During Conversation with a Patient in front of me at my doctor’s office: He says “I work for Fauci”

I had my first “in person” visit to my doctor yesterday since the Covid outbreak.

For over a month I have been battling hives and yesterday morning I woke up with swollen lips. It was scary, but I had my epipen with me in case the swelling started in my tongue or throat.

My doctor has known about my hives since they started, but when he heard about the swelling, he insisted that I come in to see him.

A new protocol was in place with people lined up outside the office. I had been screened for Covid by phone before I went in.

Some readers may remember me writing about getting the PCR test at an urgent care about two weeks ago. My doctor wanted me to have a chest X-ray and blood work, but he insisted that I get the PCR – it was my first one.

Back to yesterday’s visit

There was a young man in front of me in line. He had a hat on that I thought was very cute. On the back of the hat was scribbled “Thinking Cap.” I said to him “I really like your cap.”

He turned around, smiled and thanked me. We stood in line for a couple of minutes more and I asked him “Do you think that we’ll ever go back to some semblance of normalcy?”

He looked up and said hesitantly “Yeah, I think that we might get there.” Then he said something which truly shocked me. He leaned over and almost whispered “I work for Fauci.”

Then he began telling me a story about how he was the last one on Fauci’s team to get the jab. He told me that he was very frightened by it. Peer pressure and the fact that he was on the team made him finally cave. He said he got the Moderna shot and that he was scheduled to get the second one on the 18th which is tomorrow.

The Photo

The young man took out his cellphone and pulled up a pic with about ten people in it. He showed me and my husband the photo. He pointed to Dr. Fauci and then pointed to himself.

I told him that I was not going to get the jab – that I didn’t trust it. I told him that I would pray for him because he was getting the second shot and he was nervous about that.


I did not get his first name, but God certainly knows who this personable young man is. We can call him “Thinking Cap guy.” Would you join me in praying for him?

A Christian sister in Christ told me that I should had warned him about the second shot – not to get it. I feel bad that I didn’t say that, but I hoped that telling him that I was not getting the jab might dissuade him from getting the second one.

But whatever happens, let’s pray for “Thinking Cap guy.”

Father I know that there are no coincidences with You. I believe that you wanted me to be in line next to this young man. Please Lord, if he gets the second shot tomorrow, protect him from any harm. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.


12 thoughts on “During Conversation with a Patient in front of me at my doctor’s office: He says “I work for Fauci”

  1. I did just pray for Thinking Cap Guy not to get the 2nd Moderna shot! My daughter is pretty steamed at me for warning her multiple times not to get that same shot, but I’m still glad I did. She’ll get over her snit, but who knows if she’ll get over the Kill Shot?

  2. Dale Vernon

    The guy works for Fraudski & is afraid of taking the jab? He’s the last one on his team so he’s been resisting all this time? So by putting on our “thinking caps” what does that tell you about the safety of this pseudo “vaccine” & the veracity of Fraudski?

  3. Cindy Ebner

    Praying for him, Geri. Thank you for sharing the story. On another note, regarding your health, I will put a link here to an almost two hour documentary re chlorine dioxide. I just learned about it recently as I am searching for answers to help my husband’s health issues. I am going to read more on it than I have to date, but from what I have read so far, it appears to be amazing! Anyway, IF you are interested, the video is embedded in this link. God bless you, Geri! I pray for you, your family and ministry. God bless you for ALL that you do! Here is the link to the documentary: https://sonsoflibertymedia.com/the-universal-antidote-chlorine-dioxide-documentary-video/

  4. Mark V

    Not hearing from you yesterday, you were in my prayers. I hope all is well. A few months ago, one of my sisters gave me a book to read, which I have not yet done. But, I did some you tube history and was amazed at some historical similarities. Radium was proclaimed as harmless and beneficial. Doctors prescribed for many ailments. The 1916 medical journal “Radium” stated “Radium has absolutely no toxic effect, being harmoniously accepted by the body, as solar light for plants.” The story of the “Radium Girls” tell us a different story of lies, paid corruption, slander, censorship and continued negligence all for profit. “There is nothing new under the sun.” This great delusion is all about money and power. Staff at a Methodist hospital in Texas are being coerced to get the shot or be fired even though they have immunity from already overcoming. Are we not sorely vexed as well? Yet knowing our Lord will rescue us “from the hour of trial that is coming on the whole world”, “let us run with endurance the race set before us.”

  5. Jim V.

    Geri I believe your story 100 percent, but why did this man said I work for Fauci and show you the photo? I’m mean, it doesn’t make any sense. Was he bragging or showing off? Or perhaps he lied to you? I found it was a very odd behavior of this guy (Thinking Cap).

    1. Jim, I think that he was bragging. No matter what “we” know about Fauci, the Leftist world thinks he is a celebrity and a hero. If Thinking Cap guy knew about the scathing articles I have written about Fauci – I don’t think that he would have showed hubby and me the photo! LOL

      1. I grew up in Bethesda not far from NIH. I think that when I asked Thinking Cap if we would ever return to normalcy – he just had to tell me that he worked at NIAID with Fauci. But the fact that he admitted to me that he was scared to death of the shot and was the last one on the team to get it – spoke volumes!! And the photo was real- even hubby said that it was real. Thinking Cap told us that he was the IT guy on the team.

      2. Jim V.

        Hi Geri. To tell you the truth it is a heartbreaking many people are still thinking vaccine are okay, safe and healthy. I read an article this morning that 5,799 death of the jabs. I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say. I felt bad. This world is so EVIL. I can’t handle of this world. I’m pre-tribulation belief and I personally believe we will be out of here very soon. God bless. By the way keep up with good articles.

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