The TRUTH About 5G Technology Which Should SHOCK You to the Core of Your Being

If there is one subject which is debated as much as Covid-19 on the internet, it is the pros and cons of implementing 5G technology.

Most of what you read and watch regarding 5G are health concerns. I am in no way diminishing the fact that not enough testing has been done about the harmful effects 5G towers will pose to the health of the world’s population. 

I am placing in this article two very credible sources which address the harm done to the human body from 5G towers.  This is important information and one of the articles even offers different ways that we can minimize damage to our bodies from 5G.

But the main take-away from what I have discovered is that the global powers that be are using 5G and pushing for its global rollout for such incredibly nefarious reasons; and I am praying that the readers comprehend this and can connect the dots. 

I believe that Satan has put this evil plot into the heart of evil men and women to bring about not just “globalism” but to track the 7.8 billion people on planet earth; every move they make, every place they go, who are their friends and so on……It’s all about control.

And if you are a student of Bible prophecy, you will immediately connect this to how Antichrist will ultimately have the technology in place to hunt down those who are not worshiping him.

Let’s first look at the potential harm to the human body from 5G:

“5G Cell Towers are dangerous”


“We have no reason to believe that 5G is safe.”


Before I go into the real reason for the push for 5G technology worldwide, I want to place an article I wrote on China’s Social Credit system and why they put that into place:

Big Brother Meets Big Data in China: AI On Steroids

I strongly advise the reader to read the above article. It will help you to understand exactly what is happening in our world.

The REAL reason that 5G is critical to Globalism

Please watch this video to begin to understand what is really happening in our world.  As the attention of our world in on Covid-19, the plans of the top Globalists are not fully understood – yes, we know that the end game for them is the NWO, but we must not miss the part that 5G will play in these end times.  The video is quite short but extremely eye opening:

To some this will be controversial and I want the reader to know that I am merely speculating about this.  So with that in mind, would you please indulge me in considering my theory?


First of all, I do believe that Covid-19 is a real virus which has caused a pandemic in our world. I have stated in other articles that I believe that the virus was man-made and weaponized in the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China.  I recently came across the fact that Obama’s NIH during his reign, funded the Institute in China to the tune of $3.7 Billion in 2015.  

Dr. Fauci of NIH broke the law by sending that exorbitant grant to China, when an ethics committee called for a moratorium on experimenting with dangerous viruses in the U.S.  Fauci disregarded this moratorium, and went ahead with funding the Chinese Institute using tax payer dollars.

Fauci broke the law and should be in jail. If there is one person who should be held responsible for Covid-19, it is Dr. Fauci.

We are not being told the entire truth about Covid-19

As I said, I know that this virus is real and I know that it has sickened and killed so many people.  But please take the time to watch “The Next News” interview with one of the top doctors in our world, Dr. Rashid Buttar about his take on what is truly happening across the globe.

I want to make something very clear. I have watched other videos with Dr. Buttar and he is NOT a Christian. As a matter of fact, I believe that what I am detecting is a spirit of New Age.  So PLEASE do not think that I am looking at this man as a brother in Christ, but simply as a brilliant doctor.

Dr. Buttar spoke about 5G (they bleeped out whenever he said “5G” but his point was clearly made. I believe that Dr. Buttar’s passion about “truth” and his expertise on viruses makes him a perfect spokesmen for TRUTH about Covid-19. I agree with him that numbers have been inflated. I also agree when he said that the medical community is scared and that is why most of them are going along with whatever they are told to do.  A case in point is how the ventilators continued to be used even after the medical community knew that using them was absolutely killing people.

There were articles on the internet by doctors which said that simple oxygen or even CPAP or BIPAP masks (used for sleep apnea) may have saved many who were put on ventilators which further harmed patients whose lungs were in a fragile condition. But the doctors kept on putting people on ventilators and they died.

The Vaccines

Please make no mistake that these “Vaccines” will be mandatory. I don’t want to speculate how those who will not comply will be punished. That’s a subject for another article. 

Also, please understand that the technology I discussed about 5G will be implemented into every vaccine.  Your identity and everything Big Brother would wish to know about you, will be on the tiny chip inserted when the vaccine is administered. 

Privacy?  What’s that?

In closing

Brethren, as I have said throughout this article – I am speculating about certain things. Please keep that in mind, especially when you read my final comments.

I believe (speculating) that when this wave of Covid-19 has passed, we will have not seen the last of it. As a matter of fact, I think that many waves of this pandemic will be in our future (if we have not yet been Raptured) and by that time perhaps 5G will have been rolled out globally.  

But the World’s attention will still be on Covid-19. This pandemic has shown how easily the people of the world are willing to give up nearly everything when they are afraid.  BUT……I think that perhaps by that time, it will be the harmful effects of 5G towers throughout the world which will be making the masses sick.

But the narrative will be that it is Covid-19 again. All eyes on Covid……all eyes off of 5G. Pretty diabolical, but of course it would be.

The plan was originated by Satan!

Remember that God is in control – ALWAYS.  When you think about the content of this article, keep in mind that none of this surprised our Lord!  He is allowing and using it to further fulfill Bible prophecy.  


How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua