by mail, as well as $6.48 million to Equis Labs, an organization that attempts to expand the Latino vote, according to the filing.

Soros, who is a Democratic megadonor, also poured $50 million into a Democratic super PAC in preparation for the 2024 election cycle. From 2021 to 2022, the billionaire personally donated nearly $180 million to help Democrats get elected, according to OpenSecrets, a nonpartisan platform tracking money in politics.

OSPC did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment. Source

I have probably written on Soros more than any other person in our world. He is a dangerous geopolitical criminal, who plays with countries and their economies and politics as if the world was his own ‘Monopoly’ game.

Here is one of those articles:

GEORGE SOROS: The Most Dangerous Man on the Planet


Still the Most EVIL Man on the Planet: ‘Blood Is on His Hands’ Rudy Giuliani Fires Back at GEORGE SOROS After Defense of DAs

I have always called George Soros the world’s Geopolitical Bogeyman but Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari come in a close second and third.

The difference between these men is that Soros perpetrates his evil deeds behind closed doors and through his NGOs; while Schwab and Harari shout their nefarious plans from the rooftops as if what they are doing is a great thing for humanity.

Here is one of my many articles about George Soros:

George Soros – STILL the Most Dangerous Man on the Planet


Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani responded to left-wing billionaire George Soros’ opinion article in which he said he’ll continue to back progressive district attorneys amid a spike in crime nationwide.

“I have been involved in efforts to reform the criminal-justice system for the more than 30 years I have been a philanthropist … Yet our system is rife with injustices that make us all less safe,” Soros wrote for the Wall Street Journal on July 31.

The controversial billionaire added that “in recent years, reform-minded prosecutors and other law-enforcement officials around the country have been coalescing around an agenda that promises to be more effective and just.”

“This agenda includes prioritizing the resources of the criminal justice system to protect people against violent crime. It urges that we treat drug addiction as a disease, not a crime. And it seeks to end the criminalization of poverty and mental illness,” he argued.

But Giuliani, a former federal prosecutor who later built his reputation as a mayor who was tough on crime, said that Soros is a primary reason for the recent U.S.-wide spike in homicides and violent crimes. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report in May, for example, revealed that the homicide rate via firearms spiked in 2020 to levels not seen in 25 years, saying the rate shot up 35 percent to about 6.1 per 100,000 people.

“If there is one single person responsible for the record increases in murder and violence in America’s cities it’s George Soros,” Giuliani wrote in a Monday Twitter post. “Major contributor to [Black Lives Matter], Antifa, Democrat Party, Biden, Harris and 40 or so pro Criminal DAs. The blood is on his hands,” he said.

Prosecutors and district attorneys who received Soros funding include Los Angeles County DA George Gascon, Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx, and St. Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner. Soros also provided funding to now-ousted San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin, although Soros has distanced himself from Boudin, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Meanwhile, Gascon is himself the subject of a recall election in November. More than 715,000 signatures have been collected to recall him, which is far more than the 566,000 to trigger the initiative.

Prosecutors backed by Soros oversee jurisdictions in which 20 percent of Americans live, and more than 40 percent of U.S. homicides in 2021 occurred in those places, according to the pro-police Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund.

“Most of these prosecutors pursue radical justice policies upon assuming office including eliminating bail, dismissing felony cases, and seeking lenient sentences while creating antagonistic relationships with their public safety partners, especially the police,” the group wrote in June. Source