“Draw me Close to You” Video by Tim Ungurean

I have wanted to make a video of this song which Geri recorded around 2013. She fought me on putting it on the the WordPress site, but finally gave me the go ahead.

Geri feels that the lyrics of this song speak of a person who is struggling and trying to find their way back to God. If this blesses even one person who is feeling this way, then all Praise to God!



8 thoughts on ““Draw me Close to You” Video by Tim Ungurean

  1. Yvonne Renee Knickerbocker

    Beautiful. Thank you so much. I really do need this right now. I have covid & I feel so alone. Even though people are helping me a bit, it’s really up to me, and HIM, to get through this. I used to listen to this song all the time. Wonderful song.

  2. Joy D'Andrea

    What a talented couple.♥️ I have always loved this song because I always want to draw close to our wonderful Saviour. Love you guys.♥️🙏🇨🇦

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