8 thoughts on “Do You Need a Good Laugh? This Video Will Not Disappoint

  1. Andrew Truman Case

    I really don’t see any humor watching this pathological Liar. Just knowing he is part if the demonic plans pushing depopulation via the death shotts now plans to mandate everyone freakin dies. This bumbling Idiot deserves no less than 6′ of rope noosed at one end and stand him on a chair and kick it out from under his treasonous arse. I’m patiently waiting to see this bumbling idiot reap the whirlwind as he and his entire bag of demonic administration go down in a flaming heap of fire.

  2. Dale Vernon

    Give the guy some credit I didnt see a teleprompter or cue cards. It was way more entertaining than his life changing asinine policies. BTW what did you expect from an empty suit?

  3. Dale Vernon

    I just was reminded on a past thought on Biden. Don’t you find a resemblance between Biden’s face and the apparent inbred banjo kid of the movie Deliverance? Do think they could be related?
    At least the kid was smart about keeping his mouth closed.

    1. Mark V

      God laughs at their foolishness. Be of good cheer. He who spoke creation into being by His word has given us preparation for times as these by His same Word. Look up and lift up your heads for your redemption draws near.

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