CHICK-FIL-A Goes WOKE, Commits to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Agenda

Brethren, it was inevitable


Chick-fil-A, Inc.’s commitment to being Better at Together means embedding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in everything we do.”

The uber-popular fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A has recently published its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) statement, which appears to be a complete abandonment of its long-held Christian values. A statement recently released on the company website states that one of its “core values” is “that we are better together.”

Chick-fil-A’s statement continued: “When we combine our unique backgrounds and experiences with a culture of belonging, we can discover new ways to strengthen the quality of care we deliver: to customers, to the communities we serve and to the world. We understand that getting Better at Together means we learn better, care better, grow better and serve better. Chick-fil-A, Inc.’s commitment to being Better at Together means embedding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in everything we do.”

On Tuesday, Chik-fil-A revealed it was appointing Erick McReynolds to serve as the new vice president of DEI, prompting many furious reactions on Twitter from conservatives who say the fast-food giant has officially “gone woke,” per The New York Post.

The restaurant was at the center of controversy in 2012, when the restaurant’s chief executive officer, Dan T. Cathy, who is now the chairman of the company, made a series of public statements that appeared to oppose same-sex marriage. Now, the restaurant has caved on its values, going all-in on DEI talking points.

It was recently revealed that the company’s chairman purchased “shoe-shine” packages for its store managers, which was apparently meant to remind them to feel “contrition, humility, shame and embarrassment” for the history of slavery throughout the US.

A video shared on social media showed the awkward exchange between the company’s chairman and a black man on the stage of what appears to be Passion City Church. Cathy takes the brush and scrubs the man’s chooses, and then gives him a hug in an apparent expression of remorse for the history of slavery throughout the US.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we are getting a look at major compromise within the body of Christ to avert losing one’s business and/or going to jail.

We MUST stand our ground. Yes, we will share in our Lord’s sufferings – He tells us that. Some people have asked me if I am afraid because I stand against evil – publicly.

I’m not afraid, in fact – I fully expect repercussions from our government some day. That day may be very soon.

Here is why:


What will I do if I’m incarcerated? SHARE THE GOSPEL – OF COURSE!


17 thoughts on “CHICK-FIL-A Goes WOKE, Commits to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Agenda

  1. Suzy

    This office has been there for two years already. They have not once pushed the agenda on any employe, ad or store. Big companies are being sued right and left by these people and need to cover their behinds. Also look at who is publicizing this for everyone to see. Every left wing group who would love to see them fall.

  2. Vell Greisen

    Keep our eyes on the prize. Keep our eyes on Jesus. We wii
    NOT compromise the word of the Living God.

  3. Dale Vernon

    My guess is that the funding he needs to expand &/or capitalize his biz is drying up because woke lenders with the good interest rates are forcing the issue. Conform or else. Prob be selling RNA’d chickenwiches just like all other fast “food” joints in the near future, again or else.
    Keep his hypocritical Christian image intact by closing on Sunday but throw out the worldly welcome mat of encouragement/support to those wanting to be good wokee lovers of globalism, mommy earth, ESG & woke Jesus. “If u don’t stand for something u fall for anything.”

  4. Geri I am very disappointed. I do not see anything in any of this or in other articles that says Chick-fil-A is PROMOTING gay life style or any of that other garbage. I’m sick of seeing their words misconstrued. They are merely stating they will treat everyone with respect and equally. As for the shoe shine – didn’t Jesus wash the feet of his disciples and that is exactly what I see in this “shoe shine” thing as being a representative of. I will NOT boy cot this Christian business because of how they and every other Christian business is being attacked with misconstruing their words and I’m disappointed that you have reposted exactly that. Read their entire website and all the good they do before spouting what others are writing which promotes their own agenda.

    1. Neither will Tim and I boycott Chick-fil-A. I will research this further. I’m very sorry if I misread the info on this. Will get back to you…….

    2. LV McGraw

      They appointed a DEI person, for goodness sake!! Why would a business need a DEI officer if they treat everybody equally?? Why does it even have to be mentioned in the first place?. Under the USA constitution all men are created equal so no person should get special treatment. DEI?? It should be DIE. That is what happened to Target for spotlighting homosexual garbage. God did not give us a spirit of fear, so we need to keep our backbones, STAND OUR GROUND and not be afraid of a tiny part of the population. I hate what God hates and I’m not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.

  5. Darline

    Thank you for scouting out the most important articles.
    We are in that same boat with you, regarding our fate. Thankful it’s a mighty tugboat, and not The Titanic! And what a Captain we have.

  6. Dale Vernon

    I would give Chick’s owners the benefit of doubt on their Christianity at the moment, however their behavior indicates the doublemindedness James talks about in James 1:8 …”unstable in all his ways.”

    The comments on this article show proof of diametrically opposed views by Chick. It’s like a Christian who wouldn’t personally have an abortion but supports a Christian woman’s right to do it. Maybe even claiming abortion is between the individual Christian & God which means u can negotiate the unnegotiable Biblical truths with an unchanging God. It also reminds me of today’s compromised churches, pastors & their nutty teachings offensive to our God.

    We can’t serve 2 masters because we will love the one & hate the other & our light that shines becomes dimmed. Also we are the salt of the earth & if we lose our saltiness then how will it be made salty again…compromise with God’s Word is good for nothing anymore but to be thrown out….In other words compromise only benefits the global god/religion & its changeable tyrannical, lying promises & tenets.
    Chick has to make up their minds which one they will serve & commit themselves to it 100%. Hopefully they make the right choice & completely sell out to Jesus.

  7. Yvonne Knickerbocker

    My 2 cents worth, of course! Their food is extremely unhealthy so they started out NOT having their customers’ best interests at heart, now weakening their stance on TRUTH just goes right along with it. Never forget that Compromise almost always comes in little steps at first. Thank you, Geri, we all need to STAY AWARE of who is steadfast and who is not.

  8. Steve McLaughlin

    Americans are kinda stupid where this “Go Woke go Broke” Thing is concerned.

    You don’t think this is all a coordinated attack against US Business and our economy? OF course it is. And it’s been happening for a long time. They took out the boy scouts 30 years ago and many other American institutions since.

    Instead of chanting stupid slogans, figure out what is going on, who is attacking American business…and fight to save our Business and employment from them.

    Instead of helping them destroy our economy and business …fight to save it from them.

    Americans are way too easy to manipulate. “Go woke go broke.” Geesh…

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