‘Evil twins of transhumanism and technocracy’ driving the world toward humanity 2.0 by Leo Hohmann

Author Patrick Wood points to the evil synergy between technocracy and transhumanism that has led us to the brink of global catastrophe in the form of an experimental gene therapy being massed produced by Big Pharma and promoted by a global propaganda campaign the likes of which the world has never seen.

He explains that technocracy and transhumanism sit atop the pseudo-science religion of Scientism, which posits that science is god and scientists and engineers are its priesthood.

In the article below, Woodeditor in chief of Technocracy.Newsprovides a framework to understand the twin sisters of technocracy and transhumanism. Together, they make up the engine that is driving the world toward a new international order of mass surveillance, tracking, tracing and measuring in real time the activity of every human being, which collectively form the “human capital” that technocrats seek to manipulate and exploit for their own benefit. They envision a world where humans will be more like robots and robots will be more like humans.

By Patrick Wood

Technocracy is to the transformation of society as Transhumanism is to the transformation of the human condition of people who would live in that society.

Both are underpinned by a religious belief known as Scientism that says that science is a god and that scientists, engineers and technologists are the priesthood that translates findings into practice.

It is a fatal error to equate Scientism with science. True science explores the natural world using the time-tested scientific method of repeated experimentation and validation. By comparison, Scientism is a speculative, metaphysical worldview about the nature and reality of the universe and man’s relation to it.

Scientism refutes traditional religious views, morals and philosophy and instead looks to science as the source for personal and societal moral value.

The relationship between Technocracy and Transhumanism can be seen as early as 1933 when Harold Loeb wrote Life in a Technocracy: What It Might Be Like:

“Technocracy envisages another form of domestication, a form in which man may become more than man… Technocracy is designed to develop the so-called higher faculties in every man and not to make each man resigned to the lot into which he may be born… Through breeding with specific individuals for specific purposes… A technocracy, then, should in time produce a race of men superior in quality to any now known on earth…”

Thus, Loeb saw Technocracy (the society) as producing a superior quality of man by applying advanced technology to the human condition.

The Nature Of Technocracy

Formalized in 1932 by scientists and engineers at Columbia University, the movement defined itself in a 1938 edition of its magazine, The Technocrat:

Technocracy is the science of social engineering, the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services to the entire population… For the first time in human history it will be done as a scientific, technical, engineering problem.

Indeed, Technocracy was an economic system based on science and social engineering. Technocrats were so certain that their scientific approach was so righteous that there would be no need for any political structures whatsoever:

“There will be no place for Politics, Politicians, Finance or Financiers, Rackets or Racketeers… Technocracy will distribute by means of a certificate of distribution available to every citizen from birth to death.

Today, Technocracy is embodied in the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset and the various United Nations’ manifestations of Sustainable Development: Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda, New Urban Agenda, etc.

The Nature Of Transhumanism

A philosophical mainstay of modern Transhumanism, Max More, defined it in 1990 as:

…a class of philosophies of life that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values.

The means to the end is ultimately genetic engineering that takes over and speeds up evolution theory to create humanity 2.0.

Since the advent of CRISPR gene-editing technology, Transhumans have saturated universities and private corporations to modify all categories of living things, including humans.

What is preached as the preservation of biodiversity by the United Nations is really the takeover of genetic material, which was noted as early as 1994, just two years after the debut of Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 at the UN Conference on Economic Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

The 1994 book, The Earth Brokers, was written by two principal participants in the Rio process who did not blindly swallow what had just happened. They noted two things about the biodiversity convention that 156 nations of the world adopted:

“The convention implicitly equates the diversity of life – animals and plants – to the diversity of genetic codes, for which read genetic resources. By doing so, diversity becomes something modern science can manipulate… the convention promotes biotechnology as being ‘essential for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.’”

Secondly, they noted that “the main stake raised by the biodiversity convention is the issue of ownership and control over biological diversity… the major concern was protection of the pharmaceutical and emerging biological industries.”

It is little wonder today that the pharmaceutical industry is producing gene therapy shots using genetically modified RNA to transform the body’s immune system? They have been working hard since 1992 to advance the technology needed to hijack the human genome and begin the transformative pathway to Humanity 2.0.

However, it is Technocracy that has used its “science of social engineering” techniques to manipulate 22 percent of the world’s population into willingly accepting the transhumans’ gene-altering injections.

‘Great Reset’ embraces both Technocracy and Transhumanism

It has been noted in many professional journals that the World Economic Forum and its founder/spokesman Klaus Schwab, are promoting both Technocracy and Transhumanism at the same time. In light of this article, this should not be surprising.

The European Academy on Religion and Society (EARS), for instance, wrote that:

“…the highly influential members of the World Economic Forum have a plan for what should come next. It is called ‘The Great Reset’, and it envisions a truly ‘transhumanist’ future for us all… Since mid-2020, the WEF has been promoting its vision for our post-coronavirus future, which they call ‘The Great Reset’. In their view, the pandemic has exposed the weaknesses of our old system, and therefore presents a perfect opportunity to ‘reset’ our world and start anew. What is striking about this plan, which the WEF has condensed into a virus-shaped mindmap, is its implicit endorsement of a philosophy called ‘transhumanism.’ (emphasis added)

As initially stated, “Technocracy is to the transformation of society as Transhumanism is to the transformation of the human condition of people who would live in that society.

In conclusion, the evil twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism, along with their underlying religion of Scientism, need to be recognized for what they are. But, most importantly, they must be resisted and rejected with every fiber of our being. source

SourceTechnocracy News and Trends

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4 thoughts on “‘Evil twins of transhumanism and technocracy’ driving the world toward humanity 2.0 by Leo Hohmann

  1. Stephan

    Great article. Thanks for sharing. I believe the Antichrist will be AI transhuman for many reason. However, it’s identity will not be revealed until we’re gone but here is my case for AI Antichrist. Daniel 7 – It ‘The beast was given the eyes of a man and given a mouth speaking great things’. It is different than all other beasts. It knows nor does it recognize any god and exalts itself above everything called God. It doesn’t have regard for women. Because it’s not fully human so it won’t be gender conscience. It has understanding in dark schemes and riddles. It’s captured by the Lord and thrown into the lake of fire with the false prophet. Meaning it does not stand judgement only destruction. It’s given the mind of man. It seeks to change times and seasons. Meaning there will be no more BC / AD calendar. It will try to change everything set up by the Lord. No seasons and a new time or beginning for this new digital world. When The Lord pours out bowl #5, darkness covers the beast kingdom and then something unusual happens. Demonic spirits come out of the mouth of the beast, false prophet and dragon to gather all the Nations to meet their death by our Lord. In other words. The lord is unplugging the power on this Antichrist, beast, and it’s system. It can no longer operate. Notice how Elon musk has filled the sky with low orbit satellites? Have no illusions about this, this is setting up the final stages for deception. 5g network and these satellites are about deception through lying wonders and false miracles. They are sitting up the grand illusion right now. Also, the false prophet can not do any miracles apart from the presence of the beast. If he was a man and a messiah he wouldn’t need computers, satellites, holograms, media, etc, to pull off lying wonders. Right now the media, Hollywood deceives the world daily and very few see through it. Just think how deceptive it will be when it’s activated. Finally, the word John used for Anti Christ does not mean against Christ. It means replacement. The scientist think they are going to create eternal life for themselves. What they don’t realize is that are merely creating a body and a system for Abbadon and his ghouls to inhabit when they are released. The Angel told John to calculate the number of the beast for it is the number of man, not a man. It’s mans attempt to create a god and become gods. Calculate means Compute. Look at how the WWW, Google, Apple, Cern, media companies, barcodes, QR code’s are all immersed in the number 6 or the 666 logo. What funny about the whole thing is their triangle all seeing eye Illuminati logo. These clowns think this is cool and powerful what they don’t realize is that they are the victims of the greatest pyramid scheme of all time.
    Rejoice brethren and sisters we are going home very soon.

  2. Mark V

    That’s the signpost up ahead… your next stop… the Tribulation Zone! “It is these who cause divisions, wordly people, devoid of the Spirit.”

  3. Edward Bernays did his job well to dumb down and create a kind of mass hypnosis through his use of Psychoanalysis in advertising. His techniques were then so I understand, used by the media and the military. So like when the Roman Empire imploded over time from within fed the masses with ‘bread and circuses’ to keep them entertained. The West was reduced from the Enlightenment up to today for Secular Humanism is obvioulsy reductionist. Technocracy and Transhumanism is Evolution’s Eschaton, so the evil one is clearly on a mission to destroy what it means to be created in the Image and likeness of the one true eternal Triune God. But he won’t succeed. This is our Heavenly Father’s world. Meanwhile though, while countless millions impersonate lobotomised lemmings walking over the cliff while feeding on their pleasures….The true Remnant of the Lord Jesus Christ please stand up, take up the cross, walk the Narrow Way and live sacrificially for the Gospel. Redeem the time for the days are evil. Maranatha.

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