Come Join Chaplain Bill Hermann of Berean Bible Chapel Online- I Will Join Him This Sunday Night

Chaplain Bill

Berean Bible Chapel Online Church Praise & Worship Blog Talk Radio Broadcast

  • Sunday at 5:00 pm EST Reminder

click here:      Berean Bible Chapel Online Church 

Call in to speak with the host (347) 996-5867

Join Brethren-in-Christ Jesus For A Special Broadcast Interview With Jewish Messianic Believer Geri Ungurean .We Will Be Addressing Last Days and End Times Events, the Status of The True Church & Body of Christ, and a Challenging Insight into the State of Professing Christendom and especially American Churchianity. What is it Like to be a Jewish Believer? Hear Geri Share Her Testimony and Observations. Berean Bible Chapel Online Church Is Joyfully Supporting Our Sister-in-Christ Geri Ungurean. Come Be Blessed and Share an Evening With This Devoted Woman of Faith and Daughter of The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Hope you can come and join us!


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