Because of Billy Graham – My Jewish Dad is in Heaven

“And the Lord, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed” (Deuteronomy 31:8).

Some of the most anxiety producing moments are when we want to share the Gospel with our own family. I always pray that the Lord will open doors with those people whom I meet, so that I will be able to speak of His love and mercy and forgiveness. But those who know us from when we were very young are especially tough. Have you felt that too?

Remember when Jesus said:

“So they were offended at Him. But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country and in his own house” (Matthew 13:57)

Maybe that is true for all of us. People who watched us grow up, and knew our weaknesses and faults, may feel like “Who is she to be saying these things to me!?”

Being from a Jewish family presented obstacles, to say the least. We were told that Jesus was not our Messiah – period. But my dad would talk about Jesus when I was young. He would say that he was a good man – a prophet – and if the world lived by His teachings, it would be a better place to live. BUT – He wasn’t who he said he was. So, a good man lies?

I used to wonder how my dad knew about the things that Jesus said. We didn’t have any New Testaments in our home. I never asked him, but I did wonder. Perhaps along life’s way, someone planted seeds in my dad’s heart. The story I will tell you in this piece about my dad, would seem to support that he had someone share the Gospel with him when he was younger. Maybe it was during WWII when he felt so vulnerable. Only God knows.


In 1995, mom and dad retired to Florida, like many Jewish older people do. I began to write to dad and send him books about Jesus. I sent him a book called “Betrayed” which I highly recommend to anyone sharing Christ with a Jewish person. I wrote about the Lord and what He was doing in my life. He wrote back to me and told me that he was proud that one of his kids cared about the Ten Commandments. That wasn’t exactly what I hoped he would say, but it was a start. I keep that letter in my Bible, and bring it out occasionally. It is precious to me.

As I said, I had witnessed a lot to him through the years. He would upset the rest of the family by watching Billy Graham Crusades whenever they were on TV. When my mom would tell me this, she didn’t know that I treasured knowing that, and it left a big smile on my face.

Dad had a lot of pain in his neck. Mom called one day and said that dad was considering neck surgery. He was a diabetic and people who have this illness do not heal like regular people. I told mom that I didn’t think it was a good idea. Nevertheless, they went through with the surgery and the doctor botched it badly; so badly, that they had to come back up to Maryland. They were going to see a surgeon at a hospital up here.

When I first saw my dad, I was shocked. The doctor had done something during the surgery, which rendered my father unable to hold his head up straight. It lay on one shoulder. I wept when I saw him like this.

He had another surgery to fix that one, but it did not work. Dad was beginning to physically fall apart. It tore my heart to pieces. He began to experience dementia. The nurses explained that metabolic processes were all messed up because of the diabetes, and all the medicines they had him on. I could tell that he was deteriorating.

Even though I was always considered the lesser of the daughters – especially when I told the family that I believed in Jesus as our Messiah, during his last week on this earth, he would tell my mom that he wanted only to see me. This greatly angered my sisters.

Every night after work, I would go and visit him. One night he told me that I was his strongest daughter. He had never said anything like that to me before. Each time I would visit, I could tell that he was going downhill. Finally, my older sisters decided to withhold food and water, and allow him only a morphine drip. He was placed in a hospice-like room in a nursing home. He didn’t get many visitors. It was almost like they were just waiting for him to die.

On that last night, he was going in and out of consciousness. There was no one there visiting him except for me. I held his hand and asked him to squeeze my hand if he wanted me to lead him to Jesus. He squeezed. I led him in prayer, stopping every so often to ask if he understood the prayer, and he would squeeze my hand. I went through the entire prayer of repentance and salvation.

After I got home, the phone rang and it was my oldest sister. She said that dad had passed away. I knew that he was in heaven with Jesus! Hallelujah!!

Thank You Jesus! I can’t wait to see my dad again.


School Mass Shootings and Why They Are Really Happening

I was making dinner one afternoon in the fall of 1987, when I heard a frantic knocking at my door. It was my son’s teacher – I had just seen her earlier that day while volunteering in the classroom.

I opened the door and I could see that she had been crying.  She was shaking as she told me that the father of a boy in their class had been in a horrible car accident and they didn’t know whether he would survive. She told me that this little boy’s mother had abandoned him and his dad years before.

What she said next shook me to my core. She told me that she wanted to pray with the children for the boy’s dad but that she knew that she could lose her job  for doing that.

She had come to our house because she knew that I was a Christian. She wanted me to pray with her for the boy’s dad. We held hands as we prayed together that God would spare this little boy’s father.  And God did spare him.

A Timeline of Events which led to the Moral decline in America’s schools

1963 – Madalyn Murray O’Hair 

An ardent and hateful atheist, Ms. O’Hair was determined to have prayer taken out of all schools.  Known as the most hated woman in America, O’Hair began by getting prayer taken out of Baltimore schools. Not satisfied with this victory, she took on all public schools across America in her Supreme Court Case, and in 1963, mandatory school prayer and Bible reading was banned across the land.

Many of the readers of my articles know that my long estranged sister has recently reunited with me.  One day when she was visiting, we talked about the old days – the school days.  Sandy said to me “Do you remember saying a prayer every morning in school?”  And then she began reciting the Lord’s prayer! I joined along with her. I was delighted that she remembered every word.

She asked me why all of a sudden that stopped.  I explained what O’Hair had done. I told Sandy that even though we were Jewish, I loved saying that prayer. It brought me peace and I looked forward to reciting it each morning.

1960’s Feminist Movement

It is so obvious to me that this movement was inspired by the enemy of our souls. Gloria Steinem and Betty Frieden and other disgruntled, male-hating females were determined to help usher women out of their kitchens and into the board rooms across America. So what if the children had to become latch-key kids? So what if men didn’t know what was expected of them any longer – they were afraid to open a door for their date, wondering if they would get an earful that the woman was perfectly capable of opening their own doors!

And let’s not forget about the “Pill” – which liberated women to become promiscuous without the worry of consequences.  After all – women had become the masters of their own destinies!

1973  Roe Vs. Wade – Abortion legal across America

They told women that it really wasn’t a baby in their womb; oh, no no – it was just a clump of cells. Nothing to worry about!  It’s better for both of you. After all, you are not ready to start a family……..

I also knew that the “Clump of cells” was a lie, but I knew as well that with women’s new-found liberty and role in society, that as years went on, abortion would be allowed at any time during the pregnancy.  Unfortunately, what I thought back then has come to fruition.  Over 60 million unborn babies have been slaughtered since abortion was made legal in 1973.

The NEA is taken over by Leftists

This was absolutely crucial for Satan to put into place. The same people heading this organization are also at the forefront of pro-Abortion, pro-gay rights and marriage; and now they are instructing their teachers across the U.S. to push the transgender propaganda on even the youngest and most impressionable minds in our schools.  These kids don’t stand a chance with this blatant evil being crammed in their brains 5 days a week.

Demonic Heavy Metal music and Video games which glorify Satan and murder

Last Sunday, Pastor JD Farag gave his weekly Prophecy update.  The horrific mass shooting in a school in FLA, which led to 17 deaths, had just taken place. Pastor took the opportunity of devoting his update to the kind of music being glorified and embraced by the young. He told of his years of embracing this music himself and how he was into drugs.  I lived those years just like Pastor JD – loving that music and embracing the culture of rebellion.

Praise God that the Lord got a hold of JD and myself!  I am so grateful to Him.

Many ask “Where was God during these massacres?”

I will tell them exactly where God was during these horrific and bloody massacres.  He was outside of the schools, seeing what was happening and weeping over the dead.

WHY was he outside you ask?  I will tell you:

In 1963 God was kicked out of our schools.  He is a Gentleman.  He is not going to push His way into where he is not wanted. His own Ten Commandments are not allowed in the schools. Can you imagine the children reading the Commandments and actually obeying them?  The ACLU put a stop to that!

Satan has orchestrated all of this

  • Prayer and Bible Reading Forbidden in Schools
  • Feminist Movement turning God’s perfect Plan for Men and Women Upside down
  • Roe Vs. Wade makes murdering Babies legal across the land
  • The NEA is taken over by Leftists
  • Heavy Metal Demonic Music and Violent Video games are the After school babysitters

And the world is wondering what is going on?

Is there any wonder that there is little if any regard for human life? Who is God to these children and teens?  They don’t learn about Him – most likely they don’t even believe in His existence.

Along with reading, writing and arithmetic, children are being taught that they may very well be the opposite gender, and they are to embrace this!  Funny – that.  I don’t remember this demonic transgender horse manure being in schools when I was there, do you?  This satanically inspired rubbish is being spoon fed to impressionable minds every day in schools across America.

And to top it all off, Big Pharma is kept fat and happy with the sales of their “anti-depression” medications, which they openly admit that they really do not know how these brain tampering drugs work. It has something to do with Seritonin and the leaflet which comes with the medicine which tells you everything about the drugs, says that it may be dangerous to prescribe these drugs to people under 21.

They say is can produce suicidal and homicidal feelings……….REALLY?

Looks like Satan set us up.  Looks like he hand picked people who would say yes to him, and now America reaps what has been sowed.

It’s so sad. Sometimes I just sit and cry.  The only thing that keeps me sane is knowing that I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, and that He will come at just the appointed time to gather those who belong to Him away from this place. We’ll never be separated from Him again.

I hope that we don’t have long to wait.  This place is definitely not our home, brethren.   Tell others about Jesus and how He died for them and how He loves them.

Pray pray pray………what else can we do?






How Bono and the Emergent Church Are Leading Millions Away From Biblical Christianity

My husband and I watched Pastor JD Farag’s Prophecy update this evening. I felt the urging of the Holy Spirit to bring out an article I wrote over a year ago.

First, Pastor JD’s Prophecy Update:

The article about Bono and U2:

Have you been fooled by this rocker, who talks about his love for Jesus, but in reality shows his love for Satan during his performances?

This Article Will Shock and Sadden Some of You Who Have Believed That Bono of U2 Fame is a Christian

“Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it” (Matthew 7:13-14).

This article will show you that not only is Bono not a Christian, but he is from the dark side.

When I was drawn by the Lord in 1983, it was a powerful and supernatural event. I had searched for the truth about God for most of my life. On that unforgettable night, He opened my eyes and my heart, and I remember saying to the person sharing Salvation with me “This is it!! It’s so clear to me now!”

I am not saying that we all have to have a dramatic, two feet off the floor experience. But I do believe that it should be a memorable time when a person finally realized that they are a wretched sinner – unable to save themselves, and that God is HOLY and HE does the saving.

Another thing I remember is that I could not get enough of His Word. I would forget to eat food because I was immersed in His Word, and could hardly break away from it. I was told to start with the Gospel of John and I did. Then I went through all four Gospels. His Holy Word became the most important thing in my life.

I also had an immediate aversion to things that I had liked. I knew that He did not want me watching Soap Operas any longer. No one told me that except the Holy Spirit. I could not watch stand up comedians on HBO who were vulgar. It made me feel dirty, and I had never before given it a thought.

I knew that when I went to church, I should be hearing about sin and repentance. It was ALL about Jesus and Him crucified, and the Love that sent Him to that cross. I yearned to hear a preacher open up the Word to me in a deeper way. The couple who had led me to the Lord were charismatics, so I went to my first church with them.

I was brand new in Christ, but I still knew that the sermons I was hearing were leaving me empty. One Sunday night I saw Charles Stanley preaching on TV, and I considered him a gift from Jesus to me at that time of my walk with Him. When he preached, he backed everything up with Scripture. He spoke of sin and repenting and growing in Christ. I considered him to be my pastor in those early years.

I wonder about the walk of those with itchy ears; what went wrong in their walk, that they would be this deceived?

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables” (2 Timothy 4:3-4).

As I look around today, I see this passage of Scripture so clearly coming to pass. Perhaps there have always been many with itching ears, but I think that it is much worse in these last days. Were these people truly saved? How could they be so deceived? Did they attempt to come to God via the well traveled and very wide gate that God warns us to avoid? How can someone who has the Holy Spirit living within them, want their ears to be tickled with heresies?  It makes no sense.

The Emergent Church Lies

Rob Bell and Brian McLaren are two of the most well known leaders of the Emerging Church. Both men believe that there is no literal hell, and they teach this heresy to their people. Rob Bell, who wrote “Love Wins” preaches only about the love and mercy of our God. He is NOT preaching from the whole Word, because if he was, he would also preach on sin, the holiness of God, and repentance.

To truly lead a person to Christ, that person must agree with God that he/she is a sinner, in dire need of a Savior. They must understand that NOTHING they do will get them into heaven. Salvation is the work of God. He sent His one and only Son to die on that horrid Cross, to pay the penalty for sin for all people. BUT…..a person must receive His gift to be saved.

Bono is Loved by Emerging Church leaders

Have you been fooled by this rocker, who talks about his love for Jesus, but in reality shows his love for Satan during his performances? He has an alter ego named “MacPhisto.” Did you know that MacPhisto is in The Screw Tape Letters, by C.S. Lewis? The book’s characters are demons, and MacPhisto is a demon who works hard at communicating with baby Christians to get them away from God!

“But U2 is much more than a popular rock band. U2 has a great influence in the emerging church and the contemporary worship movement. U2’s lead singer Bono is praised almost universally among contemporary and emerging Christians. Phil Johnson observes that “Bono seems to be the chief theologian of the Emerging Church Movement” (Absolutely Not! Exposing the Post-modern Errors of the Emerging Church, p. 9).

“Bono played a far more significant role on the formative years on those who became emergent than anyone else, from a human standpoint. Bono, in the 1980s, was, if not worshipped, then absolutely adored by millions of Christian youth who were hanging on his every word. They saw his cool kind of Christianity. He helped lead people into what eventually became the emerging church. Bono has led people into a version of Christianity that is so slippery, so undefinable, so liberal, yet he is considered the main icon of the emerging church” (Joseph Schimmel, The Submerging Church, DVD, 2012).” source

What has been said about Bono from Emergent Church Leaders:

  • Eugene Peterson, author of The Message, says U2 has a prophetic voice to the world and says Bono is a prophet like John the Baptist (foreword to Get Up Off Your Knees: Preaching the U2 Catalog).
  • Brian Walsh believes that U2’s lyrics should be used for seminary training and as commentaries alongside the Bible, and that U2’s concerts should be studied to see “how worship really happens in a postmodern world” (Get Up Off Your Knees).
  • Mark Mulder has taught a U2 course at Calvin College and he observes that the school shares Bono’s view that the world will not be destroyed but will be renewed (“Calvin College on U2,” Christianity Today, Feb. 2005).
  • Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo say that Bono is moving the world toward the kingdom of God and increasing the kingdom of God in the here and now (McLaren and Campolo, Adventures in Missing the Point, 2003, pp. 50, 51).
  • Bill Hybels interviewed Bono at Willowcreek Community Church’s Leadership Summit in 2006 and that interview has been shown in thousands of churches all over the world.
  • Rick Warren invited Bono to Saddleback Church to help launch his P.E.A.C.E. program.
  • Rob Bell testifies that the first time he really experienced God was at a U2 concert (Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith, p. 72).
  • Emerging leader Steven Taylor calls Bono “a worship leader” and on his blog promotes “Seven Things I Learned from Bono about Worship Leading.”
  • Christianity Today almost worships U2. When Episcopalian ministers Raewynne Whiteley and Beth Maynard published “Get Up Off Your Knees: Preaching the U2 Catalog,” Christianity Today responded with a review entitled “The Legend of Bono Vox: Lessons Learned in the Church of U2.”     source

U2’s  Christianity

The members of U2 do not support any specific church or denomination. Very rarely do they attend church at all. But one church that Bono will attend from time to time is Glide Memorial United Methodist Church located in San Francisco. Bono attended a special service back in 1992, to honor Bill Clinton’s presidential election.

“Speaking at a meeting connected with the 1972 United Methodist Church Quadrennial Conference, Cecil Williams, pastor of the Glide Memorial Methodist Church, said, “I don’t want to go to no heaven … I don’t believe in that stuff. I think it’s a lot of – – – – [vulgarity].” A Jewish rabbi is on William’s staff. Williams was the Grand Marshall of the San Francisco Gay Pride parade and the chairman of his board was a homosexual. He has been “marrying” homosexuals since 1965 and says, “I have not married a single couple at Glide who weren’t already living together” (Williams, speaking at the Centenary United Methodist Church, St. Louis, quoted in Blu-Print, April 25, 1972). Long ago William’s church replaced the choir with a rock band, and its “celebrations” have included immoral dancing and even complete nudity. After attending a service at Glide Memorial, a newspaper editor wrote, “The service, in my opinion, was an insult to every Christian attending and was the most disgusting display of vulgarity and sensuousness I have ever seen anywhere.” source

Bono believes that heaven and hell are here and now. He does not believe in a literal hell as is described in the Word of God.

The members of U2 do not believe Christianity should have rules and regulations. “I’m really interested in and influenced by the spiritual side of Christianity, rather than the legislative side, the rules and regulations” (Edge, U2: The Rolling Stone Files, p. 21).

Hell is Real, but it’s not this side of Eternity

“The punishment of the wicked in hell is as never ending as the bliss of the righteous in heaven. Jesus Himself indicates that punishment in hell is just as everlasting as life in heaven (Matthew 25:46). The wicked are forever subject to the fury and the wrath of God. Those in hell will acknowledge the perfect justice of God (Psalm 76:10). Those who are in hell will know that their punishment is just and that they alone are to blame (Deuteronomy 32:3-5). Yes, hell is real. Yes, hell is a place of torment and punishment that lasts forever and ever, with no end. Praise God that, through Jesus, we can escape this eternal fate (John 3:16, 18, 36).” source

Bono and U2 has delayed the release of their new album because of the election of President Donald Trump. You can read all about it here:

U2 delays new album release due to the election of Donald Trump because the world is now ‘in a different place’ than when the songs were written

Are those in the Emerging Churches saved but extremely shallow and immature? Or is it possible that they never were saved in the first place? I can’t make that call, but it distresses me greatly to watch people who name the name of Jesus as their Savior, following after false teachers who preach a different gospel.

I do know that the false teachers will be judged harshly.

James 3:1 clearly states it:

“My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.”

When I speak truth about false teachers to their followers, I am attacked and accused of judging. We will go in circles about this, but it always comes back to being told that I am a judgmental and mean spirited person. I always show them the scriptures which clearly condemn the heresies, but they will not look at God’s Word; or if they do look, they take it completely out of context. Sometimes I feel like ignoring these types, but then I remember that the Lord wants us to always speak truth.

I do hope that this article has provided enough evidence as to why the Emerging Church leaders consider Bono to be their Icon. The itching ear crowd has brought to themselves teachers who feed their carnal needs — and have rejected the Word of God.

Do you have itching ears? Do you remember a time that you finally saw yourself as a sinner in need of a Savior? Can you think back to the time that you asked Jesus Christ to come into your heart and be your Lord and Savior?

2 Corinthians 13:5 says:

“Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?”

If you cannot remember such a time, and the words of this article are making you uncomfortable, it’s not too late! Today may be the day of your Salvation:

“For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation” (2 Corinthians 6:2).


“Democrats, Spare Me Your Hypocrisy on Guns” – One of the Best Editorials Ever On This Subject Comes From CNN

While rooting through all of the political horse manure on gun control, after the horrific mass shooting in Parkland, FLA by an extremely mentally ill man, I came across this articulate journalistic  gem on none other that CNN!

It was written by SE Cupp:

Editor’s note:  S.E. Cupp is a CNN political commentator and the host of “S.E. Cupp Unfiltered,” covering contemporary issues on HLN. The views expressed in this commentary are solely hers.


“On Wednesday, the unthinkable happened.

A very troubled, deeply disturbed man walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, pulled the fire alarm and waited as teachers and students poured into the hallways of the freshman wing building.

As they did, he shot them, killing 17 and wounding a dozen more, scarring a community. He was later apprehended by the police and is in custody.
He had been a student at that school, but had been expelled. He was known by the school and the community to be unstable, and even the FBI was contacted by someone close to Nikolas Cruz, reporting concerns about him.

We don’t know everything, but we do know this: This is the worst of humanity. It is sickening and gut-wrenching and as a parent I don’t even have the strength to fully confront it.

Of course, in the wake of yet another mass shooting we are all asking what can we do.

I don’t have the answers — as the mayor of Parkland herself said, “if a solution were simple for these things, we would have found one already.”

I will offer thoughts and prayers, for starters. Not as an empty gesture. But because victims like Congressman Steve Scalise, who was shot by a sniper last year, have personally told me that that matters to them. I hope you do the same. Don’t be bullied by people who say that’s silly or meaningless — it isn’t.

It certainly seems like we need to find better ways to address the stunning commonality in all these mass shootings, which is that the men who perpetrate them are sick — Las Vegas, Pulse nightclub, Newtown, Columbine, Charleston, Virginia Tech, Tucson, Aurora — on and on, these killers were mentally ill and in almost every case, someone knew it.

Our communities must get better at solving this mental health crisis.
We should also be talking about better securing our schools. Every child should feel safe at school without feeling like a prisoner. Many of the surviving students at Parkland have talked about the safety drills and procedures they’d been taught saving their lives yesterday. That’s good — but a shooter shouldn’t have been able to get in in the first place.

And finally, there IS a place for a discussion about guns. Mentally disturbed, violent people should not get guns. That’s why gun groups like the National Shooting Sports Foundation have been working so doggedly to beef up the National Instant Criminal Background Checks System.

It appears that Cruz, who, authorities say, told police he carried out the mass shooting, got his gun legally. I don’t know which, if any, systems failed him or us. But I do know that there isn’t likely a law — existing or imagined — that would have prevented it. Anyone who says otherwise isn’t being honest with you.

Speaking of honesty, if you’re like me you turn on the news to get information — a set of facts. If you want opinion, you come to shows like mine, where our prejudices and biases and opinions are made known; there’s no false pretenses that you’re getting pure objectivity.

Well, if you turned on cable news at any time since the shooting, it’s safe to say you didn’t get the news. That’s because when it comes to guns, news anchors take off their journalist hats and put on their activist hats. And they do it without shame or disclaimers because they believe righteousness is the same thing as being right.

Many of these “journalists” blamed the gun lobby for what happened in Parkland. They blamed the NRA, which represents law-abiding gun owners like me. I’ll say it again: LAW-ABIDING GUN OWNERS.

They blamed Republicans, because Republicans represent a sizable constituency of gun owners who already comply with thousands of Byzantine gun laws that criminals won’t follow. And so Republicans lawmakers — who do their jobs representing these constituents — are the problem.

Republicans are also, these journalists will tell you, too afraid of the NRA to stand up to them. These journalists “courageously” take to Twitter to link GOP lawmakers with the money they’ve received from the NRA. What they never say is that the NRA is the reason we have a background checks system, and it’s the gun lobby fighting for it to be enforced.

They, in fact, blame YOU. Because, without a law degree, they surmise, you couldn’t really understand the Constitution. Your ill-conceived notion of what our Second Amendment rights mean is the problem, because you’re too stupid to interpret it correctly — you know, the way they do.

Then they put a Democrat lawmaker on air or a former Republican lawmaker who shares their point of view to complain that Republicans will never do anything about guns. They never, these journalists, ask those lawmakers what Democrats did about gun control when they had the White House, House and Senate for two years under Barack Obama. Because the answer is NOTHING.

These journalists never say: where was Democrats’ courage? Were Democrats too afraid to lose their seats, like they did in 1994, to pass another assault weapons ban?

Instead they shake their heads, wag their fingers, look at the camera and tell us to “Shut Up.”

If they spend an hour blaming Republicans for the deaths of school children and calling their constituents too stupid to understand their own rights, they can’t be surprised when Republicans don’t want to come on TV for an interview.

Maybe if they stopped disguising activism as journalism those Republicans would talk with them. Maybe if they could have these conversations without offending half the country they would.

But that is not what happens. Instead, we keep having the same one-sided conversations on the news and then pounding our fists that nothing ever changes.
Look, this issue is hard. It’s emotional. It’s important. I want change as much as anybody. We’ll never get it as long as these are the people leading the discussion.” – source

What can I even write after this brilliant commentary?  Ms. Cupp is right on every point.

And I  fully agree with her about prayer. It’s not an off the cuff, empty promise.

It is the greatest, most important and impactful thing that anyone can do.

Pray for the families who lost loved ones in Parkland, FLA. They are grieving and I’m quite certain that many of them do not know our Lord Jesus.

May this unthinkable tragedy lead them to the Cross of our Savior.