‘Why You Can’t Argue With a Leftist’: Commentary on PragerU Video

I love Dennis Prager.

I know that many of my readers feel the same about this man.  My husband and I don’t miss his radio broadcasts and we share his “Five minute videos” whenever we can.  The Left can’t stand him, and I’m sure he wears that as a badge of honor.

A breath of fresh air

Dennis speaks with his down to earth, common sense convictions.  As a Jewish believer, I love that he quotes from the New Testament. When he speaks of Jesus, his words demonstrate a deep understanding of our Lord.

Dennis of course is Jewish, and I must say that one would seldom (if ever) hear a Jewish person using the words of Christ to drive home a point.

Being raised Jewish and Ultra Liberal

I’m still attempting to figure out why most Jews are so liberal.  It was expected of us to register as Democrats.  Sometimes I felt that it was as important as attending synagogue or being Bar Mitzvah’d or Bat Mitzvah’d, or in my case Confirmed in the synagogue. It felt to me like a rite of passage……

The Bible and the Leftist Platforms

When I was born again in 1983, it didn’t take long before I realized that I could not reconcile that which I was reading in the New Testament with the platforms of the Democratic party. My mother was livid – not so much that I believed in Jesus, but that I became a Conservative.

Here is one of Dennis Prager’s under 5 minute videos.

It’s a classic……..

Sometimes I wonder if Dennis has met Yeshua. As I was pondering this today, I thought to myself that if he has believed, he may have decided to keep that to himself.  I believe that Dennis Prager is attempting to reach many of our Jewish people, and does not want to lose them.

I do pray that Mr. Prager has become a Messianic Jew.  I also pray that his videos and radio broadcast will travel far and wide and open the eyes of the Leftist zombies!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


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