I Am More and More Convinced That Millions of People in This World Are Demon Possessed

Sometimes when I read these kind of articles, it actually takes my breath away.  I think that the reader remembers that when pro-death proponents speak of reasons why the mother should have the right to kill the unborn child, they always end with “And for the health of the mother.”
Do you actually know what that means?  The fine print stipulates that if the mother thinks that the birth of her child will inconvenience her life and therefore potentially cause her to be depressed – THIS is what “The health of the mother” really means.
They are not speaking about the physical health of the mother.

From Lifenews.com

84% of Dutch Pediatricians Want to be Able to Euthanize Children

A report from three Dutch teaching hospitals claims that 84% of Dutch paediatricians want active life termination for children between 1 and 12 years old.  It was recently tabled in the lower house of the Dutch parliament.

At the moment active termination of life for children between 1 and 12 years old is prohibited because they are not considered legally competent. Active, non-voluntary euthanasia is reserved for Dutch newborns – up to 12 months. Children between 12 and 16 can choose euthanasia with the consent of their parents.

Between five and 10 Dutch children would be eligible for this every year, according to Professor Eduard Verhagen. “Especially with seriously ill children, whose dying phase can be accompanied by a lot of pain and suffering and whose death process can take weeks, a large number of parents and doctors have the desire to speed up or shorten that process,” he says.

The number of doctors in the survey was small. Annually around 60 pediatricians are confronted with the death of incurably ill children each year. The 38 who were interviewed anonymously, treated 359 seriously ill young patients in the last five years. In 46 of these cases the doctors believed that active termination of life would have been better.

Lawyer Tim Vis wrote in de Volkskrant that “there are strong arguments in favor of euthanasia for children under 12 years of age . The Netherlands is committed to the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. This treaty not only stipulates that in all acts concerning children the interests of the child are ‘the first consideration’ (Article 3), but it also contains a prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment (Article 37 (a)). Moreover, this protection also follows for everyone from Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights.”

The Dutch Association for a Voluntary End of Life (NVVE) supports the idea: “ suffering is not age-related. Children experience suffering as much as adults. The NVVE states that children are entitled to a dignified death. There must be no obstacles for courageous doctors who support the child and parents in this.” source

I would like to respond to a sentence in the last paragraph of this piece. It says "Children experience suffering as much as adults." REALLY?  

I don't think that adults have EVER experienced the horror and brutality of abortion. Let's just speak the truth here, shall we? The babies who are aborted are "unwanted and inconvenient" to the parents.

Adults do not know the gruesome and horrible way that babies are murdered in their mother's wombs. They are ripped to pieces. They are burned. They are cut up and then vacuum out as if they are garbage.

They are discarded as garbage; but now there is a market for baby parts. And believe you me, it is a multi-million dollar industry.

And another thing: Can you imagine if you went to your doctor and he/she revealed to you that you had cancer - perhaps stage 4.

But then the doctor speaks up and says "As your physician, I am going to recommend that you be euthanized, as this type of cancer brings much suffering."
Would you be shocked and frightened? Would you think to yourself that the doctors were taking away your say in your own healthcare?

Children under 12

The Dutch pediatricians are recommending euthanasia for children from 1 to 12 years old. The crazed pro-death movement used to say that abortion should be an option if the baby could not live outside of the mother. We all knew where that was going.

Partial birth abortion is when the doctors bring the baby's feet out  first until the head is at the open of the cervix. At that point, the doctor will insert a long and sharp instrument into the baby's head. This instrument also is a vacuum. The doctor then vacuum's out the brain of the child. This is for two reasons:  1) To insure the death of the child. 2) To make it easier to deliver the dead child because his/her had has been smashed and made much smaller.

I am very sorry to have been so graphic with my words; but it's time for everyone to know what goes on during these horrific abortions.

But now think about a older child near 12 years old. Will the physicians give them a choice?  Will the doctor explain to the child that a decision to end their life has been made?  I think we all know the answer to that question.

The reason I titled this with my belief that demonic possession is rampant in these last days, is because it is hard for me to believe that people - the pediatricians and the parents would allow these atrocities to happen if they were not possessed by demons. I may be wrong, but I am just writing what I believe.

Pray for these children and their parents. I'm not sure if the parents have been stripped of any say about the euthanasia of their children or not.

This is so despicable. It was hard for me to even write about this.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b'Yeshua

MARANATHA Lord Jesus!!


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  1. Sad, that the Western civilization has been the major proponent of paganism and debauchery. Centuries ago it was forcing the Christian faith to the point of the edge of the sword. What has happened. God save us all!!

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