CDC DROPS BOMBSHELL on the Vaccinated | Facts Matter: With Roman Balmakov From EpochTV (VIDEO)

They keep shooting themselves in the foot with FACTS

CDC Drops Bombshell on the Vaccinated | Facts Matter

There was a COVID outbreak at the CDC’s 2023 Annual Epidemic Intelligence Service Conference. After conducting a survey, the CDC discovered that a full 12 percent of their attendees contracted COVID during the event.
But here’s the kicker: out of the 181 confirmed COVID cases… 100 percent of the people were vaccinated. All of the people who contracted COVID had already received the COVID vaccine.

However, because no one was hospitalized, the CDC presented this situation in their report as an example of how effective the vaccines are!

🔵 CDC Survey Results:
🔵 2023 EIS Conference:
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Brethren – here is TRUTH:

Tim and I did NOT receive the Cov 19 vaccine. WE NEVER GOT COVID

Our Children and grandchildren DID get at least two of the vaccines: They all contracted Covid 2-3 Times!!


5 thoughts on “CDC DROPS BOMBSHELL on the Vaccinated | Facts Matter: With Roman Balmakov From EpochTV (VIDEO)

  1. Donna

    My husband and I did not get the shot even though our kids were wanting us to get it. I did get Covid three times maybe because my health is not good I seem to catch everything but my who took care of me all three times and the last one was the worst he still never became ill. He is is 88 very healthy always has been. I am 73 and have always gotten sick. Born with asthma and pneumonia so my immune system is compromised.
    Nevertheless; we did not get the shot and we are not getting it. Have no trust in those fools. 💕👏🏻💕👏🏻

  2. I got the Wuhan flu at the very beginning of the plandemic, never took the clot shot! Discovered several months later that I had cancer, had had it for a long time. So that virus is not that difficult to recover from as long as you stay out of the hospital and away from the ventilators and hospital/CDC protocols.And I have friends who did have the shots and now have terrible, serious health problems.

  3. julieg777

    I never got the shot and have no intentions to ever do so. I have had covid though. I was never tested but I had all the symptoms. I am high risk (diabetic) and I fully recovered. God told me early on to stay away from the vaccine. So my family and I are unvaccinated and intend to remain so.

  4. Dale Vernon

    Never got the vax poison but as the hulabaloo about it was ending I got it from the wife. She was the more miserable but both of us in life have had worse flu cases.
    We’re ok now & obviously didn’t get the aftereffects donated by the globalist vax.
    God’s original immunity worked to perfection.

    BTW..this covid krap is a respiratory virus & vax’s DON’T work on them. Our respiratory immunity system is different than the one in our blood. An injection goes into the tissue fed by blood, it’s no help for a respiratory bug. I got this info off The New American just a couple days ago. Let’s not fall for that again!

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