The Blatant Hypocrisy of Liberals – What About the Rights of Women in the Middle East?

An Iranian woman, symbolically dressed up as a victim of death by stoning, takes part in a protest of the National Council of Resistance of Iran outside a European Union foreign ministers meeting in Brussels November 7, 2005. About 4,000 supporters of the Iranian opposition were protesting as the European Union is studying a call by Iran to resume negotiations over the country's nuclear programme.   REUTERS/Thierry Roge

Back in the 1960’s, Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, amongst others, called for the burning of bras and the liberating of women everywhere. They wrote books and editorials on the subject of women being second class citizens. Women didn’t need men, according to these uber liberal and oft times crazy women. They sounded like men haters to me.

Liberals Love Jihadists

Strong statement? I think not. Just one look at “The View” (if you can stand it) will show you that these liberal minded women will stand up for Muslims to their last breath.

Do these people know how women are treated in fundamentalist Islamic countries?  They will belittle Christians and with the next breath get on their soapbox about Islam, and how unfair we are to these people. After all, the jihadists are only trying to kill us.  What’s the problem with that?  Oh, wait……the liberals blame us for these people beheading thousands.  Is this absolutely crazy or not?

The Treatment of Women in Sharia Countries:

Female Genital Mutilation  (Warning – Graphic)

Stoning of Woman in Sharia Law in Iran (GRAPHIC)

What is the Liberal’s Excuse?

I have watched interviews of liberals about the inhumane treatment of women in sharia countries.  They invariably change the subject or insinuated that this is their “culture.”

Liberals are Hypocrites in the purest sense of the word:

James 1:8 says this:

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” 

As always, the Bible speaks truth.


These same liberal women who fight for the right to kill unborn babies in their mother’s wombs, will turn a blind eye to the slaughter and mutilation of women in the Middle East; and their treatment as if they are cattle and not human beings.

Satan has deceived so many and he continues to deceive.  Speak truth to even the most liberal person you may know. God is bigger than the evil deception of  Satan. Pray for these people because they really do not know what they do.



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