Major Food Service Company CYBER-HACKED; Shut Down: Could Have Devastating Affect on Hospital Food Supply and Grocery Stores


A woman who is director in food service for hospitals has advised she was just notified that Edward Don has been cyber attacked and not able to take any orders for at least a couple of days.

Edward Don is the largest provider of food service products. Here’s what this means:

According to the company’s web site Edward Don & Company’s seven distribution centers in Chicago, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle and Los Angeles give a nationwide presence that is strategic as well as convenient.

With this company having been cyber-hacked, Hospitals cannot order any food service products along with restaurants or grocery stores.

Hospitals have a 72-hour supply for emergencies to feed patients. In other words they have their menus for the week, once all of that is gone then they have to dig into their emergency supplies which are only for 72 hours.

It means they literally have 10 days to get this resolved.

And that’s just hospitals not including grocery stores and restaurants.

This is a developing story, check back for updates.


5 thoughts on “Major Food Service Company CYBER-HACKED; Shut Down: Could Have Devastating Affect on Hospital Food Supply and Grocery Stores

  1. Jim V.

    It is all planned by the Elite. Globalists want humankind to bow down and CONTROL the population.

  2. Thank you Geri for reporting on this and all that you do to keep us up to date. I really don’t believe any of this isn’t planned. . . 100% Planned. Problem, reaction solution on a grand scale, on a small scale. . . everywhere you turn. Is it possible all of these “cyber attacks” are leading to one of those solutions we would never have agreed to if it weren’t for the perception of threats to our very existence? I think we have been down this road many many times. And it is proven that fear is a great way for the elites (EL-ites!) to quickly get their reset goals accomplished.

    Pray and pray and watch and pray! I have found that now is a great time to ponder the prayer ‘Hallowed by Thy name! (Authority, character). Thy Kingdom come (in fullness in glory for Thy Name’s sake!), Thy will be done (not mine, not the enemy’s, THY perfect will) on earth as it is in Heaven. . . and onward. Cast down your idols and put on your armor everyone! Don’t “sleep” and don’t take it off. God bless you all. Hope

  3. If globalists – under the direction of the god of this world, whom they serve – can create enough fear in society via pandemics, food, water or gas shortages or something else, then much of the world will be fully ready to accept the global “reset.” As Klaus Schwab has stated, we won’t own anything and we’ll be happy. Of course, that means THEY’LL own everything and people will subsist on whatever crumbs the elite want to provide us.

    Ultimately, all of this leads to the coming final global empire first spoken of in Daniel 2 over which Antichrist will rule (2 Thessalonians 2).

    It seems that everything is pushing to that end. Who would’ve thought that a year and a half ago, the world would’ve faced a “pandemic” that would foment so much fear in too many people that they would beg for governments to shut down most of society in order to “live”?

    Fear is such a great motivator. It’s doing its job.

  4. Mark V

    And the western drought and crop failures and the government’s history of paying farmers not to grow. Furthermore, the rising costs due to higher gas prices and lack of labor. The globalists are loving it and preparing their “rescue” which will lead straight to perdition. “Son of man, when a land sins against me by acting faithlessly, and I stretch out my hand against it and break its supply of bread and send famine upon it, and I cut off from it man and beast, even if these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job were in it, they would deliver but there own lives by their righteousness, declares the LORD God.” The Lord said to “ask for the ancient path and walk in it,… but they would not walk in it.” The Lord has sent watchmen to blow the trumpet, “but they would not pay attention.” The woman is already in travail.

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