Big Brother On Steroids: Weaponized Cyber Attacks Can Not Be Controlled

When I read this information on Wikileaks, there was just so much that I could take in. I am not a programmer, nor do I profess to understand the nefarious act of hacking;  but I can read, and what I see coming out of the CIA is alarming and begs for governmental over sight, and honest discussions with the America people. It seems that the CIA has lost all control of it’s Cyber weapons. That is a very bad thing, folks.

The intelligence community owes it to the American people to hold hearings and attempt to get a handle on this IT monster which was let out of its cage decades ago.

I am going to publish in this piece two websites which are jam packed with information about the CIA and the power they have, and how this is now public knowledge.  But because it is so technical and involved – I am posting a video from Infowars (I usually stay away from them)  But this is of utmost importance and the man on the video explains what is going on quite well.

Don’t for a minute think that this does not involve you.  When you hear or read what is being done with our cellphones, TV’s and even our computer controlled cars – you will be shocked!


Wikileaks Unveils ‘Vault 7’: “The Largest Ever Publication Of Confidential CIA Documents”; Another Snowden Emerges


Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed

An explanation of exactly what is going on with our intelligence community:

Brethren, I felt the need to get this information out there. This is disconcerting and quite scary.  If I did not know that the Lord is in full control, I would absolutely lose my mind.  But as His children, we can rest in Him and know that everything that is happening is being used by the Lord to fulfill Bible prophecy.




4 thoughts on “Big Brother On Steroids: Weaponized Cyber Attacks Can Not Be Controlled

  1. Last time I lost my cell phone I was tempted to call the NSA. One only could imagine how that would have went…

    “Say while I was watching my smart TV, while you guys were watching me thru it. Did you happen to notice where my cell phone got off to?”


    “An illegal alien……. I’m sorry an undocumented immigrant, who happens to have my social security has it?”

    “You wont ask for it back because he’s in a sanctuary city?”

    “Wait..What?!?! You’re going to investigate me because I bought a gun and a bible within the last 25 years?!?!?!”

    “Okay one more thing… Can you send me the recording of the conversation I had with my wife this morning. I forget if she wanted me to pick up milk on my way home tonight.”

  2. Geri, I will read this post of yours later. I’ve read todays, read others, and am so thankful that I am The Lord’s! Two days ago, I found out that even if my Smart tv is Off…the CIA, FBI, NSA, OFA,…can not only see me, they can hear our conversations. We do not have to even be in the same room!! We are under attack by our own govt…the evil parts. And, this is Espionage, Terrorism by our own govt., not our Pres., and by OFA which Is obama, jarret, and dems, and probably our rhino repubs. It is also Treason. All involved are Traitors of America. Please, go sit with God. I’m going to have to do so also.

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