Armed With Knives, a Massive Muslim Caravan of Over 20,000 Crossing Over Into Europe

Is it merely coincidence that Europe is about to be invaded by a huge caravan of illegal immigrants? The only difference between this and the caravan demanding entrance into the U.S. is that Europe’s immigrants are all Muslim.

And now it is being reported that nearly every one of these so-called refugees is armed with knives.

The Lies of Emmanuel Macron

During the celebration of the end of WWI which was held in France, Macron delivered a verbal lashing to leaders of countries who are nationalists or populists. The French leader declared that nationalism is the opposite of patriotism.

It was obvious to all who attended that Macron was pointing his finger at President Trump.


“The old demons are rising again, ready to complete their task of chaos and of death,” Macron said.

“Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism,” he said. “In saying ‘Our interests first, whatever happens to the others,’ you erase the most precious thing a nation can have, that which makes it live, that which causes it to be great and that which is most important: Its moral values.”

Moral values?  I think that it would be better stated “Globalist Goals.”

What Do the People of France Think about Muslim Migrants?

It seems that most of the population of France does not agree with their pompous leader:


Too many foreigners in France and Islam is not compatible, majority of France say:

Most french people say there are too many foreigners in France.  Immigrants do not make an effort to assimilate and Islam is incompatible with French values.

France’s new president clearly has some healing to do when it comes to two longstanding  divisive issues in France.

Immigration and the place of Islam in society are very much contentious questions for the French, a new annual survey has revealed.

A poll by the Ipsos Institute for Le Monde newspaper has revealed that a majority of    65% of French people say that there are too many foreigners in France, a figure that remains elevated in recent years,  with the figures as high as 70% in 2017.

Another stat demonstrated a majority of French people are uncomfortable with immigration was the 60% of people who agreed with the statement:  “Today I no longer feel at home like I did before.”

On top of that some 60% of French people share the belief that “Immigrants in France do not make an effort to integrate.”

Some 46% of French people believe it’s not difficult for an immigrant to integrate.

Unsurprising, the percentages are far higher among those on the far right – 95% of National Front votes believe there are too many foreigners in France compared to this on the left (46% of Socialists).

When it came to the other ever divisive issue of the role of Islam, 60% of the people questioned for the survey titled “French Fractures 2017), believe the religion of Islam is incompatible with the values of the French Republic.  source

Back to the European invasion at hand:


A massive Muslim caravan is crossing over into Europe, and almost every single one of them is armed with a knife according to intelligence reports – How should border control deal with this?



Migrant attempts to break into the EU have grown increasingly bold and forceful, with police and illegal immigrants injured in several clashes since the middle of October, when hundreds began camping at the border — reportedly after having been given misinformation that Croatia was set to open its frontiers.

According to Italian news agency ANSA, local media reports the groups send numbers of young people and children towards the police line to chant “open border, open border”, while clashes see mobs of young men charge at police, and throw stones and other projectiles.

“The Croats are trying really hard to handle this alone, and have even positioned special forces in the area”, but authorities in the Balkan nation are struggling to cope with worrying developments at the border, according to sources at the Austrian Interior Ministry reported by Austrian bestselling newspaper Kronen Zeitung.

“More [illegal immigrants] are arriving — there are no more families and there are hardly any women left,” sources at the ministry’s migration department are claimed to have said.

“Ninety-five per cent of these migrants who are trying to break through are young men, almost all of whom are armed with knives. A border policeman has already been stabbed,” the source said, adding that “the majority come from Pakistan but there are also many Iranians, Algerians and Moroccans”.

In terms of migrants’ maintenance and day-to-day living costs, ministry sources said the supply of provisions to the masses of people was being “fairly well-coordinated”, reporting that many of them have been equipped with prepaid debit cards provided by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

According to the refugee agency’s website, such cards are supplied to migrants as part of its “programmes for direct cash-aid to the displaced” in cooperation with Mastercard, which in 2016 announced it was distributing prepaid debit cards to provide migrants travelling towards EU nations through Serbia with “mobility, flexibility and dignity”.

While the mainstream media has repeatedly scorned rumours that George Soros is helping finance illegal immigration to Europe and the U.S., Mastercard reported last year it was partnering with the open borders-backing billionaire on ventures to “catalyse and accelerate economic and social development for … refugees and migrants.” source

So what is the take away from these massive migrant invasions occurring  simultaneously?

I believe that the U.N. is flexing its muscles to the world.  In essence, they are saying “Too bad – this is going to happen because we are determined to see a borderless, globalist world in the near future.”

Brethren, because we understand the Word of God, and we know that there will be a One World Government and religion in the future – none of this should come as a surprise to us.

Pray and trust our Lord.  He is always in control, even when we think that things are out of control.  All of these events must take place to further fulfill Bible prophecy!

Shalom b’Yeshua