FINALLY: A News Source Which Tells the Truth About Europe and the Consequences of Forced Migration


This morning I was sent the link to a website of which I had not heard. It is called Voice of Europe:

This site also has a Facebook page, although I wonder how long FB will allow this to  remain:

Voice of Europe (Facebook)

In this piece, I will simply provide the titles (and links) to many of the articles from this much needed website. Please visit this site via the links I have provided. And then share with others.

We must fight Fake News by pointing others to legitimate news websites!

On a side note – Make sure you read the article about African migrants bringing untreatable form of tuberculosis to Europe. I still do not believe that our president used the vulgarity of which he was accused when referring to Haiti and Africa.  But I will say that this article explains exactly why our Commander and Chief wants to keep the people of America safe!

As Christians who follow Bible Prophecy, we should know that the forced migration – mandated by the U.N. and bankrolled by George Soros, is a big step towards the coming One World Government.

Shalom b’Yeshua