Biden Admin Quietly Greenlights Plan to Build Huge Gulf Oil Terminal


The Biden administration has quietly approved plans to build a new crude oil terminal in the Gulf of Mexico off Texas, seemingly in contradiction to the president’s climate agenda.

The Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration approved the application (pdf) for Enterprise’s Sea Port Oil Terminal, one of four proposed offshore oil export terminals, on Monday.

According to the application, the port will be located offshore of Freeport, Texas. It will have 4.8 million barrels of storage capacity and add 2 million barrels per day to the U.S. oil export capacity.

In its 94-page decision (pdf), the Maritime Administration said that it had approved the application because the construction and operation of the port is “in the national interest and consistent with other policy goals and objectives.”

“The construction and operation of the Port is in the national interest because the Project will benefit employment, economic growth, and U.S. energy infrastructure resilience and security,” the administration wrote. “The Port will provide a reliable source of crude oil to U.S. allies in the event of market disruption and have a minimal impact on the availability and cost of crude oil in the U.S. domestic market.”

crude oil pump jack
The sun behind a crude oil pump jack in the Permian Basin in Loving County, Texas, on Nov. 22, 2019. (Angus Mordant/Reuters)

Protests Over Planned Oil Terminal

The decision states that the project will expand on an existing Enterprise Crude Houston operated terminal located in Houston and will generate 62 permanent jobs over 30 years. Additionally, 1,400 temporary construction jobs will be created, with the majority of the workforce being hired from existing labor pools in Texas and Louisiana, according to the application.

The Environmental Protection Agency quietly issued its approval (pdf) of the project in October but stressed that “more emphasis is needed to ensure that environmental justice and climate change considerations are included in the project for the protection of overburdened communities.”

Protests broke out shortly after on the Gulf Coast, The Texas Tribune reported, with climate activists condemning the move, and pointing to the fact that President Joe Biden has prioritized issues such as climate change and clean energy incentives during his time in office. Biden has vowed to cut carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2030.

Ahead of the U.N. climate conference in Egypt this month, the White House said that Biden was set to “announce new initiatives to strengthen U.S. leadership tackling the climate crisis and galvanize global action and commitments,” and that the United States is “acting to lead a clean energy future that leverages market forces, technological innovation, and investments to tackle the climate crisis.”

‘Peak Hypocrisy for President Biden’

Greenpeace promptly took aim at the Biden administration’s decision regarding the new oil terminal, stating that the new terminal would “emit over 300 million tons of carbon dioxide every year polluting the air and water of Brazoria and Harris counties in Texas while creating serious health threats for everyone living there.”

“It is peak hypocrisy for President Biden and Secretary [of Transportation] Pete Buttigieg to shorten the fuse on the world’s largest carbon bomb by greenlighting additional oil export terminals right after lecturing the world about increasing climate ambitions at COP27,”  the independent global campaigning network added.

The approval of the Sea Port Oil Terminal would facilitate the safe and efficient long-term loading of large crude carriers while simultaneously slashing oil transportation costs and reducing ship collision risks among other issues, according to officials.

In a separate statement, Kelsey Crane, senior policy advocate at Earthworks, a national organization aimed at ending oil and gas mining pollution, said, “President Biden cannot lead on combating climate change, protecting

public health or advocating for environmental justice while simultaneously allowing fossil fuel companies to lock-in decades of fossil fuel extraction.” SOURCE

Something does NOT pass the smell test here. No telling what is really going on.


Russian Lawmakers Approve Bill Banning LGBTQ ‘Propaganda’


The law also prohibits ‘the propaganda of pedophilia and sex change’

Russian lawmakers unanimously approved a bill banning all forms of LGBTQ “propaganda” in a final reading Thursday, as Moscow presses ahead with its conservative drive at home while its troops fight in Ukraine.

Activists said the new legislation ramps up the crackdown on “non-traditional” sexual relationships in Russia, affecting everything from books and films to social media posts. They have vowed to keep fighting for the rights of minorities.

President Vladimir Putin has sought to promote his country as the antithesis of Western liberal values, pushing an increasingly conservative agenda to rally his core constituency amid heightened tension with the world’s top democracies.

Moscow already has a law against “propaganda” directed at minors regarding LGBTQ relationships. The new bill would broaden that rule to adults.  

The State Duma, The Federal Assembly of The Russian Federation via AP
The State Duma, The Federal Assembly of The Russian Federation via APThe Federal Assembly of The Russian Federation, Russian lawmakers attend a session of the State Duma, the Lower House of the Russian Parliament in Moscow, Russia, November 23, 2022.

The legislation passed by the lower house of parliament, the State Duma, on Thursday bars all mention of what authorities deem “gay propaganda” in media, cinema, books and advertisements.

It also prohibits “the propaganda of pedophilia and sex change.”

“Any propaganda of non-traditional relationships will have consequences,” the speaker of the Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, said on social media.

The bill “will protect our children and the future of our country from the darkness spread by the US and European states,” he added. It introduces fines of up to $165,400 for people who ignore the new ban.

The legislation still needs to be backed by the upper house and Putin before becoming law, but those steps are seen as a formality. Source

It is clear that the judgment of God is more severe upon the U.S. than upon Russia!


DANGERS of mRNA Vaccines from ‘NIH’ – or “How NIH is Covering Their Butts and Admitting the Toxic Effects of These Jabs”

If you look hard enough, you will find these “admissions of guilt” all over the internet. I’m not talking about Conservative websites – I’m speaking of NIH and Hospitals and those who pushed the jabs as ‘safe.’ And the list includes the Washington Post.

I am a hyper-alleric person. I won’t bore you with the foods and vitamins and medicines which have forced me to take my epipen, but let’s just say that eating or drinking anything new, or taking a new medicine does make me nervous.

When the Jab first came out, my doctor (a Hopkins doc) told me that in light of my terrible allergies he thought that it was best for me to hold off. But as time went on, he began pushing the jab on me, to which I would respond “No thanks.”



Necessity is the mother of invention:” An adage was brought to life with the emergence of the mRNA vaccine against the backdrop of the foreboding and mercurial COVID-19 pandemic. Considering a negligible adverse-effect profile and a break-neck manufacturing speed, it shone bright as the ideal vaccine candidate. However, “all that glitters is not gold,” as was evidenced by the significant reactogenicity, a host of multi-systemic side-effects, that are being reported by the vaccine recipients; which is palpably resulting in a shift of emotions for the vaccine, accounting for vaccine hesitancy. Anaphylaxis, antibody-dependent enhancements, and deaths, comprise the most serious side-effects, albeit occurring in sparing numbers. Storage and transportation require fastidious temperatures, rendering it substantially inaccessible to a country like India. The biggest jolt, however, was the unfolding of the biases in reporting vaccine efficacy, as only the attractively high numbers of the relatively equivocal relative risk reduction were reported while keeping at bay the meager numbers of the more forthright absolute risk reduction. Notwithstanding the fallacies, the mRNA vaccine still promises hope; and with the right precautions and finesse, can be potentiated, as “a watched pot never boils.”

Keywords: Absolute risk reduction; BioNTech; COVID-19; mRNA vaccine; moderna; pfizer; reactogenicity; relative risk reduction; vaccine; vaccine hesitancy.

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VACCINATED People Now Make Up a MAJORITY of Covid Deaths


For the first time, a majority of Americans dying from the coronavirus received at least the primary series of the vaccine.

Fifty-eight percent of coronavirus deaths in August were people who were vaccinated or boosted, according to an analysis conducted for The Health 202 by Cynthia Cox, vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation.

It’s a continuation of a troubling trend that has emerged over the past year. As vaccination rates have increased and new variants appeared, the share of deaths of people who were vaccinated has been steadily rising. In September 2021, vaccinated people made up just 23 percent of coronavirus fatalities. In January and February this year, it was up to 42 percent, per our colleagues Fenit Nirappil and Dan Keating. Source: Washington Post

Thank you Lord for showing Tim and I that we should NOT get the toxic jab!