They Told Me


My Jesus….my Yeshua

They told me that

Your friends hid Your body

To deceive the world

I never could believe that

I knew that You loved me and they

Could not take that from my heart

They told me that You were not

Who You said You were

Which meant You were a liar

But I never believed that

Not any of it

Maybe they were scared, I don’t know

Or maybe some secretly wondered if You were


I remember as a little girl

Saying prayers to You

I whispered Your name

And would suddenly feel

Such warmth in my heart

I knew that one day

You would make Yourself

Known to me

Oh the thought of that gave me great joy!

And the night did come

When You revealed Yourself to me

I thought I heard the angels singing

And then I read that they did…..they rejoiced

Over me!

Now I wait with all who Love You

For You to come to take us home

It’s so dark here, Lord

And I get so sad at times

I pray that it is not long now

Until we hear that trumpet sound

And in the twinkling of an eye

We will be with You forever

And ever!







8 thoughts on “They Told Me

  1. Sweet! With the seed planted in good soil the roots are deep and produces fruit some 30, some 60, some 100 fold what was planted.

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