BIDEN’S MIGRANT CARAVAN HEADING TO THE U.S. HE SAYS “Hold On Guys – This is not a Good Time But Be Patient – I’ll let ALL of You In


WATCH: Biden’s First Migrant Caravan Is Already Thrashing Its Way Across Central America

A large horde of migrants is making its way through Central America hellbent on getting to the United States in time to capitalize on Joe Biden’s plan to amnesty millions of illegal aliens. They better hurry. Biden is reportedly planning to introduce an amnesty bill in his first 10 days in office. 

Video from The Hill shows migrants streaming across Guatemala’s border with no regard for the country’s immigration or health restrictions.

Todd Bensman, Townhall writer and fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, reports violent migrants traveling in the Honduran caravan hurled stones and clashed with Guatemalan forces after blasting their way past Honduran police on Friday night. According to Bensman, the caravan has reached a size of 5,000 people. 

President Trump put an end to the migrant caravan crisis by using the threat of tariffs to achieve policy victories, such as pressuring the Mexican government to use its military to block roads leading north and requiring migrants to remain in Mexico while their asylum claims are adjudicated. 

But President Trump leaves the White House in a few days and his successor is vowing to provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Migrants once deterred by Trump’s policies rightfully believe they will have better luck with the new administration. 

memo circulated among senior staffers in the incoming Biden administration reveals the 46th president plans to introduce an immigration bill during his first 10 days in office. The bill will reportedly include a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal aliens. 

Biden has also pledged to undo Trump-era immigration policies responsible for ending the migrant crisis but admitted that undoing his predecessor’s policies will be a delicate process that could take months to complete. 

“The last thing we need is to say we’re going to stop immediately, the access to asylum, the way it’s being run now, and then end up with two million people on our border,” Biden said in late December. 

Biden knows Trump’s policies ended the migrant crisis, but the incoming president must placate his left-wing base by reversing the successful policies anyway. Couple the reversal of these policies with Biden’s amnesty bill and the current caravan battling its way north may look like a small drop compared to the tidal wave that could be unleashed. source

To quote the great Yogi Berra:

“It’s like Déjà Vu all over again.”

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